Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Back, sack & craic

"Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder" Kinky Friedman

Lovely name for a blog post but I think it explains exactly what I will be doing tonight.  Tomorrow after work, I will be sprinting straight to the lovely Paddy McGurgan Make up Pro store to get my hair & make up done then upstairs to Khara Pringle photography studio to shoot the West Coast Cooler Belfast Fashionweek S/S13 Trends shoot! Its a friendly affair as my annoying poohead yet gorgeous boyfriend Connor & another of my housemates, the gorgeous Jayne Higgins are shooting it too.  Incest is best as they say.

So tonight, eyebrows need done, nails cleaned (I am like a five year old, always dirt under my nails), a lot of areas need shaved (sorry about that last night, Connor!) & my whole body needs exfoliated and washed. Sometimes I hate being a girl.

It's really great to be involved with Belfast Fashion week in any way possible. I've gone from attending it to West Coast Cooler Promo girl to walking in it to the face of Spring/Summer 2012. So tune in tomorrow where I will be blogging directly from behind the scenes with all the craic & goss.

As yesterday was a review blog (skin is getting better & better, fingers crossed! Thank you Medi Comestic!), just a quick update on my going on at the weekend. My lovely Furby aka Ciara, my housemate had a big birthday bash at her house in Newcastle! Aw I hate dressing for house parties! Here's what I wore.

Ok so I probably over dressed. But better to over dress than under dress. I was green with envy, not only by ciaras gorgeous legs all night which turned into me just taking pictures of them all night but also of her gorgeous skirt that her boyfriend had got her for her birthday! 

It was £175 down to £50 in All Saints Victoria Square at the minute.  And according to Ciara, there are loads of sizes in the sale and I should def go buy one.....yeah thanks ciara.  Not shopping for a year, remember?!?!?!?! So yeah, still haven't bought anything, still haven't saved any money and not feeling enlightened at all. Please some one remind me why I am doing this again???


  1. love this outfit! congrats on 11000 views! I'm turning by blog into a little foodie thing, would love it if you took a look. xxx


  2. Hi there. Great blog idea- you have more willpower than me! I've nominated you for a Leibster Award :) Check out my blog for more details and how to get involved :) www.jessiemapooh.blogspot.co.uk

  3. that skirt looks AMAZING... I wish I could try a shopping ban for a whole year, but I've got no willpower whatsoever. :P

    Steph // GIVEAWAY fun size beauty

  4. Thanks for all the support girls!!! xx