Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sucking in to the Max

"I tried for modelling work but it was a bit slow and that's when I took a part-time job at McDonalds. It gave me income while I was waiting for my big break and at the very least I could eat." Sharon Stone

So what do you get when you put 5 female models & 2 male models together? Why the West Coast Cooler Belfast Fashion Week Trends shoot for Spring/Summer 2013 of course! So last night, I hightailed it across town from work to Paddy McGurgan Make up Pro Store on Royal Avenue to get my hair & make up done.  I actually took inspiration from one of the key trends for this season in what I wore yesterday! Black & white striped monochrome dress! Totally on trend even though it's a good 4 years old! I think at one point last night Eve Brannon, the gorgeous stylist for the shoot had a still freak out cause she saw this dress bunched up & rolled up like a ball lying on the floor and thought it was one of the dress from the shoot!

I don't want to give too much away as you will have to wait to see the fabulous photos!  So to give you a backstage peak into being a so called "model".  If you think modelling is fun and glamorous (Ok, maybe it is at some points) but honestly it is a lot of sitting around.  It is unavoidable especially on these types of shoots as there are so many looks and other models to shoot as well.

First things first, straight in to the make up chair.  I had the gorgeous and sexilicous Gemma Garrett (Former Miss Great Britain and all around hotty) do my make up last night.  Gemma is currently taking part in Paddy's very exclusive and sort after Make up Academy that he runs for 8 weeks, twice a year. As she is away in Thailand over Belfast Fashionweek (B**ch), she got roped into painting my face. 

So for our make up, Paddy wanted a pale, doll like complication.  There was no contouring (basically creating angles on our face), the foundation was a shade paler than our own skin tone and a illuminating base was applied to our cheekbones to give a shine when the light hit it at certain angles.  Our eyes, cheeks and lips were a coral colour, a very in colour for this season. A gloss was placed over our eyes to really make the colour pop.  This kind of made my eyes sticky but it actually helped as I was tired from working all day too so they stuck open. 

Out of the make up chair and into the hair chair. Andrew Mulvenna and his highly experienced team were in charged of hair.  I have worked with Andrew a couple of times on different project and each time my hair is completely different.  I don't know where he gets all his ideas from!  Check his website out, his salon in Belfast was voted one of the top 10 salons in the UK by Cosmo readers. Andrew Mulvenna Hair   Our hair was to be shiny, sleek and poker straight.  Now a style I would go for myself as I like my hair big and bouncy when I can be arsed to put effort in but it looked fab flicking through the images.

So hair done, upstairs to Kharas studio to where all the styling and photos will be done. All the Cmpr team have all hands on deck and the lovely Eve is styling. 8 different trends, nearly 16 different outfit changes for 5 females models. That's a lot of clothes, I don't envy Eve trying to pick different looks for each of theses trends. Clothes off, sexy nude underwear on and as usual I'm being told off for having my triple gel bra on! Being called too busty doesn't happen too often for me.  Of course, Connor is on this shoot as well as one of the male models.  How are you meant to look sexy in front of your boyfriend wearing nude underwear and a pop on over your head????? (A pop on is basically a see through shower cap for your face, it protects the clothes from getting make up on them)  It's simply not possible. Sexiness is left at the door to be picked up on the way out again so it is firmly back in place for when we are back home again.

4 hours later, 1 make up change, 1 new hair do, 16 outfit changes, numerous poses, 23 conversations about what food to get when we were done (you see models do eat, Jayne & I got a chippy sooo good) and we were finished. At one point, I had to get my nipples rubbed as they were standing to attention & could be seen very clearly through the dress. You see!! Modelling isn't that glamorous!! Do you think that the Victoria Secret models have their own personal nipple rubbers in case that happens to them?

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