Thursday, 28 February 2013

Love is in the air

"We're all a little weird.  And life is a little weird.  And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness - and call it love - true love."  ~Robert Fulghum, True Love

I have my 1st engagement in the family!  It's all my family can talk about, well on my mum's side.  On my dad's side, I am the oldest & ain't no ring on my finger yet! So my gorgeous cousin Andrea got engaged to her fiance Mick, (haha first time I have called him that) at Christmas.  It was no surprise really as they have been going out for years and my granny actually likes Mick better than some of her own grandchildren!  I don't think I have mentioned it before but my Mum's family is Italian.  I have spent every summer since I was a kid going over to the village where my family is from (It is inbetween Rome and Naples and is called San Andrea if you want to google map it.  I am a geography freak so it's what I would do) . I love it over there, granted sometimes we have no running water but it is beautiful.  This is where my cousin wants to get married.  I am super jealous, it has been a dream of ours, when we were little girls dreaming about our wedding day to get married in the village square, sun beaming down and lots of italian food on the way.

View from our balcony in Italy

So yes, I am getting distracted by white dresses and a beautiful sunny wedding day.  I have my cousin's engagement party down in dublin this weekend.  It is in a gorgeous new bar called The Bath House in sandymount and I have no idea what to wear.  What do you wear to an engagement party?!? I have never been to one!! I have just realised how old I am getting when my diary is fills up with engagement parties and weddings rather than cinema dates.  It's scary.  But yes, is it fancy? or it's a party with the potential to go to a nightclub afterwards so standard night out dress? I would love a new dress for it.  I hate to admit it but I would really love a new dress.  I think cause it's such a special occasion rather than just a random event.  I am purposely staying away from Asos.  But honesty, I have a load of dresses in my wardrobe I could wear to it that have only been worn once.  I have a gorgeous yellow/mustard coloured dress that would be perfectly on trend for the colours this season that I bought last summer that has been worn once.  Or a gorgeous red lace skater dress I bought for my Christmas party.  Or an alternative red peplum dress I bought as a back up for my Christmas party that hasn't been worn at all.  The list is truly endless...

This is my yellow dress that I wore bakc in August with my lovely housemates

This is the red lace skater dress that I am thinking of wearing too.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Promo Promo Promo

"Everybody know, I don't do promoting.  I don't ever have to promote nothing, that's the beauty of Lil Wayne" Lil Wayne

Unlike lil Wayne, I need to promote. I'm just a little country girl from the north coast of Northern Ireland trying to make a ripple in the big bad world of blogging. I'm sure people are sick of my Facebook being taking over by my self promoting!! Ah well!!  Be prepared for more!

No rest for the wicked! Straight from work home to video a little promo for my blog and also some lovely photos! For me, working in the fashion industry in Northern Ireland for the last 6 years with contacts in make up, hair, fashion stylists, fashion designers, fashion PR etc etc has really helped with the blog and of course I have my favourite people to work with.

One of the people to give me a boost when I started modelling was Connor Kerr. He is mad, he is loud, he is one of the campest, bluntest person I know but by god he is good at what he  does.  I am crap at hair, can't do anything with my hair apart from brush it which sometimes I don't even do that!!  (you have prob noticed from my photos, that my hair doesn't change from a day to day basis, well now you know the reason why)  But for some reason my hair hums when Mr Kerr touches it, it bends to his will and suddenly is absolutely fab.  I am usually left going, how the hell did he do that?!? We have worked on so many projects together and everytime the images have turned out fab.  Now Connor doesn't just do fashion shoot hairstyles, he runs a business with Emma McConville Mua (more on emma in a second) where for £40, they will do your hair and make up for a night out, special occasion, formal, whatever you want basically.  I went to them for my modelling agencies Christmas party to work their magic wands and I loved what they did! Got so many people asking who did my hair and make up that night!!

My hair and make up the night of the ACA Christmas party by Connor and Emma! 

Here are some of my favourite hair & make up by Connor and Emma on little old me!

It of course takes two to tango and Emma is the peanut butter to Connor's Jam! She trained at the Oonagh Bowman School of Make up and is amazing with a make up brush in her hand.  I literally came home from work yesterday, puffy eyes, scabby face, dry skin, I was so tired as well as I hadn't been feeling well and she worked her magic & I looked normal again! Emma is always my go to for all my make up enquires.  She always tells me to start with your eyes first so that you will end up with perfect make up each time.  She uses a whole range of products from Clinque to Urban Decay, Seanna, Collection 2000 and every time I love my make up.  Here are some behind the scenes photos from last night of Emma and Connor at work & me just standing there.

Now who is the master of these images and of my up and coming video appearance???  For this I actually got to work with someone I have never worked with before but have wanted to for ages! Tony Webster, director of the BigBad Llama is the new and up incoming photographer/videographer for Belfast.  His work ressembles Terry Richardson who I absolute love so I couldn't believe my luck when he agreed to work with me on this little promo session I wanted to do. I can't wait to see the video and I got a sneak peak this morning of a few bits and pieces and it is absolutely fab so look out for it!! Totes amazeballs!

Here is some contact info with direct links for all of these lovely folk I mentioned! They are definitely masters at what they do and highly recommend them to work with!

Connor Kerr : Connor Kerr Hair
Emma Mc Conville: Emma McConville Mua  
Tony Webster: Tony Webster, BigBad Ilama

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Self building

"It takes half your life before you discover that life is a do-it-yourself project"  Napoleon Hill

Passion, that's what Ikea calls my relationship with clothes.  I call it an addiction to spend money and the need to always have something new but whatever trevor.  We have a slight difference of opinion.  We do however have the same opinion that my room is a mess.  Granted, I have my room and wardrobe as organised as physically possible for the amount of stuff I have.  My bras hang in my little walk in wardrobe, I have a scarf box, drawers for different items of clothing.  And yet I still find stuff with tags on it and find myself going "I don't remember buying this!"  My clothes are also spread over 5 rooms of my flat,  there's 3 coat racks at the front door with coats that I haven't worn, a shoe box in the living room and up in my store room, I have my formal dresses just in case I magically have to go to a formal anytime soon. (Still have my formal dress I wore at my AS level formal which was 7 years ago.....)

My 26 Bras, I think I wear about 5

You can actually spot a pair of jeans with tags still on them. Bought in summer 2012, still not worn.

So it was ironic when Ikea contacted me and said "Hey Laurina, would you like to make room for your life?!?" Why yes, Ikea I really really would.  More on this little development later.

Ikea and I are great friends, apart from when I am building their furniture and I smack my thumb with a hammer.  Then I call them a lot of not nice names but most of the time we are very good friends as my house is kitted out in their lovely furniture.  So it is with my pleasure that I am getting to host a Swap for Your Life event as part of the West Coast Cooler FASHIONWEEK on Saturday the 23rd of March in a stylishly designated area of their Belfast's customer restaurant.  

Ikea, Belfast Fashionweek and I are encouraging fashion followers to make room for their lives at home by organising their wardrobe before the lovely spring weather and gorgeous spring styles start to appear on the shop floors.  (Lucky for you guys, you can actually buy them :( I just have to lust after them... I am having a hard week this week.  I did nearly break, but I stayed strong!! It was my first trip to Zara since I started this so please forgive me).  Once you have organised your wardrobe, bring your previously loved garments to this event and you can swap them for a whole new array of findings!!!  Fashion swaps are a great idea as they fill your wardrobe full with new clothes without spending any money!!!  It was one of my first ideas when I started this blog for my challenges but I never expected it to be this big and in conjunction with Belfast Fashionweek or Ikea!!! I expected a couple of rails in my living room & a few of my friends but this is going to be amazing!!

So quick fire information on this magical event:
  • Saturday 23rd of March during Belfast Fashionweek (More info on Fashionweek,
  • 11am to 2pm in the lovely Ikea restaurant
  • Can drop off clothes before hand at FASHIONWEEK HQ, 3rd floor, Talbot Street, Belfast or at Ikea Belfast or bring them on the Saturday
  • Clothes will be sorted into a traffic light system to ensure a fair trade and you are swapping like for like garments
  • No garments then sorry you can not swap :(
  • Oh! There will be a fabulous auction in aid of Diabetes UK, Ikea's designated charity for 2013 of a secret coveted item of clothing
So please do come!  It will be great fun!  I attended Ikea on Saturday past for the photo call so keep your ear to the ground and your eyes peeled for more information or just contact me! I am happy to answer any questions! 

It's like this was written just for me!

Friday, 22 February 2013

Catching Flies

"I am shocked to have gone as far as I have gone"  Steven Patrick Morrissey

I was up at 7.37 today. That might be normal for some people but this is coming from a girl who at the start of the year was getting out of bed at 9.15 and starting work at 9.30 with a 12 minute walk to complete as well. Early rises to me are always associated with going on holiday but sadly this is not the case.

I wouldn't get out of bed for just anyone. It would have to be a pretty special person to get me to open my eyes & that special person was Miss Jenny Curran. For nearly two years, I listened to the tap tap tapping of Jenny's computer keys as she wrote her articles for The Sunday World in the bedroom beside me. ( I heard other noises too especially every sunday at 10am but I won't go into that) so it is an odd sensation to be a subject of Miss Curran's stories. It's an odd sensation as I have said before that anyone wants to listen/read about my blog.

I have lovely journalists like Miss Curran who's ears have pricked at my blog and my challenge contacting me. I also have my own monthly column in a local magazine, Local Woman, I am working with one of my favourite company's Ikea and their "make room for your life" campaign, I am running a clothes swapping event at Belfast Fashionweek and in May I am attending a bloggers conference to discuss my blog. (More on each of these things later!) And to top this all off, I still haven't bought any clothes for the last two months!!

My first column in Local Woman!

I am astounded, shocked, perplexed, amazed, stunned, astonished and overwhelmed. (That's all the adjectives that I can think off at this time in the morning.). Who knew.

I really am actually finding the no clothes shopping pretty easy if I am honest. I haven't worn the same thing twice and I have re fallen back in love with my wardrobe. It's made me appreciate fashion again and taking the time to put some thought and effort into the way I present myself. Granted my hair is still greasy and my nails are always dirty and I still wear mis-matched socks but at least my outfits look well! My dad says that I probably will be the cause of the triple dip recession due to my lack of spending in the shops though.

But I can't wait to see where else this blog brings me! So keep tuning in! It is only February like, I still have 10 months to go so it might all go downhill soon!!!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Furry Friends

"Animal are my friends, I don't eat my friends" George Bernard Shaw

No! When I say furry friends, I am not talking about my legs!! I am of course talking about the animal jumper motifs that seem to be everywhere at the minute! Kicked started by Burberry this time last year at London Fashion week for Fall 2012 (seen below for the gorgeous models wearing a twit too owl jumper)

If you follow the big blogs, you will have seen that all of the girls have the Kenzo tiger jumper. Here is one of my favourite bloggers, Chiara Ferragni wearing hers.

Of course, before Christmas I was lusting after one of these so that I could be one of the cool crowd but with a hefty price tag of £165, I re thought about it. But I still wanted a jumper with a furry friend on it. My wantings were answered by one of my Santa's aka my step mum. Got my own little owl! Kate bosworth, eat your heart out.

This photo was taken on the last day of my romantic holiday away with my other half over New Year's Eve to Paris. This orange juice cost 9 euros!! It was delicious though.  I put this photo in as my hair looks lovely and washed and with no roots.  Basically to remind myself that it needs done badly. Also, I got slagged for not making my bed for my photos so Mr Mark Ginley, the bed is made especially for you.

Here are some of my favourite animal jumpers!

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

What goes around, comes around.

"So soon that a fashion is universal, it is out of date" Marie Von Ebner-Eschenbach

The secret to fashion is that nothing really ever goes out of fashion. Everything is always coming back into trend, maybe years, decades or even a century in time. This was the highly intellectual conversation that my friend Zoe and I were having on Sunday night after we had been to the pictures to see Tween rom-com Beautiful Creatures. (a movie not to drag your boyfriend to ladies, that would just be cruel.) Here are a few of my favourite recurring trends that I want to recreate over the next few weeks. It can be a game, guess what trend I am wearing today!

Trend number one

Monochrome: striped, checked, different sleeves, different trousers legs. You name it, if it is black and white, it is bang on trend. As seen previously in my blog, I have achieve the monochrome look without buying anything new this season. I'm down with the kids.

Trend number two

Shift: no this is not slang for kissing someone (to shift someone is to kiss them right?? Or did I just make this up??) Shift clothing is a box shaped like attire for example shift dresses. I don't really have that many shift style clothing items as it doesn't really suit my shape as I am so small and it drowns me. But I do have a few shift shirts that I like to tuck into pencil skirts or skinnies. Totally rocking the swinging sixties. Especially if it is a bright colour, far out dude. Check out this shift dress from Asos

Trend number three

The nineties: think spice girls, think all saints, think b*witched and their double denim. C'est la vie! The nineties are back although it seems only yesterday that they were actually here. Back in the day I was rocking my Adidas poppers (aw remember these, the tracksuit bottoms with the buttons the whole way up them) but this trend is truly rocking the doc martins and dungarees look! I'm not sure if this one I am going to be able to achieve or even pull off it without fully looking like I am my 12 year old tomboy self again.

Trend number four

Flares: omg, can it be true?!? Bloggers from all over the world have been working the flare wide leg trousers for the past couple of seasons but flare jeans are finally coming back into fashion! Spotted on the catwalk at New York Fashion Week, I will be dusting off my denim flares that have been huffing with me at the back of my wardrobe for the past couple of years. No more skinnies which are a nightmare to get off. Sexy undressing in these is impossible. It has gotten to the point where I try not to wear skinnies if Connor is coming over to my house to stay if you know what I mean ;)

Rebecca Minkoff at New York Fashion week

Yeah so, trend spotting for 2013 by wearing fashion from previous years. This can't qualify as vintage can it?!?

Monday, 18 February 2013

My heart will go on

"You shine up like a brand new penny" Molly Brown, Titanic

You know when you say your friends are crazy. I love my friends but Jesus Christ they are crazy. I had a very relaxing and lovely weekend, something I have been craving for! Friday night, I created a food baby with Connor where we couldn't even move as we ate so much. On Saturday, I had a fun day of visiting the Mac, Belfast's new arts venue to see the Andy Warhol exhibition. After something so serious, you need a bit of fun so we went ice skating. Fell on my ass but let's not talk about that.

Now to get to the crazy friends. As last week was Zoe's birthday, Jenny and I had promised to take her on a sexy date to the Titanic museum! Newly opened in Belfast last year to mark the 100years since the sinking of the ship Titanic, it has been widely popular with visitors from all across the world. Now I had text Jenny earlier in the week to say that I was going to be blogging about it so make sure to wear something nice. It was a JOKE Jenny!! I had all good intentions but then I am extra lazy on the weekends and I like to take a break from blogging and effort so my hair went up and I slummed it in jeans. So my darling friends turned up and here is what my crazy friend Jenny turned up in

Yes, people that is what you think it is. Jenny turned up as if she was boarding the Titanic itself, in a formal dress. So what was meant to be a prank where the two of them turned up in formal dresses as a laugh however Zoe had slept in (chickened out I honestly think & no one can blame her) and didn't wear one. Instead she wore a gorgeous Zara coat that I kept casually stroking in lust and Jenny in a formal dress. Absolutely crazy. And the funny thing was no one noticed!!! No one even batted an eye lid, granted it could possible pass for a maxi dress but with a low cut back and a diamanté halter neck, it's a pretty fancy maxi dress for an outing to a museum. I love her, it made the whole trip so much more entertaining. Only Jenny could get away with it. So my fashion lesson of this blog is don't wear a formal dress to a museum unless you are the delightful and gorgeous Jenny Curran as you just won't get away with it.

As for me, my lesson is even with greasy hair and one of the geek t-shirts from Topshop that every teenage girl is wearing with denim shorts, tights and converse, (You know exactly the one I am talking about I am sure) you can still have a beautiful Jack Dawson moment. I'm King/Queen of the world!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Full moon, half moon, total eclipse

"It's an extraordinary thing, this tiny little province of Northern Ireland, where carnage happened. And I was a part of it.  I grew up in it." Liam Neeson

This weekend I am backing Belfast!  If you haven't guessed by now I am from the lovely country of Northern Ireland.   I don't know about other bloggers who are reading this but I am fascinated by the views I get.  I am constantly refreshing to see how many have viewed it since I last looked. The amazingness of the internet is that you can track where people are viewing your blog from.  This week alone I have had viewers from New Zealand, Hong Kong, Poland, America, France and Germany.  It is unbelievable the power of the internet.

 View of Belfast from my balcony

So I wanted to do this post (and the next one on monday) as a review of Belfast as sadly it has been getting some bad press due to a small minority of people.  There has been a massive drive across Northern Ireland lately mainly focusing in Belfast to "back Belfast."  Due to the protests and the fact it was a very cold and long January, people have been mainly staying at home.  Understandable but it has been affecting business across the province.  Also, many visitors have been put off coming to Belfast due to what they are hearing on the news.

To be truthful, it doesn't affect my life if they fly a flag or not over City Hall in Belfast city centre.  But to some people it does and that is fair enough.  My take on it is that when I am 85 or whatever age, lying on my death bed, I won't remember the day that they decided not to fly the flag over city hall.  I will remember my family and friends,  my wedding day, giving birth to my children, their 1st smile and loving my grandchildren.

I am "half a Jaffa," as I like to call myself.  I was brought up half protestant, half catholic.  My mum was a catholic, my dad a protestant.  I went to a very protestant primary school where I wore the red hand of Ulster on my chest via my school jumper.  We said the Lord's prayer each day with the added doxology (that's the bit at the end of the Lord's prayer that protestants say).  When I was eight years old, I did my First Holy Communion and I brought my Communion dress into school for show and tell.  I didn't know that I was different, I wasn't treated different, I wasn't brought up to think there was any difference.  I just wanted to show off a dress that I had worn at the weekend.  I then attended the most catholic school in the area with nuns and everything.  Of course, I had no idea.  I just loved the school, the teachers and it was my choice.  Religion was never mentioned.  That was until the first day and we said the Lord's prayer in Assembly and I continued on at the end.  I had no clue why everyone stopped.  Call me naive, call me silly but honestly, I think my parents did a great job bringing me up not to judge people or know there is a difference between the two.

I have always got on with everyone, none of my friends care what religion I am.  I have attended mass and church.  I know the name of my family's priest and I know the name of my family's minister (I even fancied his son at one point).  Belfast is a beautiful city and I honestly can't see myself living anywhere else.  Sure, I want to go travelling and possibly live in another country for a few years but I will always come back to Northern Ireland to raise my children.  It's my home.

View of Belfast from my balcony last month

So this weekend, my schedule is jammed packed! Well tonight I am travelling to the boyfriend's house which is about half an hour outside Belfast and having a lovely home cooked belated Valentine's day meal.  Tomorrow, Connor, Connor's little brother, Harry and I are going to the Mac, Belfast's brand new arts venue.  They are showing an exhibition on Andy Warhol, the first time any of his work has been showing in Northern Ireland!  Then on Sunday, I am having a girly catch up day with my two best friends, Zoe and Jenny.  We are going to have a day of fun!!! Plan is to hit the Titanic museum which is unbelievable, ice skating, dinner in Victoria Square and who knows where else.  Probably Lisburn Road too for ice cream and a cup of tea.

So tune in Monday for lots of fun photos, reviews and what I was wearing over the weekend!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Lady and his Tramp

"Anyone can be passionate but it takes real lovers to be silly" Rose Franken

Dear spaghetti kiss (of Lady and the tramp movie, it's a metaphor post people, do try to keep up)

You highlight the way a Valentines dinner should be like. The little sigh expelled at the end when they do kiss properly truly is sweet and innocent. It represents everything that love should be. So cheers to you spaghetti kiss. Thank god you exist.  But how did you worm your little sigh into my life?  Lets begin as everything should start according to me as I am a control freak.  Let's begin at the start and go step by step chronological order.

You began as most relationships do, in very special places. Ba ba ba ba baaaaaaaaaa I'm loving it, and you. You played Lady to a T, the shy guy hiding behind his floppy hair, just like when her coy smile peeked from behind the fence in the movie while I was loud, chatty and apparently according to you, had great breastage that night.  Just like Tramp, stuffing my face with mcnuggets. We parted ways, no spaghetti kiss just yet.

Oh we tried, just friends, that was it cause I was picking up my pieces.  Ok honestly, we didn't try that hard, we meant well but please its very hard, you are very distracting.  So my tummy rumbled for you.  Cue the soundtrack and the serenade. The will they, won't they?!? Connected by that string, that piece of spaghetti. Yummy.


It was a lovely bella notte when it happened.  My breath smelt like alcohol, yours, well I don't quite remember as I was quite giggly ie. tipsy. Finally the spaghetti kiss! It has everything, romance, humour, impromptu musical performance, meatballs, everything I have ever wanted. I hope you know how sincere I am spaghetti kiss! You make me feel warm and fuzzy and my tummy completely full.

Ps. Happy Valentines day everyone!!! Please ignore my soppy metaphorical post that has nothing to do with fashion at all.  Here's some fashion info though. I am wearing a red dress that has been in my wardrobe for the last 3 years, yes I really said 3 years and I have never worn it!!! This again clearly highlights why I need to do this challenge!!!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

New Eyes

"The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust

You know that feeling when you are so busy that you look at the date and you are like how the heck did I get here???  I did that this morning.  13th of February,  how did it get to this date?  How did it all of a sudden become 2013? In my mind I am still lazing on the sofa on a Saturday afternoon in my pyjamas during summer 2012. I feel like I am constantly playing catch up.  Catch up with my blog, catch up wit my friends (in the sense of hey! I haven't seen you in ages, we need a catch up!) to catch up with my life.  The massive pile of dirty laundry in my utility room is calling my name.

I am loving doing the blog though. As I said when I started this I wanted to do a fashion/style blog for a while now.  I actually started one, posted up one post then my mind went completely blank.  Didn't know what else to write and I didn't have the confidence to post another one, I just assumed that no one rarely cared what I thought.  I still think this but I'm basically sticking my middle finger up to my nerves & going with the flow.  The no buying clothes for a year is basically a challenge for me but it was also a wee sneaky PR stunt to get your attention (I did PR at Uni so please excuse that naughty tactic).  I wanted people to read the blog and be like hey what is this crazy girl doing, then fall in love with it & empathise with it and hopefully come back to read it again and again.  Well that and my spending on clothes was getting a absolute joke.

I am re falling in love with my wardrobe and fashion in general.  I am dressing better than I ever have as I am taking the time to have a good look at what is in my wardrobe.  I am putting items together that haven't seen the light of days for ages and I am loving what I am doing and how I am feeling.  I am not promoting to anyone that you shouldn't buy clothes for a year, I mean you must be crazy to do that!! But I want to promote a smarter shopping world.  I was buying clothes for the sake of it.  I bought this gorgeous sequin top from Asos in September of last year (here it is if you want a nosey Asos sequin top), I loved it and snapped it up the minute that I saw it.  Now I still haven't worn it, please someone invite me to something where I can wear it!!!! All girls have said, OMG I have nothing to wear before a night out.  That translated is basically OMG, I have nothing new to wear.  But you don't need something new.  You just need new eyes.

My above photo,  if you are an avid follower of my blog, you might recognise that I wore this jumper last week?  It's ok, I won't judge if you don't pay that much attention to the photos and are like what is she talking about. However, it looks a completely different jumper with a dress than it does with a shirt and skinnies doesn't it? I hear your yes's through the computer screen. Thus, my point is proven and my work here is done.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Suit up!

"I couldn't afford a trip to Europe after college so I went backpacking through Ikea to find myself." Dave Grohl

I suited up this morning, well as much as I can without feeling like I'm fifty year old bank clerk.  Who am I trying to impress you ask? Can't tell you just yet but I have a meeting today.  Do people even wear suits to work any more?  It seems that now the work place attire has gone very smart/casual.  I have two suits that I bought from Next when I considered doing a work placement during University, these of course have never seen the light of day.

Oh yes, I mean business. Dressed to impress but sadly when I try to be professional, it usually ends badly.  For example, when I went for my placement interview with Diageo, I wore a suit and kitten heels (I think I still have them) but I fell head first going up the stairs and I pushed the interviewer down with me.  I got the placement though but I turned it down! So yes, cross your fingers for me.

PS. Happy Pancake Tuesday everyone!!! If you are about Belfast today, call up to the Wellington Park Hotel today (beside the bot and Eg). My bff Jenny Curran is selling pancakes with all proceeds going to Action Cancer! I will be there the minute I finish work at 5pm!!! She closes at 6pm so make sure you are there before then!

Monday, 11 February 2013


"I don't want expensive gifts; I don't want to be bought. I have everything I want. I just want someone to be there for me, to make me feel safe and secure." Princess Diana


I survived! Friday night was messy but I awoke on Saturday morning with only puffy stuck together eyes and a headache, saved by Dragon again!! (Dragon Rendezvous, a lovely Chinese restaurant in Belfast where drunkards like myself can go enjoy a proper sit down meal at half 2 in the morning.  Have you ever tried to use a knife & fork when you are drunk???)  Keeping with the Spring 2013 key trends, I went for a monochrome look.

As you can clearly see from the top photo, my bedroom mirrors definitely need a good clean!! This dress was actually one of many dresses that is in my wardrobe with the tags on it! I was so excited to wear it as well, as I had got it for Christmas from my darling mother.  However, I didn't even really get to show it off as I didn't take my blazer off all night.  Oh well, I'm sure it will get another outing this year!

This weekend was a big weekend for me, this weekend I got my first clothing items of 2013. Ok, I am going to refer you back to one of my 1st posts before anyone starts arguing with me THE RULES I refer you to rule number 4 and 5, no hinting or slipping people money to buy me clothes but gifting is ok.  This weekend I got my first gifts, both were a complete surprise and unnecessary! But I accepted them with grace (I did not sleep with them in bed with me last night, hugging them for dear life...)

The first was from my dearest & nearest Mr Cocopops aka Connor.  I came back from work on Friday to this sitting on my bed

My first thought was Omg is someone watching me?!? I promise it wasn't me!!! I don't know where this came, please believe me!! Have I been shopping in my sleep??  But no, a cute note was attached & a t-shirt I had pined after was in the bag. (You don't need to know the soppiness this early on a Monday) Completely overwhelmed, it went straight on me & didn't come off all weekend.  Now at the weekends I usually take a break from blogging so it never even crossed my mind to take a photo of me wearing it.  But here it is on the All Saints website. All Saints grey Tshirt Why out of not buying anything for 6 weeks and potentially for the next 46 weeks would I crave a grey t-shirt so much that it penetrated my boyfriend's mind and clicked with him that it might be nice to get this for me?? a) he is an absolute sweetheart *sigh* b) from not buying things and looking up new ways to piece my wardrobe together, you learn the basics that you need to do this.  I did not have a grey tshirt, I now do and can now do 50 million new outfits with this 1 piece of clothing. (ok, maybe not 50 million but I've so many ideas that I may have to write them down so I don't forget)

The second item of clothing I received was a sympathy gift.  On Saturday I went up home as my aunt was visiting my mum and celebrating her 50th birthday!  Sorry I just announced your age on my blog Auntie Lisa!!! I arrived on sunday to my mum's house to be greeted by my mum in her outfit from saturday night, classy mum, classy.  She still looked great though! My aunt had purchased a red dress from Asos, that she wasn't sure about so I got it instead!!!  She said she couldn't be bothered to send it back but I think she just felt sorry for me as I stared at it longingly, the Asos tag hypnotising me, calling my name.  Now it's a size 8, and as I have the body of 14 year old boy, it could potentially not even fit but here it is.


So can I just state that I still haven't bought any clothes or accessoires for myself in the year 2013. I promise, turn around, touch the ground, no comment about it.....