Thursday, 31 January 2013

Carpet Burns

"That looks like a carpet burn!" "Meaning what?" "Meaning I don't know, you tell me" The Gymnast

I have carpet burns.  It is totally not what you think, I haven't seen Connor all week!  The one thing that everyone says when I tell them I am not buying clothes for a year is "OMG, think of the money you will save!" Well to tell you the truth I am nearly a month into this challenge & I haven't saved any money.  I actually have spent more money that I would normally spend.  I don't know if its cause it is January and I am paying off my credit card from Christmas or if it is because half of my friends & family birthdays are in January (jesus people must be really bored around Easter time, humping like bunnies!!) but I haven't saved any money!!!

I am still spending money but just on other things.  I have been to Easons & spent a fortune, paperchase got hit and I can't stop buying things for my apartment.  Granted lightbulbs were needed but I didn't really need a new kettle or another smelly candle.  So last night with my itchy feet, I took myself off to B&Q cause of course, re-decorating my house is a great idea. A 10L tin of paint was bought.  Is it needed? Well the kitchen ceiling needs a repaint and my spare room needs done up so hopefully this will keep me entertained instead of surf Asos or shopping in town on a Saturday.  So yes, the carpet burns were from hugging a carpet & pretending it was a dress. This is what my life has become. 

I wanted to do a post on how much I think I had saved from not buying anything this month & hopefully do one at the end of every month as a regularly thing.  So this month, this is what I have saved: ZERO. Good start to the year.

Ps: Just to share a fun fact. Did you know that Wednesday is called hump day not because it is the day that everyone humps on but because it is the middle of the week and you are over the worst. You really do learn something new everyday, thank you jemma sergant.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The Emperor is Naked!

“I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes everyday, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore.” Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic

Flicking through my photos I have realised that I have never worn the same thing twice.  Is it an achievement? Nope, I have now turned into one of those bloggers that I hate, it seems like I have an endless wardrobe & I'm too good to wear the same thing twice.  Ok, I maybe do have an endless wardrobe hence why I'm doing this challenge but I promise as the year goes on, you will be sick of me wearing the same thing.  I will be sick of me wearing the same thing.

I have itchy feet. This is not good.  I don't actually have itchy feet, I have metaphorical itchy feet like I need to buy something.  I have an urge deep inside me to shop.  Does anyone else get that? It's my own fault as the last few nights due to sickness I have went to bed early with my Ipad & just sat & had a nosey on Asos. Don't worry! I haven't bought anything but god, it is hard not too!!!  As I have got to know my wardrobe better, I can tell you want I need, not what I want but what I need.

Number 1: Black Flat Below the knee Boots

This is one thing I am missing & it's a pretty basic.  I had been looking for a pair of these boots before Christmas but could not find any nice ones or ones that didn't look ridiculous on my stupid skinny milinky legs.  Now I have on Asos, typical. Could be a potential hall pass?? I am that close to the edge people!!!

Number 2: Black Hidden heel trainers

Omg, I love these type of trainers! I have red & nude and now I want black.  I was telling my mum at the weekend how much I wanted a black pair & she told me she had a pair I could borrow. Well did my heart do a giant leap! Of she went to get them, came back down from her room. & my heart sunk.  Please mum, I have standards for borrowing.  I shouldn't but I do.  They weren't even close to being what I was looking for, they were just a black boot with laces & a heel.  Disappointed is an understatement. (Ok maybe these are a need, but I def could use them!)

Number 3: Grey tights

Something I would never think of wearing.  But I have seen so many bloggers wearing them with brown/ tan boots & they look fab! I tried to potentially bend the rules to buy these but again I was refused but my rule governors. Stupid rule makers, ruining all my fun.

I'm going to stop while I'm ahead.  I have a saved box on Asos the length of my arm, photos saved on my phone of bits & pieces I would have bought and I am dropping so many hints to Connor but I know for a fact it is going straight over his head. Today is a bad day.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bit of bling bling

"I have a very classic take on fashion. I like my accessories to pop, but in general, my style is pretty classic." Ashley Greene 

I'm snotty, wheezy and sneezy.  Thanks for making me sick little brother.  I don't think he will be reading this as he is 9 years old but still, cheers. 

So I'm sick & I'm wearing a t-shirt... I'm blonde, not the smartest crayon in the box.  Today though, my aim was to accessorise to the max!  Accessorising is not one of my strong point to be honest.  My dad gave me a gorgeous diamond necklace on my 18th, my mum gave me the earrings to match on my 21st & that is my stable jewellery.  I hate taking them off so I just wear them all the time.  I have costume jewellery, but as many things in my wardrobe, it is covered in dust. Today though, no no no, it was like decorating my christmas tree again.  Arm is covered in pretty bracelets, I'm wearing a lovely gold belt & a spikey necklace. No earrings though, kinda forgot but I think that would have been too much. 

Assortment of Bracelets

Here is a lovely close up of my pink, pale skin & the accessories I'm wearing today.  Now as I said accessorising isn't one of my strong points so I'm simply don't buy them.  Most of these have been lovely gifts so I have given alternatives on the links. 

Advantages to accessorises so far:
1. Complimented in the shop on my necklace, great start to the day
2. It helps make this normal t-shirt & tube skirt a really funky outfit
3. I feel all pretty, like I have actually made a real effort today
4.  Elasticated belt so it moves with my expanding belly full of the supernoodles I'm currently having for lunch

Disadvantages to accessories so far:
1. Necklace kept getting caught in my scarf this morning, which pulled the material of the scarf. (sorry connor as the scarf is yours hahaha)
2. My bracelets are annoying making noises every single time I type or move my hand to the mouse.
3. Necklace is slightly rubbing my skin as you can see from the pinkness of my skin. I'm a man though & can take it.  Lies, I'm a delicate flower & it hurts so I'm tugging my t-shirt up. This is in turn giving me a hunchback in my t-shirt.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Working 9-5

"Behind every working woman is an enormous pile of unwashed laundry." Barbara Dale

As I left my darling boyfriend lying in his pit this morning & I drove to work, it dawned on me that on this day last year I had dived head first into the life of a full time working woman.  Just like the geek I was at school, I am a total geek at my job.  I love it! Getting to organise someone else's life, a lie in as I don't start to half 9 & a clothing allowance! What is not to love?  Just think of me as Anne Hathway in The Devil wears Prada. Ok, maybe a) not as glamorous & b) my boss is a lot nicer than Meryl Steep!!  I just wanted to give you a little background to my job so I'm not rambling on one day & you are like, "what is she talking about?!?"  So I work as a PA for HRH Fashion Agency.  My boss owns the franchise for 2 brands, Sandwich and Still.  She then sells them to boutiques across Northern Ireland and Scotland.  Basically, my job is to keep her and the collections organised.  I make appointments with clients, sort the collections, keep customers up to date, find potential customers, etc etc.  So thats the boring bit over with, now lets talk about the free clothes!  Sandwich is a gorgeous commerical brand which has made a name for it in recent years. The fall 2013 collection has some lovely jumpers & skirts with alot of padded jackets & knitwear coming through.  Stills is more high end fashion.  Sold in Harvey Nicholls, the european design is edgy and modern.  I'm wearing a Stills wrap dress today! Pure silk, it is to die for. 

Sad enough, I don't mind a Monday morning at work.  You do appreciate your weekends once you start working though.  And I had a lovely weekend that I didn't want to end.

Friday night I went up home, was meant to go to the winebar but my mum was too lazy/tired to go.  She's starting working recently so I understood she was tired (3hours a day dosen't really count).  She also bribed me with a chinese, she knows my weak spots!!! Saturday was back up to Belfast were I helped out Jenny and a few other ones with an event. At the event, I actually had a girl tell me that she had heard of my blog, didn't realise that it was me writing it but had read it! I kinda wanted to force an autograph into her hand & be like "you are very welcome." More gasps of shock from the girls once I explained what I was doing for the next year. Brave was the word that was repeated a lot.  One of the girls asked me what will I do if I get married this year or become pregnant.....These thoughts hadn't even crossed my mind.  Interesting questions though.
Straight home to be wined and dined by my gorgeous boyfriend.  Didn't have a clue where we were going which was driving me mad but he took me to The Barking Dog on Malone Road.  Neither of us had been & I loved it! Would def be back.  I always judge a restaurant by the Chip/Cocktail o-meter.  Chips were a high 8/10 and the cocktails were a 7.5/10.  I had the mojito which was ok but the strawberry daquiri was amazing!! Like strawberry syrup but with alcohol and the it was strong!!! So a tipsy Laurina got escorted home. I stupidly didn't get a full length photo of my outfit as I was being rushed out the door.  But I wore a gorgeous floral pattern blazer from Zara, white shirt and black skater skirt, both from Topshop! Took some inspiration from Belfast FashionWeek Launch with my floral print!
Sunday, I went to the movies and then for dinner with the In-laws. We went to see  Django Unchained, i really enjoyed but don't go if you don't enjoy violence or willies. 

I wore home grown local brand Thom Smalls to dinner on Sunday.  I love their casual t-shirts!  I'm kinda biased as I did their images for their website but the fit & quality are amazing.  I can see great things happening for this brand in the future and it's great to see such talent coming from Northern Ireland. Check out their website! Thom Smalls Website Jaime Laing from Made in Chelsea is a big fan too!!

So I think I succeed in my aim for this weekend which was to stuff my face and not to shop. I didn't eat once and I still haven't bought any clothes! I'm nearly a month through which I can not believe! Hopefully this week I will estimate what I have saved....if any money at all.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Gothic Princess

"Fashion ignores safety, comfort, and common sense." Duane Alan Hahn

So I missed the memo where it wasn't absolutely freezing outside.  I turned up to the Miss Northern Ireland launch in the above dress, long sleeved and I also had tights on, channelling my inner dark Gothic princess.  Everyone else turned up as gorgeous, tanned, leggy spring fairies. As I work full time now I don't get to see everyone that much so was great seeing all my sexy ladies and the newbies!  It's such a daunting thing to walk into a room with former Miss Northern Ireland's and finalists so I wish all the newbies good luck in the heats.  One of them was brave enough to come up to Jenny & I, asked us were we entering, (no, we are too old), then asked us what age we were (I'm nearly 25, Jenny is nearly 26), to which she replied that we looked good for our age.  I want this girl to win. Here are a couple of snaps from the launch.

Heats start from the end of February, they are stationed all over Northern Ireland  so do check out the website for more information. Miss Northern Ireland Website. It was was nice that everyone was enquiring how I getting on with the blog, saying I was brave for not shopping and they were really enjoying my mad rambling! So just a wee thank you for everyone taking the opportunity to skive work, have a perve, be nosey by reading this blog! 

So plans this weekend are to stuff my face. Tonight I am going up home to Coleraine.  Haven't been home since Christmas so looking forward to seeing my family, doing the rounds, heading to the winebar. Hhhhhhmmmmmmm winebar, I'm drooling already. For all of you who don't know, the winebar is the nicest restaurant in the whole of Northern Ireland!  Well it's actually 4 different restaurants, all are as equally as nice as each other, different food for each one so it depends on your mood which one you want to go to.  I'm channelling the harbour bistro recently, it has an open wood burning grill so the steaks are aaaaammmmaaziballs. It is the only place I am happy to wait 2 hours for a table!!! The steak actually saved Connor's life one night.  After meeting my family for the first time, understandably a very draining experience due to the sheer size of my family (divorced parents, both re-married, 4 families, parents, step parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, cousins all wanting to meet the new hunky man in my life)  I could see after the 3rd house we had been to, he was fading, dying a slow death of trying to remember everyone's name, the re-telling of how we met and the general 50 million questions my granny asked him. He was fading & fading fast, I wasn't sure if he would ever be the same again. Cue a Harbour T-bone steak. It was gone in 2 seconds flat and I had my lovable, smiley boyfriend back again.

As we are selling now, I was unable to attend the West Coast Cooler Belfast Fashion Week launch this morning.  I love Fashionweek time in Northern Ireland, it is great to see the new collections from local designers and the styling of the high street on the catwalk.  I understand perfectly how hard the CMPR team work throughout this time as last year, I was the face of West Coast Cooler Belfast Fashionweek.  I love the new images for this season! I can't get over that one of the gorgeous models was 6 months pregnant and the other had a son who was 6 months old.  I think this is a lovely touch as gorgeous organiser of BFW, Cathy Martin is a yummy mummy herself and it highlights that you can be beautiful at all stages in life!  Having a nosey at the images on Facebook and Twitter, as I stuff my chicken curry and chips into me now on my lunch. Neon and flower prints are big for this season!! Simply gorgeous!  I will have to go home now and see if I have either of these in my wardrobe!!!

Gorgeous image stolen from Belfast Fashionweek's twitter of the image for Spring/summer 201. Floraltastic!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

World Peace

I'm just an average woman with average concerns. I don't believe in proving a point to anybody. Nobody is that important. Life will take its toll on all of us. We get injured, we get old. It's really sad to try to run away from these harsh realities of life. Looks are not everything. I am not going to look beautiful all the time.

Aishwarya, Miss World 1994

I did the walk of shame this morning, well it was more the drive of shame.  Went to see Connor last night at his house and unexpectedly, well I should have guessed really, I stayed over.  Why is it when you do the walk of shame your boyfriend's clothes are more comfortable to go home in?

I'm telling you this so that tomorrow you will be impressed with the glamorous transformation I will go through!  Nearly 4 years ago (aw that is scary!!!) I was a finalist in the Miss Northern Ireland competition. I was Miss Antrim to be precise.  The competition changed my life to be honest.  It gave me a confidence boost, it was great fun and I met my 2 best friends.  If anyone is reading this and is thinking of entering, please do.  I didn't get placed in the final but the opportunities that the Miss Northern Ireland competition gave me and the fun I had at the Europa over the competition weekend are unprecedented.  Run by the legendary Alison Campbell, there are heats all over Northern Ireland. Check out the website Miss Northern Ireland or call the lovely ladies in the office on 028 90 809 80.  They like chocolate and gossip if you want to get in their good side!!

So what am I going to wear?

That age old question that all females ask & men look at them blankly.  Of course, I'll just go buy something.....NOT.  You would assume that I must have something to wear (I'm sure I prob do) but when you go to these types of events where you are surrounded by 26 drop dead gorgeous models some of which have gone on to represent Northern Ireland at Miss World, you kinda want to look your best.  So standing infront of my wardrobe last night, so many questions were running through my mind...dress or skirt? what colour? Have I got a sleeved dress as it is freezing outside at the minute? oooohh can I get away with tights??  I couldn't answer any of these so instead I went to McDonalds. So I have no idea what to wear, I do however have a couple of options in my head.  But I am also working tomorrow so I can't be too glam as I have to work in this outfit afterwards. Oh what to wear, what to wear!!!It's time like these that I am finding it hard not to go on to ASOS or in to town to buy something! But no! I am a strong willed woman!

I'm going to be taking loads of photos tomorrow of the girls and what everyone is wearing so tune in for the next post!! Everyone loves to have a perve at some gorgeous beauty queens!!!

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


"Other than dying, I think puberty is probably as rough as it gets"  Rick Springfield


On my 24th birthday in July last year, I think I finally hit puberty. Oh no, god didn't finally give me boobs or some proper curves.  Nope he decided it was time to give me spots.  My whole teenage years I hardly had any spots, my skin was probably the only thing I had going for me. Please see below for a humorous image that my lovely BFF Zoe J Watson created. 

Before I got my full time job, I used to model a little bit. The so called model world isn't any different to the every day world.  Girls still compare themselves to the other girls and make themselves insecure for no reason.  I wasn't the tallest model, I wasn't one of the gorgeous young whipplesnappers that were just discovered, I didn't have gorgeous long flowing locks.  For me I was happy just to be asked to do any jobs.  But the one thing I got complimented on was my skin.  So when I turned 24, my skin decided hey! you now deserve some spots! It really knocked my confidence, nothing has helped to clear my skin either.  I even spent a fortune on dermalogica products and when I started to use them, I got a dry, pimply red rash all over my face.  Hence, why all my photos have involved me with no make up. I'm scared to even put anything on my skin at minute.  This is one of the things I want to try and tackle with the money I am saving from spending on clothes!  Facials, products, anything and everything I will be trying to try and solve then reporting back to you.  It is true, everything is going down hill with age!!

Recap of my weekend? I lazed around in a dragon onesis, went into town, bought my stepdad a birthday present in all saints (I bumped into people who actually thought I had bought something for myself, oh ye of little faith!!), went swimming on Sunday & lisburn didn't see my boobs! (they did see my white buttocks though.) 

As for this week, I'm still keeping up with my effort of picking outfits! I'm slightly more dressed up today as we have started selling to customers so have to be more smart than casual! I'm trying and the first month is nearly over!! Just 11 more to go!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Leathers?!? It's Pleather!

"On Sky TV, they have a weather channel- a 24 hour channel which only talks about the weather.  I had that growing up, it was called a window" Dan Spencer


Is it an eskimo? Is it a snowman? No, its me! Absolutely drenched and for some reason smelling like wet dog when I arrived into work this morning. I love reading other people's blogs but it perplexes me, just to how perfect they seem. This morning my journey consisted of my umbrella being turned inside out 3 times and putting my foot in a puddle which meant when I got into work my Uggs went onto the radiator. Like the other day I had brought other shoes into work but I couldn't face taking my socks off so I am currently wandering around the showroom in 1 blue fluffy sock & 1 pink fluffy socks.  Odd socks you say?? Yup, I've got into this weird habit of only wearing odd socks.  Makes for funny looks at airport security.  Funny story actually! When I went to meet Connor's granny & grandad for the first time & I took my shoes off at the door as they were muddy & of course, I had odd fluffy socks on.  I like to tell myself no-one noticed, just to make myself feel better.

I promise that I didn't do this on purpose but for some reason this has turned into leather week.  Just shows you that without even buying anything in 2013, I'm still perfectly on trend!  The cardigan I'm wearing is actually off the rails of the new Fall 2013 stock! It's quite fun,its like playing dress up when the new samples come in!  Thankfully due to the weather I don't think Lisburn will get a boobie show from me tonight but I may be hunting for my ski jacket tonight! Snow ball fight!  I have really enjoyed this week, thinking about what outfits to wear and researching for new ideas to re-work styles. 

I'm tempted next week to only wear outfits that I haven't worn in over 6 months & trust me I do have items like that in my wardrobe! Next week I do however also my event of 2013, the launch of Miss Northern Ireland which I will be attending.  I have no idea what to wear but I'm sure I will find something or re-work an outfir I have worn before!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Who wants to be an Millionaire

"Always make your audience suffer as much as possible" Alfred Hitchcock

Green Jumper: Asos Army Jumper 

So my lunches are being taken up by writting this blog, I'm currently stuffing some homemade tomato soup into my mouth as I write this.  I must say I am starting to get the hang of this putting in effort although I still haven't really dived into my wardrobe yet and still can't wear make up. (More info on that later)  All the pieces I have worn this week have been pieces that I wear often but in a different way. So I'm kinda cheating... and I drove into work this morning.  So cheating multiplied by two.

This outfit was also the completely wrong outfit to wear as I steaming the new Fall 2013 collection all day today.  I'm sweating bucket loads, actually tempted to do it in my bra but sadly, wearing a very unattractive nude triple gel which I would def scare the postman in.

So this week I have hit my first brick wall aka first problems of taking part in this challenge.  The first one is my belly button bar broke :( Well the wee ball from the top of it unscrewed itself & has fallen off.  If anyone sees it, please return.  Of course, I would have just went and bought a new one however, I thought to myself is this counted as an accessory? It's jewellery, it is an accessory & I would be wearing it.  I decided to call the audience aka my friends. So very Chris Tarrant of me.  My housemate Ciara simply laughed in my face & said yes.  I think she did this for badness.  I then asked my BFFs & one of the founding memebers of the Princess Palace (this is the name for my flat) Jenny.  She also said yes but I could wear an earring in it for the next year and she had some massive hoops that I could borrow that she didn't wear. Thanks Jenny and Ciara, you are both useless. So sacrafice number one for challenge, possible closing of my belly button piercing.

Problem number two, if you happen to be in Lisburn tomorrow night please do call into the swimming pool as you are more than likely going to see my boobs.  My darling boyfriend Connor & I are going swimming & he wants me to teach him how to dive. Now I used to be a really good swimmer when I was younger, not so much now.  Actually not really good at any sport/exercise/getting out of breath/getting out of bed to do anything really. Well all I have is bikinis and girls, you know what happens to bikinis during dives. That's right, they fly off. I honestly think he just wants to see my bikini fly off in a public place.  Solution would be to simply buy a swimming suit....but I can't.  Hence boobs on display tomorrow night, be there or be square.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Getting there

“You know, Minister, I disagree with Dumbledore on many counts...but you cannot deny he's got style...” Kingsley Shacklebolt, Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix

 Jacket with leather sleeves: Zara 
White T-shirt: H&M
Jeggings: Asos

I'm gettting there...well I think. My hair is washed which is always a plus.  I did get distracted this morning when I peered quizzingly into my wardrobe.  Determined to wear something I havn't worn in ages, I started to leaf through it.  Suddenly, BAM!! 

The light hits the gorgeous glow of leather, it gleams at me calling my name, flirting with me & promoting the fashion trends of 2013 which I am missing out on. No, it was not my whips or leather gag but a gorgeous leather sleeved blazer I had bought in Zara & hadn't worn yet.  So instead of wearing something old, I'm now wearing a new blazer I got over the Xmas period.  

Ok to be honest, once I knew I was going to do this blog I did have a big blow out in Zara when I was in Paris for New's Year Eve.  Did I get anything that I really needed for my wardrobe??? No, don't be silly.  I bought stuff that I didn't need like this gorgeous blazer as I have 5 other black blazers.  But it is gorgeous isn't it? So worth the blow out.

Update on the feet: I did wear Uggs walking into work & brought my pumps in my handbag! 10/10 for effort but tomorrow I will have to wear socks with my Uggs as I didn't this morning & now have blisters. So sexual.  My boss did ask me today why I have half a wardrobe under my desk...wait till she gets to smell my socks wafting from my handbag tomorrow.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Effort- 1, Laurina- 0

"Effort is only effort when it begins to hurt"  José Ortega y Gasset

I didn't get up at 9am. (9.12 so it was slightly better)
I didn't wash my hair (dry shampoo is king.)
I still have no make up on. (There is a reason for this!!)

I do think I look slightly more fashionable today, having been inspired by some of the blogs & instagram images I was looking at last night.  However, I have to wonder if any of the big bloggists actually wear their outfits through out the day or do they take the photos then change into their comfys??? And if they ever wear anything twice?? I only ask because they look so effortlessly stylish.  Do they walk to work in their Valentino heels or Russel & Bromley wedges? I ask this because

I fell walking to work today. 

Yup, was all proud of myself as I wasn't wearing my Uggs.  My feet weren't as cold as I expected which was good but then 2 seconds later, I was on my ass. Thankfully, no-one saw but tomorrow I intend to do the very cosmopolitan thing of walking to work in my Uggs & bringing nice shoes with me. Maybe tomorrow is the day to get up at 9 & actually have a nosey in my wardrobe...well maybe.  Either way, i promise to wash my hair...well maybe.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Lady Lazy

"There is no such thing as an ugly woman, only a lazy one.” - Ali Mahdavi

I am lazy. It's one of my worst points. I know my mum is reading this (hi mum!) & nodding along at the screen. Lets give you an example so you can fully understand the extreme nature of this condition I have. Example numbero uno is back in yester year, the yester year of my school days. I actually used to go to bed wearing my school uniform so I could get the biggest possible lie in in the next morning. Didn't have to get dressed or ready, simply hop out of bed & off to school I went. This has of course transferred into my present working day life. Every morning my alarm goes off at 9.08 & I get out of bed at 9.15. Now it takes 12 minutes to walk to my work from my flat & I have to be in work for 9.30. Try & work that one out.

The hardest thing in this challenge for me is breaking this lazy routine I have got myself into. Not the blog writing, not the no shopping for a year but actually putting in an effort. Every morning, I jump out of bed, put on the first thing I see which is usually the thing lying on the floor from the day before. Brush my hair, brush my teeth & away I go.

Trousers: Zara

Here is a prime example.  This is me this morning, no make up, hair in a bun due to the fact it needs washed badly & wearing the first thing grabbed from my wardrobe as I was running out the door. Oh dear.  Not the most fashionable thing but I'm pricing the Fall 2013 samples all day today & I know no-one will see me.  Well apart from everyone who views my blog now....didn't think that one through.

I will be the first one to admit that life gets in the way of fulfilling my fashion potential so to speak. I mean I'm a PA for a fashion agent and I'm wearing UGGS to work. Ooooopppppssss.  It is also this laziness which will probably be the cause of me failing this task. I'm not even looking in my wardrobe to see items that I haven't worn in a while; I'm simply grabbing & going.  I know I will get bored of the clothes that I'm constantly wearing, go stir crazy & just go on a mad spending spree, I really don't want this to happen. 

So tomorrow, plans are: alarm is being set 8 minutes earlier!!! That's not a lot but to me it is & gives me alot more time to actually open the doors of my wardrobe.  Baby steps people, baby steps!!! Tonight I am going to make an album in my ipad of styles that I love. Creeping on celebrities, bloggists & stylists wearing similar clothes to what I have so when I'm huffing & puffing & wondering what the hell to wear, I can just flick open my album and hopefully get ideas.  Tune in to my facebook, twitter & instagram all this week to see photos of what I will be wearing. Hope you like self takes!!!  

Ps It's day 14 & I still haven't bought anything.  Asos have sent me 3 emails this weekend, clearly they think I have died

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Contents Page

"When I free my body from its clothes, from all their buttons, belts, and laces, it seems to me that my soul takes a deeper, freer breath." ~August Strindberg

Ever wanted a reality check & to appreciate what you have? This challenge is definitely it!!!

I have just finished going through all my wardrobe & counting/categorising what I have. At the start, I guesstimated 300 pieces of clothing. Of course, it is double that. 715 pieces of clothing & shoes in my wardrobe.

Here's a quick break down:
Dresses: 60 including
33 going out dresses (19 of these are black, 6 of these are red)
9 maxi dresses
16 formal & cocktail dresses

Trousers: 51 pairs including
24 blue denim jeans

Jackets & coats: 48 including
1 fur coat with my granny's name stitched on the inside
12 Zara blazers

Skirts & shorts: 41

Tops: 143 including
53 t-shirts (23 of them have comical sayings on them)
32 long sleeve tops
58 string tops

Shirts: 17 (6 of these are blue)

Jumpers: 24

Bras: 26 (who needs 26 bras?!? Underwear is a weakness of mine)

And one dragon onesies.

So sitting here, surrounded by my clothes. What do I do now? Roll around in them & make clothes angels? Do a massive car boot sale & sell them as half of them I haven't worn in 6 months? Nope, I'm going to wear everything at least once this year & if I put it on & don't like it, it's going in a box for charity. Or I could do a joey from friends & just wear all my clothes at once!

So what have I learnt from my first week of not shopping for the whole of 2013? The blogging community is a very supportive place!! (Unlike your boyfriend who sends you photos of the new shoes he bought), you have a lot more than you think and last but not least, Ryan Gosling will still want to go on a date with you even if he meets you wearing 2012 fashion.

Hello, my name is Laurina & I'm a recovering shopaholic...

Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Rules

 "It's a new era in Fashion - there are no rules." Alexander McQueen

First weekend of my challenge & what do I do? Go into Belfast to have a nosy around the shops. Not the smartest decision in the world but I thought I could hold my head high, wander the shops & laugh at customers of Topshop while I, the recovering shopaholic counted the money I was saving.

This did not occur. I followed my boyfriend around the men's sections like a lost puppy. Not sure where to look or what to do, I decided to abandon ship & hightail it to shops where I could buy things. It would seem that Paperchase & Easons will be my saviours for the next year. I am determined to do this though following the good response I got from putting up the first blog post.

This idea popped into my head as so many of my brilliant schemes do on a lonely late night drive from my hometown of coleraine back to the sparkly lights of the big smoke aka Belfast. Let me set the scene. It was a couple of days after Xmas, my car was packed to the brim with suitcases & presents most of which were clothes. I knew I had no hangers left in my wardrobes, my walk in wardrobe was overflowing with shoes, bras, hats and handbags that were collecting dust & yet sitting beside me was a topshop bag with a lovely new pencil skirt, t-shirt & pumps.

Upon deciding that I could be on to something, I did the one thing girls always do in their time of need. Call their best friends to a meeting in Starbuck. Note to readers: Possible life changing debates should always be done with a cup of tea in hand.

Here are the rules we decided on that day & those I will be sticking to for the next year:

1. First & foremost: no buying clothes or accessories. Clothes include jackets, coats, t-shirts, shirts, trousers, jeans, bras, necklaces, shoes, bags. Basically anything in a clothes shop

2. I do however have 5 hall passes to use anytime throughout the year. As my friend pointed out, what if I get asked to meet the queen?? Or more likely get invited to a wedding? 1 hall pass for 1 item of clothing. I will of course try my best not to use them.

3. Borrowing & swapping is highly recommended! My mum & I r roughly the same size & we always swap clothes. It's a great way to put a new spin on your wardrobe!

4. No getting people to buy me clothes or slipping anyone money & hinting that I would like something. My nearest & dearest have been warned!!!

5. Gifting is ok. My birthday is in July & I've already told my mum she will be getting a suggestion list of clothes!

6. I actually work as a PA for a fashion agent in Belfast. Every 6 months my boss has a sample sale in which I can pick free clothes that I wear to work. There are usually slim pickings as they are 3 sizes too big for me but if there is any clothes that fit me, I am allowed to take them as I need them for work & they r free.

This is a pretty boring blog post but I wanted to get this one out of the way as it sets the boundaries of what the challenge is all about. For the next week, I am categorising my wardrobe, taking pictures & numbering the items so when I do start posting my outfits of the day, everyone will know that I haven't sneakily added random items of clothing anytime through out the year. Also, every month I hope to do a challenge like hosting a swap party, learning to knit or learning to DIY an outfit. I am also keeping a record of things I would have bought, just to have a rough estimation of how much I am potentially saving.

Pppphhhheeeewwwww, glad that is out of the way. Next blog post will be more entertaining I promise!!

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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Challenge Accepted

"What do nudists wear on casual Fridays?" Author Unknown

A year, 365 days, 525949 minutes, 3.15569e7 seconds. I'm not sure what the E means but it sounds long. Like eeeeeeppp, what have I got myself in for?

Fashion Fasting, coined by the legendary Jennifer Anne Curran when she lived with me. Simply, it is defined as the fasting from the purchase of fashion. And I have challenged myself to do this for a year.

Yes, that's right audience, no buying clothes for a year. I can hear the gasps of protests, girls fainting in shock and the main sponsors of my wardrobe, crying as their potential profit for 2013 is halved. Why? Why put myself through such a torture you may ask? A month fine, 6 months at a push but a year? I'm getting crazy in my old age.

But am I? At the moment, my wardrobe spans 5 rooms of my apartment, at a last count, I had 17 little black dresses, my boyfriend regularly says to me, "haven't seen that on you before, Is that new? " My answer is always no. At a guesstimation, I have over 300 items of clothing (the correct number will be learnt within the next week) in my wardrobe of which I probably wear 10 items on a continuously loop.

Honestly, I have wanted to write a fashion style blog for a while but general awkwardness & finding my niche has stopped me. This idea for me is a challenge and gives me a purpose & framework on what to write about. Also, looking forward to saving a bit of money!!! I'm not going to lie, it's going to be hard especially with the industries I work in. Judgements on appearance, fashion and looking your best are an everyday occurrence. How can I look my best in a dress people have seen me in 5 times? The anxiety is starting to kick in already.

It is precisely this statement however that I want to tackle while of course, picking up & giving out some style tips along the way. I know I'm going to make some mistakes. There will be days where you may read this & think what was she thinking!! But it's all a learning curve & completely in the name of fashion.

Let the torture begin...