Thursday, 14 February 2013

Lady and his Tramp

"Anyone can be passionate but it takes real lovers to be silly" Rose Franken

Dear spaghetti kiss (of Lady and the tramp movie, it's a metaphor post people, do try to keep up)

You highlight the way a Valentines dinner should be like. The little sigh expelled at the end when they do kiss properly truly is sweet and innocent. It represents everything that love should be. So cheers to you spaghetti kiss. Thank god you exist.  But how did you worm your little sigh into my life?  Lets begin as everything should start according to me as I am a control freak.  Let's begin at the start and go step by step chronological order.

You began as most relationships do, in very special places. Ba ba ba ba baaaaaaaaaa I'm loving it, and you. You played Lady to a T, the shy guy hiding behind his floppy hair, just like when her coy smile peeked from behind the fence in the movie while I was loud, chatty and apparently according to you, had great breastage that night.  Just like Tramp, stuffing my face with mcnuggets. We parted ways, no spaghetti kiss just yet.

Oh we tried, just friends, that was it cause I was picking up my pieces.  Ok honestly, we didn't try that hard, we meant well but please its very hard, you are very distracting.  So my tummy rumbled for you.  Cue the soundtrack and the serenade. The will they, won't they?!? Connected by that string, that piece of spaghetti. Yummy.


It was a lovely bella notte when it happened.  My breath smelt like alcohol, yours, well I don't quite remember as I was quite giggly ie. tipsy. Finally the spaghetti kiss! It has everything, romance, humour, impromptu musical performance, meatballs, everything I have ever wanted. I hope you know how sincere I am spaghetti kiss! You make me feel warm and fuzzy and my tummy completely full.

Ps. Happy Valentines day everyone!!! Please ignore my soppy metaphorical post that has nothing to do with fashion at all.  Here's some fashion info though. I am wearing a red dress that has been in my wardrobe for the last 3 years, yes I really said 3 years and I have never worn it!!! This again clearly highlights why I need to do this challenge!!!

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  1. such a cute post, and that dress is gorgeous. can't image why you wouldn't have worn it sooner :)