Friday, 27 September 2013

Cruising into Autumn

"Designer clothes worn by children are like snowsuits worn by adults. Few can carry it off successfully." Fran Lebowitz
Aw Friday, my long lost friend.  It is so good to see you again. A Friday and a good hair day. Wow. You don't get to see those often.  I am wearing my Xmas party dress from last year today.  It was just a standard Xmas party dress, long sleeved, midi dress black with gold stitching all over it but looks so well with this black jumper over it and I am wearing black ankle boots with it.  Boots that I usually can't wear to work as I think they are too casual but with this outfit they work so well! Proud of this one.  I mean how often do you get to wear your Xmas party dress again?? Never! But no one would know that it's a Xmas dress! Well apart from you lovely folk reading this.
Last night I took part in the Cruise Autumn/Winter catwalk showcase.  One of those mad dashes from work to Victoria Square shopping centre and into the Cruise shop.  The reason for my good hair day is because I am a minger and didn't wash my hair last night after the catwalk and thus I have lovely waves left in my hair by the magic hands of the Bellaire girls.  Bellaire is a gorgeous hair and beauty salon in the centre of Belfast.  They do everything and anything.  You name it, hair, nails, tan, teeth whitening, skin. The list is endless. Check them out: Bellaire Hair & Beauty Salon  I was lusting after owner Carly Bell's red trouser suit.  She looked amazing in it.  The hair was loose curls with a natural make up look with a pop of red berry colour on the lips.  Carly tried a new foundation on me by Guerlain. It made my skin look amazing! I'm still just using L'Oreal CC cream at the minute but I would definitely buy it for when I wanted a heavier base.

As it was Cruise, you know the clothes wouldn't disappoint.  Cruise stock all the top designer makes: Victoria Beckham, Pinko, DVF, Gucci, Jimmy Choo. It is one of those catwalks were I am scared to move once the clothes are on me incase I get them dirty or rip them.  Needless to say the looks were gorgeous.  Leopard prints, trouser suits and knit dresses all graced the catwalk. They are lucky my control has improved over this year as I would have happily walked out the door with one of the handbags.

It was a lovely night to catch up with my Aca girls.  Notice the small one in the photo! And I think I was standing on my tip toes!!!! One catwalk down, one more to go and a photo-shoot this weekend too! And I've a new housemate moving in and I have to paint the house and get the hole in the ceiling fixed and get the cracked window fixed and we start selling again this week and I have to see my boyfriend and see my family and do the food shopping.  Standard weekend for me. *sigh* I need another holiday.

Cruise Fashion website

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Down and Dirty

"I realized this week that I just cannot do it all. So I will choose to do what I can fabulously." Clinton Kelly
How is time passing so quickly lately? It's October next week! I have literally not bought clothes for the last 9months! Just October, November and December left and that's me. Finished this silly challenge.  It's not silly really.  I love this look that I am wearing today and I don't think I ever would have been able to piece this together last year.  Oh don't get me wrong, I would love new stuff. Black ankle boots. Nice ones, not too big a heel but still stylish enough to dress them up or down. Technically this skirt is new, well my mum didn't want it anymore so I took it off the charity pile that she leaves in my bedroom up room.  I can be seen as charity really. I have no idea where she bought it, I think a tiny boutique in Italy.  Who knows, it's mine now.  Insert evil laugh.
This last week, I have just been trying to sort my life out.  At the start of the summer I set a long list of goals that I wanted to do and I am slowly but surely achieving them.  Exciting things like resealing my bath, repainting the kitchen roof, clearing out my store room.  All very very exciting stuff. I have a new housemate moving in this weekend so I am trying to tie all lose ends up. Shout out to my mummy who I forced to help me last weekend with the cleaning of my bathroom. Wee legend and the bathroom looks brand new.

Before I got down and dirty over the weekend, I went to the Directory 14 Catwalk event on Thursday night but my lovely fellow blogger Gemma Louise Bond.  Events like this annoy me now. Oh don't great me wrong it was a great event.  It was a catwalk geared towards you.  No models on the catwalk that you think, aw I could never wear that, she looks great in it with her model figure & the fact she is 7ft and has legs as long as spaghetti.  This is coming out wrong.  The models were gorgeous but they ranged in age, size and represented the majority of society.  Young models, plus size models, older models, size 8 to size 18.  It was get to see variety on a catwalk.  It was more commercial.  But I hate events like this now.  May sound sad but it's the pressure of what to wear.  Wearing something new always take the edge of it but I of course, don't have anything new so I am trying to think up ways to my smelly old clothes.
It's like I feel people are looking at me going, there is that blogger Laurina, what the hell is she wearing?!? Though these events are also fun because I get to play around more with my clothes and experiment more which is something I have always been too scared to do.  Take a look at my photos, I rarely do anything with my hair but for this event I tried the slicked back look.  I loved it, my family made some funny comments about the fact that it just looked normal & like I hadn't washed my hair as usual.  Fair comments.  I am a bit minging. I then took a cotton stretch top that I use for layering and tucked it in half & into my bra so it wouldn't fall down.  Ta da!!! My very own crop top.  Totes on trend.  Then paired it with a black pencil skirt.  I had a good tummy day so was happy to show a bit of skin. Loved this look.  Ignore my grumpy bake, I was trying to be fierce. I failed.

Starting to come into catwalk season, I am doing a catwalk for Cruise tomorrow night so lots of backstage photos to come from that.  Then I will blogging from the Victoria Square A/W Fashion and Beauty Spectacular. Lots of backstage craic and photos of the gorgeous clothes that the fab Rebecca McKinney will be styling. Can't wait! I promise to have cleaned my nails by then.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Day out with Niall

"Put your hand on a stove for a minute and it feels like an hour.  Spend an hour with a pretty girl and it feels like a minute." Albert Einstein

I seem to be dressing recently as if I am going to a funeral.  Last week a Priest and this week a schoolgirl heading to a funeral.  I love the Back to school look at that is featuring in magazines at the moment.  I wanted a pinafore for my birthday but I knew that it wouldn't be a timeless piece that I could wear over and over again with anything throughout the rest of the year so it got taken off my wish list.

As I mentioned last week, I got to spend my weekend up home.  On Saturday I spent the day in Derry/Londonderry at the Culture Tech on Behalf of Foyleside.  Check out my lovely outfit that Foyleside Shopping Centre gifted me.  Full outfit was bought for under £50 in their new amazing H&M store.  So myself and the 2 other bloggers, Gemma Louise from That Belfast Girl and Caroline from The Red Dutchess basically got to spend the day having a little gaunt about Derry. 
The day started off with no make up on and my sunglasses fully on sitting at Coleraine Train station at half 8 on a Saturday morning.  The people of Coleraine were probably like who does this eejit think she is. Thank God for the new cafĂ©, "Ground" in the train station, it literally saved my life due to the fact I do not function at all that early. They didn't have that back in my day!!! Green Tea and a scone brought me to life while curled up on my seat as the wonderful Translink sped me towards Derry.  That train journey to Derry is one of the nicest journeys there is.  The view is amazing.
Once in Derry, our first stop was to the Light Bulb Photography workshop.  This workshop was great especially for us budding bloggers as it was all about using your mobile phone for taking amazing photos.  John Deery who took the class was full of useful tips and advice for taking great photos.  Check out my photo framed below! I actually took that! And with my phone!  One of the points was to always remember your background, so apologies for all the bras, unmade beds and random pillows over my floor in the background of my OOTD photos. My photos are going to be amazing from now on!!! All thanks to John!
The rest of the day was spent bouncing all over the city.  We went to Lunch at Custom House Square, popped into Foyleside where they had gamers on computers playing minecraft.  If you don't know what minecraft is, ask your little brothers or cousins.  My brother is 9years old and loves this game.  They also had this strange Cats of Instagram video and a music centre where you could make a song by using your body movements.
The best part of the day was when we acquired a mascot. My little sister Carla did amazing in her GSCE results and I hadn't gotten round to getting her a Well Done present yet.  Other than clothes I didn't know what to get her.  Then I walked past a party shop in Derry and seen the best present ever.  A giant lifesize Niall Horan from One Direction.
Niall was just the icing on the cake.  What a day! It was so nice to get out to Derry and experience the City of Culture.  The buzz in the city this year is amazing and everyone seems to be involved. Loved spending my day with my gals and chatting about the blogging world. Definitely will be back for future events and to hit Foyleside when I can buy clothes again!!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday is the new lazy day

"Procrastination is my sin. It brings me naught but sorrow. I know that I should stop it. In fact, I will--tomorrow” Gloria Plizter

This is my sexiness outfit of the day to date.  Last minute day offs are amazing! I am currently curled up on my mum's sofa watching day time tv & waiting for my nails to dry. Bliss!! I love the blog, I love everything it has given me but I hate when it runs into my weekend.  If you read this & you work all week as I do, you really live for your weekends. Not only just to party but to relax, get things done and to spend time with family and friends. So hence my day off. And boy, is it good so far. Who ever said Friday the 13th was unlucky??

The reason for my day off today, other than servicing my car & pigging out on my mum's sofa is that tomorrow I am travelling to Derry with my fellow bloggers, Gemma Louise from That Belfast Girl and Caroline from The Red Dutchess to experience the amazing festival that is Culture Tech! With the City of Culture celebrations, Derry/Londonderry is the place to be at the moment. The Culture Tech festival is a festival that is running from the 9th of Sept to the 15th of Sept.  It is an epic festival celebrating digital technology, media, music and art featuring 150 events, 100 + speakers, 100+ acts and of course 3 random bloggers let lose on Derry!!!

Tomorrow, the three of us will be wearing fab outfits gifted to us from the amazing shopping centre that is Foyleside Shopping Centre. Now each of us was told that we could go to Foyleside, pick a voucher and we could shop to we drop.  The vouchers were to a value of 50, 100 and 150 pounds.  Guess which one I picked?  Yup, the girl who hasn't shopping in nine months picked the 50 pound one.  Oh, don't get me wrong, receiving anything because of a blog is amazing!!! But imagine if I had got the 150 one? I probably would have went crazy. 

I had travelled to Foyleside with my mum and little sis.  Being from the North coast myself, travelling to Derry on a shopping trip was part of my teenage years.  Closest Primark to Coleraine!!!! Usually we used to drive but mum has now been converted to the train because it was easy.  Michael Palin himself called the Derry Translink Railway one of the best in the world due to its beauty. 

Once I had picked my voucher, I didn't know where to start.  Foyleside has great shops; Topshop, River Island, Debenhams, H&M, Marks and Spencer.  But we had to buy a full outfit with our voucher. Now that is hard.  Trying to restrict an addict to indulging her passion.  I hit up H&M first and I fell in love with this shirt.  I had wanted a green shirt for ages, a nice fitted one.  I tried this on and I had to have it.  I wanted to get something I didn't have and really wanted but it was 30 pounds.  That was over half my voucher gone and I still had to get something for my bottom.  Nightmare. I tried so many options in other shops. Black pencil skirt in River Island, white jeans in Topshop, a skater skirt in Dorothy Perkins.  But I had all those things.  There was no way I was getting something I already had when I haven't been allowed to get anything this year!!! 

So back to H&M I went and I picked up this black loose maxi skirt.  I had got a black maxi skirt for my birthday but it had a thigh high split up it while this one is more casual.  I didn't even think of trends, or colours or styling.  My brain went to mush at the fact I could pick clothes for free.  With the skirt costing 12.99, I was able to pick up some stacking rings and a pack of trainer socks which I needed badly.  Sorted my lovely!!

Check out my full outfit tomorrow at the Culture Tech festival!! I can't wait to have fun at all the events that they have lined up! Most are free and around the city so if you are about, come check them out! Culture Tech Festival!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Sleep is for losers

"No rest for the wicked" Book of Isaiah
Channelling my inner Paris chic today or well trying too.  Not my favourite look of this year, I think the jumper doesn't work as well as I expected. Anyway, a few posts ago I had mentioned that I haven't stopped recently. I think my quote of the day was about how females can not rely on men but must strive for themselves especially in their careers.  My boyfriend Connor was like hmmm *cough* *cough* is this a subtle but quite obvious quote directed at me??? I was like quiet, baby.  All will be relived. Do not question what actually goes on in my head & my trail of thought. Hush.
I don't actually speak to him like that. I sound almost like Yoda.  But to be honest it was sort of about him but not in such a negative way.  Connor at the moment is back and worth to London a lot with work as he has just signed a contract with Elite Model Management. (Remember I flew over to London to watch him on a catwalk in the Elite Model Look competition in July?? Sexy leather dress? Blue heels?) Well, with him away a lot now, I am trying to keep as busy as possible.  I miss him when he is away, he's my best friend so busy equals time flying & actually the good point is that I am able to focus completely on blogging.

He does these photos & I'm like what the heck??? I don't get this sexy man beast, I get my goofball.

So events galore! Last night I was at the Debenhams A/W launch.  The girls were showcasing their key looks for Autumn/Winter 2013.  A lot of monochrome, berry colours and animal print coming through. Was lovely to see all my blogger friends & have a cup of tea with them before I had to sprint off to yoga at 7pm. Namaste.
I am also one of the finalist in the Directory 14 competition as an individual with a standout sense of style in Northern Ireland.  I had to go to judging on Monday night, where we were asked questions like what is fashion & what is style.  The winners will be announced on the 19th of September at Riddel Hall, Stranmillis so keep an eye out to see how I get on. Fingers Crossed! 
I actually destroyed a pair of jeans because of this event.  I can't even acknowledge it or else I will probably freak out.  I want boyfriend jeans, I want them so badly.  There was a gorgeous pair in Zara yesterday when I was wandering around town. I haven't really tried to DIY any of my clothes due to the fact I am crap at physical creative things.  Sure I have cut backs out of my tops to make them backless but other than that nothing.  So I took one of my cropped pair of jeans and thought...hmmm I could cut some holes in these & they could be boyfriend style.  No.  They just looked like Edward Scissorhands and I were having a mad passionate love affair and he had tried to take my jeans off. Fail on that front.
So I have got loads of things on in the next few weeks. Culture tech this weekend, Directory 14 event, Cruise Fashion Show at the Merchant, Victoria Square Style September catwalk, RSVP/Oasis Ireland Style Blogger of the year. I know this isn't really a fashion post, more of a rant that my diary is stuck to my hand lately to make sure I remember everything but I think it's nice to let you know what's going on & to stay tuned for final few months of my challenge!! I think they are going to be the most difficult! 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

God bless you my child

"When I was in sixth grade, I wanted to be a priest." Mike Krzyzewski, Monsters inc
It was only after I took this photo and put on my coat to walk to work that I thought to myself that I kinda looked a bit like a priest. With my white collar and all black outfit, I am happy to take all your fashion confessions. About how you have sinned against the God that is fashion and we can say our Hail Anna Wintours' together & pray for your sins to be forgiven. Amen.
One thing I need to be forgiven for is Saturday night.  Oh no, don't worry I wasn't drunk or anything, just slightly tipsy.  But it was such a good girly night.  I haven't been out in ages, didn't even go out for my birthday in July.  Starting to show my age but I was really excited for Saturday night to blow off some steam after a stressful week.  So excitedly I tried to decide what to wear.  As I said, I don't get out much anymore so all the lovely slutty dresses and short short skirts don't get worn that much.  I wanted to wear everything I owned.  And I practically did as I changed 5 times before the taxi came.  Don't get me wrong, I loved every look I had on me and now I am completely organised for the next few events that I have coming up over the next few weeks but I just couldn't decide what I was feeling.

So this is the look I ended up going with.  Mainly because I was being shouted out the door due to the the taxi waiting on us downstairs.  Remember La Senza???? Aw I loved that place, I have a thing for underwear.  I have I think 19 bras, 20 as Connor bought me a Victoria Secret one for my birthday. So as tacky as wearing a black corset out sounds, it actually worked quite well. It wasn't very visible that it was a corset, more like a structured top.  They are in Topshop at the minute as cropped versions so this is the only way I can channel this style due to a stupid challenge I set myself at the start of this year.
And here we are!! Typical toilet photo that most girls take on a night out. My gorgeous housemate Jayne and the beautiful & fabulous Rebecca McKinney, Personal stylist at Victoria Square. We didn't mean to colour corindate but we did. We are unintentionally that good.  We literally just danced all night, by the end of it my feet were on fire.  The music in Ollies, Belfast was amazing, such good tunes! Here are my beautiful feet after Saturday night. 

Question.....hat.....yes or no??? This was my hungover look for Sunday when I went for a massive munch in Maggie Mays in Botantic to settle my growling stomach. I loved it, I've so many hats but I'm too scared to wear them due to the thought of looking like an twat. Girls all said yes, boyfriend said I looked like inspector gadget. Well actually he said a 1950's detective & I said or inspector gadget. So I ignored what he said & went with it? What do you think? Yes or no?

Friday, 6 September 2013

Working it

"Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you're wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn't love you anymore." Lady Gaga
It really makes me wonder what went on in my younger self's brain.  Most of my jackets reside in my wardrobe in my bedroom while my bigger coats hang in the hallway.  The 1s that hang at the back of the rack get completely forgotten about while the ones at the front get lifted as I fly out the door to work in the morning. I found this trench coat the other day.  I had no idea I had it.  I can't even remember when I bought it, probably about 5/6years ago.  How bad is that??? I wonder what went on in my younger brain because a) I didn't think this would have been my style at all when I was starting Uni and b) did I have a vision of the future trench coat that Burberry would produce & basically bought a copy of it?? Who knows, all I know is I have found a new coat of winter! That I had for 5 years in my house that I haven't worn.  Not something to be proud of.
Something to be proud of was the sneak peak of the West Coast Cooler Belfast Fashionweek trends shoot that I got to see today.  OMG! I love the red! Looks amazing through the camera, completely pops! I missed the Launch of the Fashionweek at the fab Fitzwilliam Hotel due to work so this was like my own private show.  The models rocked at smokey eye and nude lip by the ever fab Paddy McGourgan and the amazing hair was styled by the team at Andrew Mulvenna hair.  With head honcho Cathy Martin styling, I just know the images are going to turn out amazing.
My wee Jayney stuffing her face as usual. Best packet of crisps ever! £1 for a massive packet of bacon fries. It's our go to when we need a dirty snack.
The full show schedule and design competition details are all available online at along with details of this season’s trends plus links to all participant retailers and sponsors.  Catwalk tickets, which cost £20 (or £25 for a limited number of exclusive front row seats), are available from the Belfast Welcome Centre on 028 9024 6609 or via the website. Ticket price includes a fabulous goodie bag and a refreshing West Coast Cooler.  

I just wanted to share with you that I have been picked as the first finalist in the RSVP magazine and Oasis Ireland Style blogger 2013 competition! They are showcasing blogging talent from the 6th of September to the 6th of October. And I am the first one they have showcased!!! They loved my post on Monday on the Autumn/Winter 2013 trend of the all black outfit! Keep an eye out on my other social media for updates on this! The final is in October, loads of time to freak out about an outfit.