Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Effort- 1, Laurina- 0

"Effort is only effort when it begins to hurt"  José Ortega y Gasset

I didn't get up at 9am. (9.12 so it was slightly better)
I didn't wash my hair (dry shampoo is king.)
I still have no make up on. (There is a reason for this!!)

I do think I look slightly more fashionable today, having been inspired by some of the blogs & instagram images I was looking at last night.  However, I have to wonder if any of the big bloggists actually wear their outfits through out the day or do they take the photos then change into their comfys??? And if they ever wear anything twice?? I only ask because they look so effortlessly stylish.  Do they walk to work in their Valentino heels or Russel & Bromley wedges? I ask this because

I fell walking to work today. 

Yup, was all proud of myself as I wasn't wearing my Uggs.  My feet weren't as cold as I expected which was good but then 2 seconds later, I was on my ass. Thankfully, no-one saw but tomorrow I intend to do the very cosmopolitan thing of walking to work in my Uggs & bringing nice shoes with me. Maybe tomorrow is the day to get up at 9 & actually have a nosey in my wardrobe...well maybe.  Either way, i promise to wash my hair...well maybe.


  1. I think that too, made a silly joke about it on twitter, but I agree half of them dont actually wear the clothes or shoes all day.
    Another conspiracy I have is that they buy pretty things, take photos, and then return them for a refund.

    Love that shirt, and your hair looks a lot better unwashed than mine does!

  2. I love heels, could probably run in them in I wanted & used to totter about all over the show in them... then I realized trailing to work in them not only damages your feet (high heels banned by the doc at threat of foot surgery... except for special occasions, well sure isn't everyday special?) but also wrecks all your pretty amazing shoes... fast!! Uggs & a quick change are totally the way to go. Smart woman! X

  3. I tackled the London underground in my 6inch Kg's today was definitely an eye opening experience.. ankle wobbled twice and i nearly got knocked out of the way for not moving fast enough for the rest of the commuters thank god i wasn't in a rush!

    Your doing so well at this, think i want to get a blog too! haha i wouldn't have the will power to do what your doing tho... i'm so lazy with fashion :(

    Hana McCarley xx