Monday, 22 July 2013

Freak Out!

"Before I go on stage I always have a freak out that lasts about 5 minutes. I scream, I jump up and down and I beat my chest.  It always seems to help." Josh Groban

I am having a slight freak out.  Not a freak out exactly, I am maybe just in a hyper mood. I am like Owen Wilson in Armageddon  "I'm 90% excited and 10% scared or is it 90% scared and 10% excited. I don't know. That's what makes it so intense." Maybe it is the lack of social contact, I have literally only really had long social contact with my boss within the last week.  Connor is away, my 2 housesmates were away over the weekend, I meet up with zoe for dinner on Friday night but only for 2 hours.  My boss is now my best friend.  Maybe it is the fact I worked for 6 days straight last week, had yesterday off and the weather was crap so I slept all day till I went to have my picture taken with my mum & sister.  I just need to do some to expel my energy. Feel like I am energetically rambling.
Ok, and breathe.  Yesterday after promising my mum for 6 months (it was actually her xmas present and birthday present which was on the 31st of December all rolled into 1), I finally got around to sorting out, a lovely girly photoshoot for me, my little sister and mum. Cue Kelly McAllister, amazing photographer for taking our photos, putting up with Carla's squeals that something was on her leg, my mum arriving in wedges to a forest as she is the smallest out of all 3 of us and my non stop talking & hyperness. Absolute Legend. Check out her website here: Kelly McAllister Photography
Here's a sneak peek of the shoot! I love it! So nice to do and have!

My mum wanted us all in matching white shirts and blue jeans. Hell no!!!! I wanted us to wear something nice and simple that showed our style.  I caved a little bit when I rung her and learnt that Carla and mum were wearing black and white.  Nice that we were matching but matching in our own way. Don't we all are just look like sisters???? Mum had me as a teenage pregnancy! Hahaha she wishes!!!!
I wore a gorgeous white jumper from Zara that Connor got me for my birthday. And a simple black skater skirt from Topshop.  I was trying to wear something that in 10, 15 years time I wouldn't look back and think oh jesus what am I wearing. Hair & make up I did myself! Really simple, rollers in the hair for an hour and plain make up. No eyeshadow or anything. Really proud cause I am usually crap at make up & hair!!!  Cant' wait to see the rest of the images!!!

Tomorrow I am off to London for 12 hours to support Connor in the final of a big modelling competition. Can I buy a new dress?? No. No I can't. Who thought of this stupid challenge?!?! More info on that tomorrow. I am home tonight to hunt for an outfit that I can wear from work straight to airport straight to final venue to after party to airport at 5am in morning back into work at half 9.  If anyone has any idea what to wear, please do help me out. I refuse to carry a massive bag around London. Rumour has it from my twitter stalking at Made in Chelsea cast will be there. Starting to freak out again.....


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  2. You photoshoot is beautiful:) As is your Zara jumper!

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