Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Furry Friends

"Animal are my friends, I don't eat my friends" George Bernard Shaw

No! When I say furry friends, I am not talking about my legs!! I am of course talking about the animal jumper motifs that seem to be everywhere at the minute! Kicked started by Burberry this time last year at London Fashion week for Fall 2012 (seen below for the gorgeous models wearing a twit too owl jumper)

If you follow the big blogs, you will have seen that all of the girls have the Kenzo tiger jumper. Here is one of my favourite bloggers, Chiara Ferragni wearing hers.

Of course, before Christmas I was lusting after one of these so that I could be one of the cool crowd but with a hefty price tag of £165, I re thought about it. But I still wanted a jumper with a furry friend on it. My wantings were answered by one of my Santa's aka my step mum. Got my own little owl! Kate bosworth, eat your heart out.

This photo was taken on the last day of my romantic holiday away with my other half over New Year's Eve to Paris. This orange juice cost 9 euros!! It was delicious though.  I put this photo in as my hair looks lovely and washed and with no roots.  Basically to remind myself that it needs done badly. Also, I got slagged for not making my bed for my photos so Mr Mark Ginley, the bed is made especially for you.

Here are some of my favourite animal jumpers!


  1. Just came across your blog, no shopping for a year - WELL BLOODY DONE IF YOU COMPLETE IT. You might teach me a thing or two, my mother would definitely approve. I love this outfit, so lovely. I am such a fan of those jumpers, but they wouldn't suit me - damn being short and stumpy!

    I am following after this!

    Kassie xo

  2. Hey Kassie!

    I know! I nearly crumbled on friday over a pair of shoes in Zara but I stayed strong!! It was my 1st time in zara since I started and it is a weakness of mine. I'm not tall either! I def think u can pull it off, pencil skirts always make your body look longer anyway so at least you would look tall!! xx