About me

I love making lists.  Here is a list about me.

1) I am not shopping for a year. Am I crazy? Most definitely.

2) Crisps always make my tummy feel better.

3) I love organising things so much, I made it my career as a PA for a Fashion Agent.

4) I am dressing better than I have ever dressed by refalling in love with my wardrobe.

5) Have I saved any money? Nope, I am simply spending it on other things.

6) This challenge has opened my eyes and introduced to brand, styles and looks outside my comfort zone.

7) 18 black dresses is a bit too many.

8)  I am crap at spelling. I would bow at the feet of the person who invented spell check.

10) seven eight (pronounced ate) nine

11) I love sitting in the shower.

12) It's a lot of pressure to try and dress different ever day.  Especially when you have nothing new in your wardrobe.

13) I love books.

14) I have an underwear fetish.

15) Massive blow out at the end of this year? Nah, I will probably be too scared .

One Year Of Fashion Fasting from Laurina Kennedy on Vimeo.


  1. Good luck with your challenge! I don't know if I could do it. Actually, I did do it as a grad student but I was itching to shop the whole time =) Love the blog!


  2. Haha! I love a good list! :)

    Mags x


  3. Very good article i appreciate your post . So much thanks guy .