Thursday, 4 July 2013

Backseat driver

"Whenever I get a new calendar, I flick straight to the month of my birthday to see what picture I get." Tim Sands

I might mention this a few times in this post but it is my birthday next week. I am 25 years old on Tuesday.  It's a scary thought, 25 sounds so much older than 24.  But the most important thing about my birthday is presents!!!! That might sound highly materialistic of me but I will literally be pushing people out of the way to get my presents! Why? Cause most of my birthday presents are new clothes!!!!
In the last 6 months, I have had 3 new items of clothing (none of them bought by me)
1) Valentines day present of a grey All Saints tshirt from my bf
2) a white shirt from zara that my mum bought me as she felt sorry for me
3) a pair of high heels from zara that my mum bought me for my birthday that I begged her to give me early (I used puppy dog eyes, they work a treat).
Now of course I have picked most of them. My mum said she was too scared to buy me things as it is my only chance to get new clothes till the end of this challenge which is 31st of December.  I also simply gave Connor my Asos password and filled my saved box with half of Asos (I did cut it down cause I felt bad).  Looking forward to doing a post of hey, this is actually what I would go out and buy if I wasn't doing this challenge.
So with my birthday next week (told you I would tell you this a lot), I have set myself a few goals to get down over the summer.
Examples of goals:
  • tidy house (standard goal)
  • paint kitchen ceiling
  • redecorate parts of the house (bored of it at the minute, pinterest is amazing)
  • go glamping
  • get a family photo done
  • update sky tv
Sort of your standard grown up people goals.  Of course, trying to juggle all these goals, the 1 project that is taking a back seat is the blog.  I did try to type a blog while I mopped the other night. Multitasker is my middle name but it didn't work. I will be getting back on track with the blogging this weekend, bore you with my moaning of how I can't buy clothes. *Joy!*
P.S body tube, KEEP.  Haven't worn it in years but it is one of those things that you just keep in your wardrobe to have.  I mean it is a tiny piece of material, it doesn't take up that much room in my wardrobe.


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  2. always looking for somethings new on your blog! you looks so cute :)