Tuesday, 22 January 2013


"Other than dying, I think puberty is probably as rough as it gets"  Rick Springfield


On my 24th birthday in July last year, I think I finally hit puberty. Oh no, god didn't finally give me boobs or some proper curves.  Nope he decided it was time to give me spots.  My whole teenage years I hardly had any spots, my skin was probably the only thing I had going for me. Please see below for a humorous image that my lovely BFF Zoe J Watson created. 

Before I got my full time job, I used to model a little bit. The so called model world isn't any different to the every day world.  Girls still compare themselves to the other girls and make themselves insecure for no reason.  I wasn't the tallest model, I wasn't one of the gorgeous young whipplesnappers that were just discovered, I didn't have gorgeous long flowing locks.  For me I was happy just to be asked to do any jobs.  But the one thing I got complimented on was my skin.  So when I turned 24, my skin decided hey! you now deserve some spots! It really knocked my confidence, nothing has helped to clear my skin either.  I even spent a fortune on dermalogica products and when I started to use them, I got a dry, pimply red rash all over my face.  Hence, why all my photos have involved me with no make up. I'm scared to even put anything on my skin at minute.  This is one of the things I want to try and tackle with the money I am saving from spending on clothes!  Facials, products, anything and everything I will be trying to try and solve then reporting back to you.  It is true, everything is going down hill with age!!

Recap of my weekend? I lazed around in a dragon onesis, went into town, bought my stepdad a birthday present in all saints (I bumped into people who actually thought I had bought something for myself, oh ye of little faith!!), went swimming on Sunday & lisburn didn't see my boobs! (they did see my white buttocks though.) 

As for this week, I'm still keeping up with my effort of picking outfits! I'm slightly more dressed up today as we have started selling to customers so have to be more smart than casual! I'm trying and the first month is nearly over!! Just 11 more to go!

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