Monday, 11 February 2013


"I don't want expensive gifts; I don't want to be bought. I have everything I want. I just want someone to be there for me, to make me feel safe and secure." Princess Diana


I survived! Friday night was messy but I awoke on Saturday morning with only puffy stuck together eyes and a headache, saved by Dragon again!! (Dragon Rendezvous, a lovely Chinese restaurant in Belfast where drunkards like myself can go enjoy a proper sit down meal at half 2 in the morning.  Have you ever tried to use a knife & fork when you are drunk???)  Keeping with the Spring 2013 key trends, I went for a monochrome look.

As you can clearly see from the top photo, my bedroom mirrors definitely need a good clean!! This dress was actually one of many dresses that is in my wardrobe with the tags on it! I was so excited to wear it as well, as I had got it for Christmas from my darling mother.  However, I didn't even really get to show it off as I didn't take my blazer off all night.  Oh well, I'm sure it will get another outing this year!

This weekend was a big weekend for me, this weekend I got my first clothing items of 2013. Ok, I am going to refer you back to one of my 1st posts before anyone starts arguing with me THE RULES I refer you to rule number 4 and 5, no hinting or slipping people money to buy me clothes but gifting is ok.  This weekend I got my first gifts, both were a complete surprise and unnecessary! But I accepted them with grace (I did not sleep with them in bed with me last night, hugging them for dear life...)

The first was from my dearest & nearest Mr Cocopops aka Connor.  I came back from work on Friday to this sitting on my bed

My first thought was Omg is someone watching me?!? I promise it wasn't me!!! I don't know where this came, please believe me!! Have I been shopping in my sleep??  But no, a cute note was attached & a t-shirt I had pined after was in the bag. (You don't need to know the soppiness this early on a Monday) Completely overwhelmed, it went straight on me & didn't come off all weekend.  Now at the weekends I usually take a break from blogging so it never even crossed my mind to take a photo of me wearing it.  But here it is on the All Saints website. All Saints grey Tshirt Why out of not buying anything for 6 weeks and potentially for the next 46 weeks would I crave a grey t-shirt so much that it penetrated my boyfriend's mind and clicked with him that it might be nice to get this for me?? a) he is an absolute sweetheart *sigh* b) from not buying things and looking up new ways to piece my wardrobe together, you learn the basics that you need to do this.  I did not have a grey tshirt, I now do and can now do 50 million new outfits with this 1 piece of clothing. (ok, maybe not 50 million but I've so many ideas that I may have to write them down so I don't forget)

The second item of clothing I received was a sympathy gift.  On Saturday I went up home as my aunt was visiting my mum and celebrating her 50th birthday!  Sorry I just announced your age on my blog Auntie Lisa!!! I arrived on sunday to my mum's house to be greeted by my mum in her outfit from saturday night, classy mum, classy.  She still looked great though! My aunt had purchased a red dress from Asos, that she wasn't sure about so I got it instead!!!  She said she couldn't be bothered to send it back but I think she just felt sorry for me as I stared at it longingly, the Asos tag hypnotising me, calling my name.  Now it's a size 8, and as I have the body of 14 year old boy, it could potentially not even fit but here it is.


So can I just state that I still haven't bought any clothes or accessoires for myself in the year 2013. I promise, turn around, touch the ground, no comment about it.....


  1. Ahh you are doing so well! I don't know how you have the willpower- I'm terrible, if I go a few weeks without a new purchase I get all antsy and have a definite case of the 'I wants' haha.

    P.S. I love Dragon Rendezvous... In fact a night out is not a real night out without ended up there! x

  2. aw thank you Catherine!! I expected a backlash today for getting the gifts but so far so good!!

    I know! lol I sure people outside Belfast are reading the blog and being like....what? But that place is legendary! x