Thursday, 27 June 2013

Wardrobe diving

"If I ruled the world, every woman would have a Chanel suit in her wardrobe." Bill Nighy
Wardrobe diving: (noun)  Created by Laurina Kennedy on the 27th of June, 2013.  It is a name for the act of trying to find something to wear in a wardrobe that is over flowing and where everything is a mess and not folded or colour coded.
I like to think I am an organised person. I am such an organised person that I have even got a job where the core essence of it is organising someone else's life.  My wardrobe is pretty organised, hey I even had Ikea in to organise it even more for me! Everything has it's own drawer, box or hanging place. Usually sadly enough, everything is coloured coded or at least grouped together by the type of clothing it is. Please note the key word in that sentence is usually.
I need to tidy. I am currently on wash number 3 of 5 so I'm slowly getting through that.  My room is at least tidy but the minute that you open a drawer, things start flying out, nothing is folded, standard girls room really.  I think this is one of the big tips I would give to people if they want to try and wear everything in their wardrobe. 
I simply forget what I have. It is so easy to do.  All I remember is the latest thing that I have bought so that is all I wear.  Now as I said yesterday, for the next month I would be trying to wear things that I haven't worn yet in the last 6 months.  This skirt was the last thing I bought before I went on my Fashion Fast.  Bought on my romantic trip to Paris over New Year's Eve.  So it got lost in the challenge.  Pushed to the bottom of my skirt drawer as I tried to wear things I hadn't worn in ages.  Now to be honest, if I had tried this skirt on in Paris, I am not sure I would have bought it. I am not sure it fits me right.
So now the question is: KEEP or BIN?!?
Hmmmm I think KEEP.  I mean I have only worn it once for gods sake!! It is not my nicest skirt but its not too bad.  I love skater skirts, nip me in at the waist but flows out to create some shape on my figure.  This style of skirt I would say is more tulip. In at the waist but flows straight down.  I love the leather trim on it though.  So I think it is a keeper!!! Will be great for Winter with tights and boots.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

America Wish list

"I was brought up differently to the average American child because the average American child is brought up expecting to be happy." Marilyn Monroe
So if you are just tuning in now, where have you been for the last 6 months??? Quick catch up.
1)I am not shopping for a year.
2) Yes I am a idiot but I have succeed so far!!
3) I went on holidays to Florida at the start of June and of course, couldn't buy any of the lovely clothes they have there.
So this is my American wishlist.  I just assumed that because I had been doing so well at home that I would do ok on holidays with the no buying clothes situation. Never truer was the saying "Assume makes an ass out of you" It was hard, oh god was it hard.  At one point I rung my mum while Connor went in to a couple of shops by himself, just to have a break.  I had to do Abercrombie as I had a list of presents to buy for people so while in there I took photos of some things I would have bought. *sigh*.  Apologises for the bad photos, my hand was shaking so bad from having to stop myself buying anything and also cause the light in Abercrombie is as bad as Hollister!!!
Definitely going back to America next year to buy what I want when I want!!!!

I could have bought the whole shop, but then again if I put my rational head on all of the stock was summer stock and really how much wear am I going to get out of summer stock in Northern Ireland. That didn't really help to be honest. 
A fan of the designer shops my lover is. (Though do you find that men are more inclined to spend more money on nice clothes??? Going for the higher end shops like All Saints, Ted Baker and cruise than girls??? Just a thought) So of course we had to pop into Armani. I loved these Armani Super Skinny jeggings. 

The final stop of the day was Macys which we found out had free wifi so we sort of randomly stood around the Aisles for a while.  Got some strange stares from the employees as we uploaded as many photos to facebook as possible and used Whatsapp to text home.  Wifi is precious in America!!! Although my eyes were glued to my phone, I was able to spy these Steve Madden wedges! To die for!!! 

The 3 S's

"Either you run the day or the day runs you." Jim Rohn

Sluggish, sleepy and spent are words I would use to describe myself at the minute.  Well today is the first day within the last week were I have woke up with a smile on my face or at least not had to force my eyes open with sellotape.  Could it still be jet lag? My body clock up to sunday night was sending me to sleep at half 2/3 in the morning. We are in our quiet time at work as well.  I always think when you are doing a lot of things, time passes quicker and it doesn't help your motivational levels when you are sitting at your desk staring at the wall.
I am feeling completely uninspired by my wardrobe as well. I am back in that runt where I was throwing on me whatever I wore the day before. Until last night, my wardrobe was residing on the floor of my room.  I still haven't done a wash from before Florida so that has piled up in a corner in my room.  (I do have a laundry bin in my room but it is completely fill.) The sun today though has helped to ease my mood & a impromptu visit from my boyfriend.  Glad to say, I have never worn this skirt before! It is an absolute joke that after 6 months of this challenge I still have pieces in my wardrobe I haven't worn.
So July will be the month of stuff I haven't worn.  Each day I will try to wear a piece I haven't worn yet.  I mean if I haven't worn it at this stage, do I really want it in my wardrobe??? So at the end of each blog post, I try to decide to KEEP or BIN (slash give to a charity shop).  Please comment to have your say as well!!!!


Friday, 21 June 2013

Parting is such sweet sorrow

"Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.”   J.M Barrie, Peter Pan.

A little random break from the fashion world to say goodbye to one of my best friends, Miss Jennifer Anne Curran. Jenny Anne, born 27th of March, 1987 (I'm kinda writing this as if she has died, almost sounds like an obituary, anyway) is moving away this weekend to Hong Kong/Australia/she doesn't actually know.
She failed at being Miss Northern Ireland (I think she tried 4/5 times), Miss Ireland (think that was twice), Miss World Tourism (she hated china), Miss Hawaiian Tropic (her body is beaut but she has fried eggs for boobs while the other girls had fakies), she failed at resisting her lustful body and falling for her personal trainer/love of her love TFit (which is why she is going away, cause they are so happy & want to see the world before she pops out a kid, bluh, f them & their happiness) but the one thing she didn't fail at was being the best friend ever.
Jenny is one of those amazing creatures who doesn't judge, who always listens, who is up for anything, lives life to the full, is beaut and also has a cracking personality.  She is the girl that girls love to hate cause she is perfect but you can't cause she is simply too nice.  She also loves to talk about just about anything.  Our final conversation last night consisted of bananas, pee, petrol bombs, vaginas (standard for us) and the meaning of life.  Now she has left me & Zoe J.  The 3 of us lived together for nearly 2 years.  From seeing each other every day to talking nearly every day to now not even being in the same continent! It is quite emotional.  (Can't work out if I am more jealous at her moving to Australia or I am sad that she is going.)

As a parting gift, Zoe & I got a photo of our arses printed on a tshirt so she would always have us close by.

So yes, this is a little tribute to our friendship. It was beautiful, still is.  It is as beautiful as a vagina that has been vazjazzled so sparkly and pretty. Let the Skype conversations begin!!!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Short shorts

“No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one.” Elbert Hubbard

Imagine if you lived in a country where your stable wardrobe piece was shorts.  Instead of scarves, blankets, double, even triple layers of clothes just to stop your teeth chattering in May! I have put together a couple of colleges of my  holiday fashion.  I think you can guess the order of days by how white I am.
I was so excited to wear pieces from my wardrobe that I hadn't been able to wear this year yet. So my suitcase really consisted of things that I don't usually wear at home.  Florida isn't really a drinking holiday or a overly dressed holiday unless you hitting Miami or something.  We of course stayed within Orlando so mainly focused on the theme parks.  Some days I even felt dressed up wearing what I was wearing!
I had no real fashion faux pas apart from the first day (that's the whitest of white photo of me, with the coloured pattern top from topshop and beige shorts from Hollister). I tried not to wear a bra as much as possible a) to reduce tan lines as much as possible and b) bras make you feel so restricted and sweaty in such a muggy climate c) Connor has trouble with them.  So underneath the top I wore a black bandeau top; could I understand why it kept slipping down?!?! I simply put it down to my small breasticles so I spent the first day walking round the Magic Kingdom pulling up the bandeau every 5 steps. Then we went on Splash Mountain which you have to go on with your arms up (during freefall I did put my arms down as I am a wuss).  Of course, minute I put my arms up, my bandeau top came down. Trying not to scare any children, I quickly pulled it up but twisted it upside down to the way I had been wearing it.  This happened to be the correct way to wear it as it had an elastic bit I hadn't realised. Facepalm.

Black shorts, the one thing I didn't have so I made like a thief ninja and borrowed some from my little sister.  Never worn, tags still on them from Topshop, these black shorts caused quite a stir. Basically my arse hung out of them. You could see most of my peachy globes.  Probably the reason behind why my little sister hasn't worn them.  Got a few beeps and looks at Universal. I'm always causing a stir wherever I got! HA

My holiday style is pretty basic.  Hollister shorts, H&M tops with a couple of dresses from Victoria secret and Primark thrown in.  When I am on holidays I just like to relax.  No dressing up, no effort, just go with the flow.  The heat just drains me as well so I can't be bothered doing anything.  Everything was baggy as Florida has such a humid heat.  I brought with me a denim shirt and my leather skirt, both are tight & once you are there in that heat, there was no way I could of even got a tight leather skirt on over my arse.

Such a great holiday & now I am home and can't even show off my tan.  Trousers and long sleeved tops. *sigh*

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Back with a bang

"I have had a holiday and I would like to take it up professionally!" Kylie Minogue


I am back from my holidays! Well to tell you the truth I have been back since Thursday but my brain actually hasn't worked until today.  Jet lag, delayed flights and going to bed at nearly 5am every night over the weekend didn't help.  So lack of sleep and motivation has kept me from posting until today.  It is so easy to get out of the way of things, our resorts wifi wasn't very good in Orlando and not even starbucks had wifi (Whhhhhaaaaaaa????? I know!!!!!)  There was wifi in the Disney parks which I used to quickly upload photos to Instragram but I got so easily distracted by the bright lights and rides that the wifi was quickly forgotten.  So forgive me but there was no way I was going to have a tan line of my phone on my face from trying to shade my eyes as I posted a blog.

Holiday was amazing! Though we had a tropical storm the first few days of our holiday while back in Northern Ireland, it was a heat wave. Typical!  I am going to do a few catch up holidays posts over the next few days to ease my mind back into the way of writing.  So hard to get your mind back into the way of thinking after being a child for 2 weeks straight.  Even as I type this I am rubbing my eyes and nearly falling asleep at the screen.

So what did I learn from embracing my inner child for 2 weeks in Florida?

1) my hatred for cockroaches has grown in my old age. My feet barely touched the ground when we were walking home one night due the thought of them crawling anywhere near my feet.  Oh and the snake that slithed past in front of us.

2) Nick Cannon is hilarious! And Mel B on America's got talent is very very annoying.

3) I def do not like spinny things or 3D fast moving neck jerking rides. How do I know this? I fainted coming off the Harry Potter ride at Universal. Couldn't even open my eyes to enjoy the amazingness that is Daniel Radcliffe flying in front of me.  Lucky his voice was calming enough to allow me not to boke on the ride.

4) I am better at riding a bike than Connor

5) It's amazing the lack of fear we have as a child.  My mum will be the 1st one to tell you that she used to turn her back for 1 second on me as a child and I would be gone.  Climbing a tree or carpet roll or cartwheeling off a wall but at nearly the age of 25, the summit plummit at blizzard beach nearly had me walking back down the stairs.

6) Don't go to america on a fashion fast.

7) Connor attracts crazy people to talk to him.  They see his cheekbones & they zone in on him.

8) Mcdonalds in america DO NOT do 6 mcnugget meals.  Only 10, 16 or 20 mcnuggets.

9) The Kennedy Space Center is actually not named after me, it's named after some president with the same say I was hurt is an understatement

10)  The detail at Disney is amazing.

SO back to point number 6 and actually the reason behind this blog (not the funny random facts of my holiday) but I succeeded in not buying a thing.  Oh believe me I could have bought the whole Abercrombie shop.  It didn't help my boyfriend walking around asking did I want anything or my mum saying that as I was on holiday, just to buy stuff and not tell anyone! Thanks for the support guys. 

So hard! But I did it! Though I will be going back to America next year and buying whatever the hell I want just to prove a point.  Now back to getting my life back on track.