Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Suit up!

"I couldn't afford a trip to Europe after college so I went backpacking through Ikea to find myself." Dave Grohl

I suited up this morning, well as much as I can without feeling like I'm fifty year old bank clerk.  Who am I trying to impress you ask? Can't tell you just yet but I have a meeting today.  Do people even wear suits to work any more?  It seems that now the work place attire has gone very smart/casual.  I have two suits that I bought from Next when I considered doing a work placement during University, these of course have never seen the light of day.

Oh yes, I mean business. Dressed to impress but sadly when I try to be professional, it usually ends badly.  For example, when I went for my placement interview with Diageo, I wore a suit and kitten heels (I think I still have them) but I fell head first going up the stairs and I pushed the interviewer down with me.  I got the placement though but I turned it down! So yes, cross your fingers for me.

PS. Happy Pancake Tuesday everyone!!! If you are about Belfast today, call up to the Wellington Park Hotel today (beside the bot and Eg). My bff Jenny Curran is selling pancakes with all proceeds going to Action Cancer! I will be there the minute I finish work at 5pm!!! She closes at 6pm so make sure you are there before then!

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  1. Happened to stumble upon this blog,some nice posts and this is a lovely outfit but if you paid the full price of that Balenciaga bag then you were robbed as it is clearly a replica, you can tell from the material, zips and studding. (I do this for a living so trust me) take it back and demand a refund, or if you did purchase this on a replica site then apologies, and I will assume you won't accept this comment anyway if you did. xx