Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Rules

 "It's a new era in Fashion - there are no rules." Alexander McQueen

First weekend of my challenge & what do I do? Go into Belfast to have a nosy around the shops. Not the smartest decision in the world but I thought I could hold my head high, wander the shops & laugh at customers of Topshop while I, the recovering shopaholic counted the money I was saving.

This did not occur. I followed my boyfriend around the men's sections like a lost puppy. Not sure where to look or what to do, I decided to abandon ship & hightail it to shops where I could buy things. It would seem that Paperchase & Easons will be my saviours for the next year. I am determined to do this though following the good response I got from putting up the first blog post.

This idea popped into my head as so many of my brilliant schemes do on a lonely late night drive from my hometown of coleraine back to the sparkly lights of the big smoke aka Belfast. Let me set the scene. It was a couple of days after Xmas, my car was packed to the brim with suitcases & presents most of which were clothes. I knew I had no hangers left in my wardrobes, my walk in wardrobe was overflowing with shoes, bras, hats and handbags that were collecting dust & yet sitting beside me was a topshop bag with a lovely new pencil skirt, t-shirt & pumps.

Upon deciding that I could be on to something, I did the one thing girls always do in their time of need. Call their best friends to a meeting in Starbuck. Note to readers: Possible life changing debates should always be done with a cup of tea in hand.

Here are the rules we decided on that day & those I will be sticking to for the next year:

1. First & foremost: no buying clothes or accessories. Clothes include jackets, coats, t-shirts, shirts, trousers, jeans, bras, necklaces, shoes, bags. Basically anything in a clothes shop

2. I do however have 5 hall passes to use anytime throughout the year. As my friend pointed out, what if I get asked to meet the queen?? Or more likely get invited to a wedding? 1 hall pass for 1 item of clothing. I will of course try my best not to use them.

3. Borrowing & swapping is highly recommended! My mum & I r roughly the same size & we always swap clothes. It's a great way to put a new spin on your wardrobe!

4. No getting people to buy me clothes or slipping anyone money & hinting that I would like something. My nearest & dearest have been warned!!!

5. Gifting is ok. My birthday is in July & I've already told my mum she will be getting a suggestion list of clothes!

6. I actually work as a PA for a fashion agent in Belfast. Every 6 months my boss has a sample sale in which I can pick free clothes that I wear to work. There are usually slim pickings as they are 3 sizes too big for me but if there is any clothes that fit me, I am allowed to take them as I need them for work & they r free.

This is a pretty boring blog post but I wanted to get this one out of the way as it sets the boundaries of what the challenge is all about. For the next week, I am categorising my wardrobe, taking pictures & numbering the items so when I do start posting my outfits of the day, everyone will know that I haven't sneakily added random items of clothing anytime through out the year. Also, every month I hope to do a challenge like hosting a swap party, learning to knit or learning to DIY an outfit. I am also keeping a record of things I would have bought, just to have a rough estimation of how much I am potentially saving.

Pppphhhheeeewwwww, glad that is out of the way. Next blog post will be more entertaining I promise!!

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