Thursday, 18 July 2013

I promise I'm not dead..

“We become what we repeatedly do.” Sean Convey

I promise I am not dead.  I am just being lazy.  I am not going to lie and say that I have been run off my feet and had no time to blog blah blah blah. I haven't it.  I haven't been doing anything, simply enjoying the weather, enjoying the quiet time in work, enjoying my birthday with the family, enjoying time with Connor without being on our phones all the time.
I am awful, if I don't have routine then I won't do anything. If I get out of the habit of doing something then I won't do it at all. Lazy Laurina. Such a pretty name.  But Samples are back in work so busy again there, my diary is filling up over summer so no more can't be arsed attitude. Back to letting you all know my every movement apart from when I go to the bathroom.  (That's a whole different blog that I have planned).
First never have I walked to work without a coat or cardigan or something over me.  It is beautiful at the minute, so nice to actually have a summer in Northern Ireland.  The lift light was kind to me this morning, (probably cause I had my new sunnies on), it usually makes me look like I've just done a Buffy and crawled out of my own coffin so a special new lift selfie! ooooohhhh
I still haven't bought anything. No clothes, no sales, no nothing.  Though with my birthday last week, I have had a lot bought for me to probably last me the next 6 months till this challenge is over.  

This was my bed, the day after my birthday.  Literally exploded with clothes. My mum got me clothes, my housemate got me clothes, Connor got my Asos password repeatedly shoved in his face and my best friends got me specially made personalised clothes.  So now begins the showing off of all my new threads.  The skirt and sunglasses I am wearing today were a birthday present from my darling mother.  

This was me out for dinner on my birthday.  White shirt you have seen before, actually you have seen it loads of times, standard Topshop. White Shorts, standard Hollister short shorts. Gold glitter bag, Monsoon, it was my formal bag in Upper sixth but look, look at the shoes. Oh god, look at the shoes!!!! I am not a shoes girl. Never have been.  I have some pairs of pumps since I was 16 & that's not good cause I have smelly feet but these shoes are my new God. Zara, Spring season, I have them in black as well bought to me by my mummy.  And the angel herself bought me the blue pair for my birthday. Amen, you sexy lady. I am privileged to have popped out of your lady garden. Mum of the year goes to Piera Morelli Armstrong!  
The woman does it again! I had lusting after this blue shirt for 2 months in Topshop.  My mum had bought it and it is so soft.  Yes, I know I do not need another blue shirt (total is now sitting at 7) BUT its so different! Its a different shade of blue, it has pockets on the front and its so soft and easy with rolled up sleeves.  I rest my cause.

Now this is an outfit is all new.  Top and maxi skirt picked out by me but bought by my little sister and necklace bought by my mum.  That woman is really a legend. Though I think Carla, my little sister helped her pick this necklace, kinda fuzzy in this photo but I am sure you will see it over the next 6 months.

Now on to the boyfriend who had my Asos password repeatedly shoved down his throat.  It took him a while to realise but he got there in the end. Actually the black cami is another present from mum. Jesus mum!!! You need to curbed your presents!!! The black skirt is from Connor though.  It is one of the black wrap skirts that all the bloggers are wearing.  Can I just say it is dangerous!!!! Gorgeous skirt but the slit is right over my va jay jay & I don't know how someone hasn't figured this out yet & why it is selling so well!  That's actually probably the reason why it has been selling well.

Last & not least, what I have wanted for months.  Black trainer wedges. Praise the Lord. Praise the Cocopops. He done well, oh he done good. 

Topshop black Cami
Asos black wrap skirt
Topshop Black hidden heel wedges

Oh trust me there is more to come.  I was a very spoilt girl from everyone. I think they just felt sorry for me as I have stupidly taken on this challenge or maybe it is a reward for doing amazingly so far.  Yeah that's it. Rewards.....Not spoilt...rewards. Wish it was my Birthday ever month.


  1. Wow what a lucky girl u were, can't see me doing as well on my birthday next month! But you have done so well, you definitely deserved a few treats!! X

  2. I love the blue shoes from Zara! X

    1. So do I amy! They are quite hard to style tho!! Maybe I am just overthinking it! xx

  3. Think im going to steal that whole first look! You needed to be rewarded ;) x

    1. Thanks Heather! Yes, rewarded by a massive spending spree when this is all over!! xx