Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Waking up

"Our life is made up of time. Our days are measured in hours, our pay measured by those hours, our knowledge is measured by years. And yet time eventually runs out and you wonder in your heart of hearts if those seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and decades were being spent the best way they possibly could.” Celica Ahern

I am getting very bad at this blogging thing.  I know, I am very sorry. Last you heard from me I was leaving on a jet plane to support my boyfriend in a model competition in London for 12 hours.  It literally took me 4 days to recover from it saying that I arrived, partied, had about 3 hours sleep then up on the plane home & straight into work for half 9.  It was a great night & coco did amazing even if he didn't win.  He did so well that I might be blogging from London in the future ;)
Not one to exaggerate but I felt like a prostitute that night.  Not that I didn't feel good with what I was wearing or confidence in myself but in the sense of I felt I was very smouldering & sexy compared to everyone.  Don't get me wrong, it's not that everyone else wasn't dressed up but everyone was wearing quirky outfits. Crop tops & baggy leggings, sequin backless dresses & big wedge ankle boot heels, baggy tshirt dresses and one girl was wearing grey dungarees and a black crop top.  While I arrive in a tight, short black leather dress and then left in a tight, short black leather dress from my boyfriend's hotel room at 6am in the morning.  Maybe I am twisting it to sound funnier than it was.  It was a good night overall.

Other than that, I feel that I have just woke up.  I can't believe that a week has gone since I blogged.  Nothing has happened since then but it doesn't seem that a week has gone pass.  Time is going so quickly.  7 months in and I haven't bought anything.  I can't believe it is 7 months, I can't get it in my head at all. 
Houston, we have a problem though.  The next 3-4 months are usually when I buy all my clothes in the sort of annual year. I don't know why but this is the time I find, I usually have a wee bit more disposable income.  Last year I spent £2000 in 3 months on clothes.  That's a lot, I don't know what I spent it on but I just remember working it out when I started this challenge. Scary biscuits.  I am heavily relying on my birthday presents at the moment.  Today I am wearing my new necklace that was gifted to me from Warehouse and the black wrap skirt that Connor got me for my birthday.  I am reverting back to my old ways, only wearing something new.  I need to go through my wardrobe again and remind myself what I have. 
Laurina's top secret successful tip to trying to not to buy clothes
  • Go through your wardrobe once a month to remind yourself what you already have.  It is so easy to forget.
You are welcome.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Model looks

“Build me up and I with you. For we are more one than two.” Deborah Day

This was me at 8am this morning. I barely brush my hair in the morning so this is quite a feat.  I had such success with stealing my housemate Jayne's Cloud Nine 0 heated rollers for the photoshoot with my family on Sunday that I stole them again to try and do my hair for tonight's adventure.
I am getting off work early at 4pm to be at Belfast City Airport for my flight at 5pm to fly to London for 12 hours. My cocopops of a boyfriend is in the final of the Elite Model Look, down to the final 11 boys. There is a catwalk and an afterparty in London starting at 7.30pm and I will be there!!!Well maybe 10 minutes late, depending on what train I am able to sprint to get at Gatwick.  He has been away for the last week on their Model bootcamp in London so I am excited to see him.  Now less about him and more about what I am wearing. 

Ta daaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Sexy right???? I have worn this leather dress before, not since February I think but I have funked it up with the blue heels.  All from Zara.  Looks good in that photo but I have no idea what I will look like arriving straight from a plane then a train then to walk to the venue. It is thunder & lightening in London. My hair has been clipped up all day to try and keep the volume and curls, I have the dress in a bag which I plan to put on before leaving work and I have pumps with me to stick in my bag 3 foot before the venue & whip the heels on. Make up will be done on the train on the way into London.  Oh the joys!

This is the magically ending bag.  Its got all of my make up, cardigan for wearing back tomorrow morning (If you see a girl in a leather dress walking through Heathrow airport at 6am tomorrow, that's me! wave!!!), pumps, umbrella, thong, boarding passes, passport, money, keys, iphone charger.  Zoe J Watson, you are a legend for lending me this!!! I found it so hard to choose a bag as I had small clutches which only fit your phone and big massive bags that ruin the look of the LBD.
I would have loved a white dress.  Maybe it was just the hot weather but I think it would have been nice and fresh for this sort of event.  I would probably look like an eejit turning up in a thunderstorm in a white dress so my Fashion fasting saved me! First and only time I am saying that! Can't wait to see how the style differs from Belfast to London!!!

Monday, 22 July 2013

Freak Out!

"Before I go on stage I always have a freak out that lasts about 5 minutes. I scream, I jump up and down and I beat my chest.  It always seems to help." Josh Groban

I am having a slight freak out.  Not a freak out exactly, I am maybe just in a hyper mood. I am like Owen Wilson in Armageddon  "I'm 90% excited and 10% scared or is it 90% scared and 10% excited. I don't know. That's what makes it so intense." Maybe it is the lack of social contact, I have literally only really had long social contact with my boss within the last week.  Connor is away, my 2 housesmates were away over the weekend, I meet up with zoe for dinner on Friday night but only for 2 hours.  My boss is now my best friend.  Maybe it is the fact I worked for 6 days straight last week, had yesterday off and the weather was crap so I slept all day till I went to have my picture taken with my mum & sister.  I just need to do some to expel my energy. Feel like I am energetically rambling.
Ok, and breathe.  Yesterday after promising my mum for 6 months (it was actually her xmas present and birthday present which was on the 31st of December all rolled into 1), I finally got around to sorting out, a lovely girly photoshoot for me, my little sister and mum. Cue Kelly McAllister, amazing photographer for taking our photos, putting up with Carla's squeals that something was on her leg, my mum arriving in wedges to a forest as she is the smallest out of all 3 of us and my non stop talking & hyperness. Absolute Legend. Check out her website here: Kelly McAllister Photography
Here's a sneak peek of the shoot! I love it! So nice to do and have!

My mum wanted us all in matching white shirts and blue jeans. Hell no!!!! I wanted us to wear something nice and simple that showed our style.  I caved a little bit when I rung her and learnt that Carla and mum were wearing black and white.  Nice that we were matching but matching in our own way. Don't we all are just look like sisters???? Mum had me as a teenage pregnancy! Hahaha she wishes!!!!
I wore a gorgeous white jumper from Zara that Connor got me for my birthday. And a simple black skater skirt from Topshop.  I was trying to wear something that in 10, 15 years time I wouldn't look back and think oh jesus what am I wearing. Hair & make up I did myself! Really simple, rollers in the hair for an hour and plain make up. No eyeshadow or anything. Really proud cause I am usually crap at make up & hair!!!  Cant' wait to see the rest of the images!!!

Tomorrow I am off to London for 12 hours to support Connor in the final of a big modelling competition. Can I buy a new dress?? No. No I can't. Who thought of this stupid challenge?!?! More info on that tomorrow. I am home tonight to hunt for an outfit that I can wear from work straight to airport straight to final venue to after party to airport at 5am in morning back into work at half 9.  If anyone has any idea what to wear, please do help me out. I refuse to carry a massive bag around London. Rumour has it from my twitter stalking at Made in Chelsea cast will be there. Starting to freak out again.....

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Belfast's got Talent

“Everyone has talent. What's rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.” Erica Long 
Its a Saturday. And I am in work, just one of those weeks were everything is non stop. All I would like to do is lie out in the sun & enjoy it but aw well. Its a teaching session actually, all the UK agents have come over to our showroom in Belfast to discuss the best way to sell a range to a customer. Our London HQ has acknowledged that Belfast is leading the way for buying our brands of Sandwich, Stills and Turnover.
Belfast at the moment seems the place to be. Well to be prĂ©cised Northern Ireland.  Radio One big Weekend, The Fall, Dr. Leah from the Apprentice, you name it, Northern Ireland is slowly sneaking it's way into conversation across the UK and it's actually for positive things!!! 
Just before my birthday, I meet with the girls who look after the PR forleading high street retailer, Warehouse. Effortless trendy, Warehouse has shops across Northern Ireland & the UK and stands out compared to other brands for its laid back chic to the shop who go to for your dressed up dresswear.
(Check out the Neon necklace that Warehouse gifted me! I have wore it to death since they gave it to me! Looks gorgeous with a tan & goes with so many things!)
I was kinda a bit like, why do you want to meet with me when they emailed? But it was literally a girly chat about their plans for Belfast.  If I hadn't have had to go back to work after our lunch, I know we probably would have ended up in the merchant drinking cocktails all night. (Their favourite thing at the moment is Jamie Dornan from The Fall! Sadly he is married if you didn't know. Crew hearts breaking across UK.) 

To celebrate that they are opening a new store in Victoria Square, Belfast, they are launching a Talent Spot competition.  Now I am pretty talentless. Can't sing, dance, draw, play an instrument. I am pretty much like Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality.  I am actually not even sure I can do the water glass music thing she does in the movie.
Warehouse necklace, accessorised with a gorgeous boyfriend. Boyfriend not available to buy in Warehouse
Over the next few weeks, there will be teams across Belfast City centre scouring for talented people or you can simply apply on line. Anything that you are good at, apply and show off your skills. Are you a singer? A designer? A writer? A film maker? Anything! They are literally looking to showcase the amazing talent that Belfast has to offer. The chosen will have their work showcased at the brand new Victoria Square store through out the opening week in September.
Keep an eye out for me making an appearance with my water glass music!!!

Send entries to

If you want more info on the competition, check out the site:

Warehouse Belfast Talent Spot

Thursday, 18 July 2013

I promise I'm not dead..

“We become what we repeatedly do.” Sean Convey

I promise I am not dead.  I am just being lazy.  I am not going to lie and say that I have been run off my feet and had no time to blog blah blah blah. I haven't it.  I haven't been doing anything, simply enjoying the weather, enjoying the quiet time in work, enjoying my birthday with the family, enjoying time with Connor without being on our phones all the time.
I am awful, if I don't have routine then I won't do anything. If I get out of the habit of doing something then I won't do it at all. Lazy Laurina. Such a pretty name.  But Samples are back in work so busy again there, my diary is filling up over summer so no more can't be arsed attitude. Back to letting you all know my every movement apart from when I go to the bathroom.  (That's a whole different blog that I have planned).
First never have I walked to work without a coat or cardigan or something over me.  It is beautiful at the minute, so nice to actually have a summer in Northern Ireland.  The lift light was kind to me this morning, (probably cause I had my new sunnies on), it usually makes me look like I've just done a Buffy and crawled out of my own coffin so a special new lift selfie! ooooohhhh
I still haven't bought anything. No clothes, no sales, no nothing.  Though with my birthday last week, I have had a lot bought for me to probably last me the next 6 months till this challenge is over.  

This was my bed, the day after my birthday.  Literally exploded with clothes. My mum got me clothes, my housemate got me clothes, Connor got my Asos password repeatedly shoved in his face and my best friends got me specially made personalised clothes.  So now begins the showing off of all my new threads.  The skirt and sunglasses I am wearing today were a birthday present from my darling mother.  

This was me out for dinner on my birthday.  White shirt you have seen before, actually you have seen it loads of times, standard Topshop. White Shorts, standard Hollister short shorts. Gold glitter bag, Monsoon, it was my formal bag in Upper sixth but look, look at the shoes. Oh god, look at the shoes!!!! I am not a shoes girl. Never have been.  I have some pairs of pumps since I was 16 & that's not good cause I have smelly feet but these shoes are my new God. Zara, Spring season, I have them in black as well bought to me by my mummy.  And the angel herself bought me the blue pair for my birthday. Amen, you sexy lady. I am privileged to have popped out of your lady garden. Mum of the year goes to Piera Morelli Armstrong!  
The woman does it again! I had lusting after this blue shirt for 2 months in Topshop.  My mum had bought it and it is so soft.  Yes, I know I do not need another blue shirt (total is now sitting at 7) BUT its so different! Its a different shade of blue, it has pockets on the front and its so soft and easy with rolled up sleeves.  I rest my cause.

Now this is an outfit is all new.  Top and maxi skirt picked out by me but bought by my little sister and necklace bought by my mum.  That woman is really a legend. Though I think Carla, my little sister helped her pick this necklace, kinda fuzzy in this photo but I am sure you will see it over the next 6 months.

Now on to the boyfriend who had my Asos password repeatedly shoved down his throat.  It took him a while to realise but he got there in the end. Actually the black cami is another present from mum. Jesus mum!!! You need to curbed your presents!!! The black skirt is from Connor though.  It is one of the black wrap skirts that all the bloggers are wearing.  Can I just say it is dangerous!!!! Gorgeous skirt but the slit is right over my va jay jay & I don't know how someone hasn't figured this out yet & why it is selling so well!  That's actually probably the reason why it has been selling well.

Last & not least, what I have wanted for months.  Black trainer wedges. Praise the Lord. Praise the Cocopops. He done well, oh he done good. 

Topshop black Cami
Asos black wrap skirt
Topshop Black hidden heel wedges

Oh trust me there is more to come.  I was a very spoilt girl from everyone. I think they just felt sorry for me as I have stupidly taken on this challenge or maybe it is a reward for doing amazingly so far.  Yeah that's it. Rewards.....Not spoilt...rewards. Wish it was my Birthday ever month.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Backseat driver

"Whenever I get a new calendar, I flick straight to the month of my birthday to see what picture I get." Tim Sands

I might mention this a few times in this post but it is my birthday next week. I am 25 years old on Tuesday.  It's a scary thought, 25 sounds so much older than 24.  But the most important thing about my birthday is presents!!!! That might sound highly materialistic of me but I will literally be pushing people out of the way to get my presents! Why? Cause most of my birthday presents are new clothes!!!!
In the last 6 months, I have had 3 new items of clothing (none of them bought by me)
1) Valentines day present of a grey All Saints tshirt from my bf
2) a white shirt from zara that my mum bought me as she felt sorry for me
3) a pair of high heels from zara that my mum bought me for my birthday that I begged her to give me early (I used puppy dog eyes, they work a treat).
Now of course I have picked most of them. My mum said she was too scared to buy me things as it is my only chance to get new clothes till the end of this challenge which is 31st of December.  I also simply gave Connor my Asos password and filled my saved box with half of Asos (I did cut it down cause I felt bad).  Looking forward to doing a post of hey, this is actually what I would go out and buy if I wasn't doing this challenge.
So with my birthday next week (told you I would tell you this a lot), I have set myself a few goals to get down over the summer.
Examples of goals:
  • tidy house (standard goal)
  • paint kitchen ceiling
  • redecorate parts of the house (bored of it at the minute, pinterest is amazing)
  • go glamping
  • get a family photo done
  • update sky tv
Sort of your standard grown up people goals.  Of course, trying to juggle all these goals, the 1 project that is taking a back seat is the blog.  I did try to type a blog while I mopped the other night. Multitasker is my middle name but it didn't work. I will be getting back on track with the blogging this weekend, bore you with my moaning of how I can't buy clothes. *Joy!*
P.S body tube, KEEP.  Haven't worn it in years but it is one of those things that you just keep in your wardrobe to have.  I mean it is a tiny piece of material, it doesn't take up that much room in my wardrobe.