Monday, 18 February 2013

My heart will go on

"You shine up like a brand new penny" Molly Brown, Titanic

You know when you say your friends are crazy. I love my friends but Jesus Christ they are crazy. I had a very relaxing and lovely weekend, something I have been craving for! Friday night, I created a food baby with Connor where we couldn't even move as we ate so much. On Saturday, I had a fun day of visiting the Mac, Belfast's new arts venue to see the Andy Warhol exhibition. After something so serious, you need a bit of fun so we went ice skating. Fell on my ass but let's not talk about that.

Now to get to the crazy friends. As last week was Zoe's birthday, Jenny and I had promised to take her on a sexy date to the Titanic museum! Newly opened in Belfast last year to mark the 100years since the sinking of the ship Titanic, it has been widely popular with visitors from all across the world. Now I had text Jenny earlier in the week to say that I was going to be blogging about it so make sure to wear something nice. It was a JOKE Jenny!! I had all good intentions but then I am extra lazy on the weekends and I like to take a break from blogging and effort so my hair went up and I slummed it in jeans. So my darling friends turned up and here is what my crazy friend Jenny turned up in

Yes, people that is what you think it is. Jenny turned up as if she was boarding the Titanic itself, in a formal dress. So what was meant to be a prank where the two of them turned up in formal dresses as a laugh however Zoe had slept in (chickened out I honestly think & no one can blame her) and didn't wear one. Instead she wore a gorgeous Zara coat that I kept casually stroking in lust and Jenny in a formal dress. Absolutely crazy. And the funny thing was no one noticed!!! No one even batted an eye lid, granted it could possible pass for a maxi dress but with a low cut back and a diamanté halter neck, it's a pretty fancy maxi dress for an outing to a museum. I love her, it made the whole trip so much more entertaining. Only Jenny could get away with it. So my fashion lesson of this blog is don't wear a formal dress to a museum unless you are the delightful and gorgeous Jenny Curran as you just won't get away with it.

As for me, my lesson is even with greasy hair and one of the geek t-shirts from Topshop that every teenage girl is wearing with denim shorts, tights and converse, (You know exactly the one I am talking about I am sure) you can still have a beautiful Jack Dawson moment. I'm King/Queen of the world!

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  1. wow, found your blog through company - a year with out shopping? you're one brave girl :)
    beautiful post, i really like your blog. followed!