Friday, 22 February 2013

Catching Flies

"I am shocked to have gone as far as I have gone"  Steven Patrick Morrissey

I was up at 7.37 today. That might be normal for some people but this is coming from a girl who at the start of the year was getting out of bed at 9.15 and starting work at 9.30 with a 12 minute walk to complete as well. Early rises to me are always associated with going on holiday but sadly this is not the case.

I wouldn't get out of bed for just anyone. It would have to be a pretty special person to get me to open my eyes & that special person was Miss Jenny Curran. For nearly two years, I listened to the tap tap tapping of Jenny's computer keys as she wrote her articles for The Sunday World in the bedroom beside me. ( I heard other noises too especially every sunday at 10am but I won't go into that) so it is an odd sensation to be a subject of Miss Curran's stories. It's an odd sensation as I have said before that anyone wants to listen/read about my blog.

I have lovely journalists like Miss Curran who's ears have pricked at my blog and my challenge contacting me. I also have my own monthly column in a local magazine, Local Woman, I am working with one of my favourite company's Ikea and their "make room for your life" campaign, I am running a clothes swapping event at Belfast Fashionweek and in May I am attending a bloggers conference to discuss my blog. (More on each of these things later!) And to top this all off, I still haven't bought any clothes for the last two months!!

My first column in Local Woman!

I am astounded, shocked, perplexed, amazed, stunned, astonished and overwhelmed. (That's all the adjectives that I can think off at this time in the morning.). Who knew.

I really am actually finding the no clothes shopping pretty easy if I am honest. I haven't worn the same thing twice and I have re fallen back in love with my wardrobe. It's made me appreciate fashion again and taking the time to put some thought and effort into the way I present myself. Granted my hair is still greasy and my nails are always dirty and I still wear mis-matched socks but at least my outfits look well! My dad says that I probably will be the cause of the triple dip recession due to my lack of spending in the shops though.

But I can't wait to see where else this blog brings me! So keep tuning in! It is only February like, I still have 10 months to go so it might all go downhill soon!!!


  1. wow that's amazing, congratulations on it all.
    looks like it'll be an interesting year

  2. Thanks Jessica!!! Yeah, can't wait to see where else it brings me!!