Monday, 28 January 2013

Working 9-5

"Behind every working woman is an enormous pile of unwashed laundry." Barbara Dale

As I left my darling boyfriend lying in his pit this morning & I drove to work, it dawned on me that on this day last year I had dived head first into the life of a full time working woman.  Just like the geek I was at school, I am a total geek at my job.  I love it! Getting to organise someone else's life, a lie in as I don't start to half 9 & a clothing allowance! What is not to love?  Just think of me as Anne Hathway in The Devil wears Prada. Ok, maybe a) not as glamorous & b) my boss is a lot nicer than Meryl Steep!!  I just wanted to give you a little background to my job so I'm not rambling on one day & you are like, "what is she talking about?!?"  So I work as a PA for HRH Fashion Agency.  My boss owns the franchise for 2 brands, Sandwich and Still.  She then sells them to boutiques across Northern Ireland and Scotland.  Basically, my job is to keep her and the collections organised.  I make appointments with clients, sort the collections, keep customers up to date, find potential customers, etc etc.  So thats the boring bit over with, now lets talk about the free clothes!  Sandwich is a gorgeous commerical brand which has made a name for it in recent years. The fall 2013 collection has some lovely jumpers & skirts with alot of padded jackets & knitwear coming through.  Stills is more high end fashion.  Sold in Harvey Nicholls, the european design is edgy and modern.  I'm wearing a Stills wrap dress today! Pure silk, it is to die for. 

Sad enough, I don't mind a Monday morning at work.  You do appreciate your weekends once you start working though.  And I had a lovely weekend that I didn't want to end.

Friday night I went up home, was meant to go to the winebar but my mum was too lazy/tired to go.  She's starting working recently so I understood she was tired (3hours a day dosen't really count).  She also bribed me with a chinese, she knows my weak spots!!! Saturday was back up to Belfast were I helped out Jenny and a few other ones with an event. At the event, I actually had a girl tell me that she had heard of my blog, didn't realise that it was me writing it but had read it! I kinda wanted to force an autograph into her hand & be like "you are very welcome." More gasps of shock from the girls once I explained what I was doing for the next year. Brave was the word that was repeated a lot.  One of the girls asked me what will I do if I get married this year or become pregnant.....These thoughts hadn't even crossed my mind.  Interesting questions though.
Straight home to be wined and dined by my gorgeous boyfriend.  Didn't have a clue where we were going which was driving me mad but he took me to The Barking Dog on Malone Road.  Neither of us had been & I loved it! Would def be back.  I always judge a restaurant by the Chip/Cocktail o-meter.  Chips were a high 8/10 and the cocktails were a 7.5/10.  I had the mojito which was ok but the strawberry daquiri was amazing!! Like strawberry syrup but with alcohol and the it was strong!!! So a tipsy Laurina got escorted home. I stupidly didn't get a full length photo of my outfit as I was being rushed out the door.  But I wore a gorgeous floral pattern blazer from Zara, white shirt and black skater skirt, both from Topshop! Took some inspiration from Belfast FashionWeek Launch with my floral print!
Sunday, I went to the movies and then for dinner with the In-laws. We went to see  Django Unchained, i really enjoyed but don't go if you don't enjoy violence or willies. 

I wore home grown local brand Thom Smalls to dinner on Sunday.  I love their casual t-shirts!  I'm kinda biased as I did their images for their website but the fit & quality are amazing.  I can see great things happening for this brand in the future and it's great to see such talent coming from Northern Ireland. Check out their website! Thom Smalls Website Jaime Laing from Made in Chelsea is a big fan too!!

So I think I succeed in my aim for this weekend which was to stuff my face and not to shop. I didn't eat once and I still haven't bought any clothes! I'm nearly a month through which I can not believe! Hopefully this week I will estimate what I have saved....if any money at all.