Friday, 29 March 2013

Clothes Fight

"Fight club is about winning or losing." Narrator, Fight Club

Last night was my fashion swap event in conjunction with Belfast Fashionweek and IKEA! Again a mad dash from work at 5pm to IKEA, my life at the minute is a mad dash! I have never even been to a fashion swap before, it was one of the original challenges I wanted to do when I started this blog so I was excited to experience my first one! What did I expect? Casual flicking through the rails, fighting on the restaurant floor of IKEA over a dress or simply sneaking off to have a nosey at IKEA furniture??

At 5.30pm, now granted the event didn't start to 6pm, there was a queue at door. Women standing on there tippy toes to see the rails, sneakily trying to peak at the other people's bags to see what they have and you could see the light in their eyes sparkle when they saw something they liked. I was scared to even go near one of the rails just in case I got tackled from behind!

Wine, chocolate nibbles, goodie bags with a gift from IKEA was all supplied for the attendees (I choose a goodie bag with some lovely smelly candles) And GO!! Clothes on the rail, women bustled bumping into each other trying to find something they liked and their size. As quickly as it started as quickly was it over. I didn't even get a chance to look at the rails! I was too busy chatting to people that by the time everything was gone! Fail for me but at the same time, I am so happy so many people turned up and got something for them!

I would definitely love to hold another fashion swap! Maybe in Autumn/winter season. I just like to give a special thanks to Belfast Fashionweek and The IKEA team especially Jane Williams for organizing the event! Great success!!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tight one

"I wear women's leggings underneath my clothing with no underwear" Dennis Rodman

I have transported you back in time with my magic wand I got from the Harry Potter Studios.  This was what I wore yesterday.  Actually really loved this look when I put it together.  So as I have been doing for the last two weeks, Wednesday is now knowing as back to basics day not hump day.  Well I had a slightly hump day as in I was exhausted. Couldn't even lift my arm off the sofa to type so let's pretend today is still Wednesday. The basic I am going to blog ablout today on this fine Wednesday day is Leggings.
Let's get a debate going, do you think leggings are slowly going out of fashion? With the increasing number of crops tops and shorter tops in the shops this season does this mean that leggings shouldn't be worn?  Meh, I don't think so.  The rule of wearing leggings only with long tops I think really depends on the wearer.  The trend of disco pants and high waisted tight tight tight legging/trousers with a crop top (worn by a lot of the little kids that hang around Belfast city centre) is completely on trend as it screams 90's fashion.  I think for me at least leggings will always be basics because they are so simple and easy to wear.
My advice, get a good pair of thick leggings.  Not any of these bend over to pick something up and the leggings become see through so we can see your lovely bum bum leggings.  But 1 pair of thick high quality leggings will do you across your whole wardrobe.  These leggings that I am wearing are from Zara and available in all colours.  I have them in black as well.  I love them so much that I am wearing them today again. Boom, I have now transported you into the future/present day/ Thursday.

It has got to be bad when you are blogging about your outfit and you can't remember where you actually got this top and then realise that you stole it from your mum years ago and still haven't given it back.  I think it is now classified as mine as I think I have had it for 7 years now, sorry mum!
Yesterday I had a lunchtime meeting with the lovely people from Alex and Ani, an American Jewellery company that have only launched over here in late 2012.  Each bracelet has it's own different meaning so that people can pick bracelets to suit their own personality and beliefs.  I love the indivuality of the bracelets and they even brought me some of my own to have! Wearing them today and I am jingle jangling everywhere. I can't wait to work with this company more in the future! They are great present ideas and are sold in all 12 argento stores across Northern Ireland so definately keep your eye out for them. That's something else that I love about doing this blog, being introduced to new brands!  Before I started this challenge I was stuck in a habit of going to the same shops over and over again as you can prob tell from my outfits, Zara, Asos, Topshop and that is it.  While now my eyes have been opened to different makes and brands that I never would have known about and I definately would buy! Bring on 2014!!! 

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Thursday child has far to go

"I believe that every event in life happens in an opportunity to choose love over fear." Oprah Winfrey

Due to the lovely weather in Northern Ireland at the moment, the Ikea "swap for your life" event has now been moved to Thursday the 28th of March from 6pm to 9pm. Held in a designated area of Ikea's restaurant, fashionistas can bring previously loved clothes and swap them for other previously loved clothes. It is a free event! All you need do to is bring along clothes and there will be nibbles & drinks provided!

I can't wait for this event! Technically if I bring clothes to swap,it is not buying clothes!! I have been lucky enough to have had a nosey at what people have already brought and I have my eye on a few things already! Please if you can bring your clothes before to Ikea over the next day or too, that would be great. If not, you can bring on the night! Hope to see you all there!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Busy Bee

"Those who are wise won't be busy and those who are too busy can't be wise." Liu Yutang.

You would think that with working a full week then blogging and catwalking for Belfast Fashionweek that Sunday I would listen to everyone and observe it as the day of rest. Nope, not me! After a lovely snuggle with my friend Zara who stayed with me on Saturday night as she was doing the hair show at BFW, we were up at 9.30am to model at Paddy McGurgan's Make up Academy. If you are a loyal follower of my blog, which I know you all are then you are sure to have heard me mention Paddy's name once or twice. European Make up artist of the year 2012 and head make up artist at Belfast Fashionweek, Paddy runs a make up academy for all budding make up artists (For more information on it, For his students final exam so to speak after a 9week course, they have to practice 1 wedding look and 1 creative look on a model then have it photograph by the fab Khara Pringle. I was the lucky model of the lovely Danielle who did a fab wedding look and an amazing high fashion creative look. Check out my final images for it!

Back into work on Monday morning but the only thing that kept me going over the weekend was knowing that I was off on Tuesday as it is my gorgeous boyfriend's birthday! I am currently curled up in Starbucks as he has popped to the gym for an hour. (Who the hell goes to the gym on their birthday?!?!) Happy birthday to my toyboy, you keep make me sane & drive me crazy all at the same time! Bring on the 1st of June! Love you lots like salted popcorn & salty chips mixed together.

Backstage secrets

"I've been known to throw watermelons, backstage, at people who are giving me news I don't want to hear. But I never aim for the head." Tori Amos

This was me on Saturday morning. What an outfit of the day, I think it is my favourite so far.  Sadly, my Fashion Swap in association with Ikea and Belfast Fashionweek got postponed due to the weather.  (It is now on Thursday the 28th of March but more on that later). So I curled up in my dragon for a while, caught up on blog posts and then meet my mum and little sister in town.  I think my mum feels sorry for me cause I can't buy anything.  I just follow her around as she tries stuff on and comment on things like a good little daughter should.  Though I must be honest, she bought me a shirt.  It was more to keep her happy than anything, every two seconds was can I buy you this? can i buy you this? How about this? NO MUM! I accepted the shirt gracefully though, just to keep her happy of course.  So that's a total of 3 items of clothing bought for me in 2013, 3 items of clothing in 3 months, 1 for each month.  I can't believe I have gone from buying nearly 3 pieces a week to getting given 3 items of clothing as presents in 3 months. Here is the shirt my mum got me, I know another one shirt but this ones has buttons!!
After a lovely afternoon with my mum, it was off to the final night of BFW which I was starring in!  Backstage really felt like Belfast Fashionweek, everyone was buzzing and the atmosphere was hectic. Eleven female models, two male models, 9 children models and 9 hair models.  That's a lot of foundation, hair spray, pouting, posing and catwalking. Of course as I was backstage during the show I was unable to take photos of the gorgeous High street looks but here is a collection of backstage photos just for you lucky readers.

After the main catwalk show was the Andrew Mulvenna hair show.  Andrew wanted to take the audience on a journey through hair styles of the past, present and future.  There was 9 girls in total, 3 for past, 3 for present and 3 for future.  I was one of the future girls, channelling my inner super hero! My hair was backcombed, sprayed gold and extensions added.  I have never had extensions in my hair, my head felt so heavy!!!  I then had a mask painted on my face to complete the look.  As the hair show was more relaxed, we were able to have more fun with our poses on the catwalk.  I think there is a photo of me going around where I have arm in the air like supergirl about to fly off and save someone in need!

So that is it, Belfast Fashionweek over for another season! This has been a season to remember! Well done to all the BFW team, Andrew Mulvenna & his creative team, Paddy McGurgan and his make up team and the CMPR team for another great year!

That was a long tea break

"Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company." Author Unknown

Well that was a lovely tea break! Pretty long to be honest! Sorry about that, I haven't stopped and it hasn't helped that since the city wide power cut on Friday night, my phone has been messing me around! Ggggrrrr! Who is sick of the snow??? I am currently looking at holidays on my other tab bars, curled up in bed with the electric blanket on listening to the wind howling.  (It's Sunday night as I write this.)
So a thank you to Stephen Potter for letting me use his images to finish off my review of Friday's Designer and Boutique at Belfast Fashionweek.  I didn't want to forget the last two shops because there clothing is always gorgeous and tops off Friday night with a bang!
First shop is the gorgeous Blush! When I was reading the running order for Friday night, I just knew that I couldn't wait for this shop to show their Jenny Packham dresses.  Aw thus begins the fantasy wedding that I have going on in my head while wearing a Jenny Packham dress on a beach with no shoes on.
The last shop of the night was that of Jourdan on the Lisburn Road.  A favourite of my Agency boss, Mrs Alison Clarke, the dresses from this shop are perfect for all events and occasions. A day at the races, formals, to casual wear, the shop always supplies a shop stopper!

Again a well done to all who braved the snow on Friday night to come and see the show! It was one not to be missed! 

Friday, 22 March 2013

Snow Surrender

"When I look back on the stuff I used to wear, I wonder why somebody didn't try to stop me. Just a friendly warning, "You may regret this," would have been fine.”  Ellen DeGenres

I am currently wrapped up in my poncho/blanket watching all the girls get fitted backstage at Belfast Fashionweek. Tonight is designer/boutique night at BFW and I can't wait to see what the local talent and home grown shops have to offer! Tonight is the go to night for BFW, well for me at least. With designers like Ruedi Maguire, Lisa McCabe and Grainne Maher and boutiques like Jourdan, blush and James Street South, it is not to be missed so get your snow shoes on and get down!

Here is a little sneak peak backstage! It's actually very relaxed! Wait till half 7pm hits and everything will be mental!

Make room for your life

Here it is!!
This is my video with Ikea of when they came to "Make room for my life" aka organising my wardrobe for me! I love the way they have decorated and organised my room with the secondary storage.  I really noticed it this morning when I was trying to decide what to wear to Belfast Fashionweek tonight again.  Everything has its own place so it was all easily found! I would definately recommend it for all budding fashionistas!
Check out their website for ideas or even just pop down to Ikea Belfast!
A special thanks must be said to Jane Williams from JPR for reading the blog and helping a girl out in the quest of actually knowing what she has in her wardrobe! Snaps for Jane.

By George!

"I love going to my supermarket.  Sounds so Rock n Roll, doesn't it?" Rachel Stevens

So 3 amazing things happened last night, 1) Belfast Fashionweek opened with a bang 2) A blizzard has blanketed Northern Ireland in snow 3) I went to bed with one of the boys from Hanson.  So here, I am again rocking the monochrome look again.  I had a completely different outfit planned, tried it on for my housemates and they oooohhed and ahhhhhed on wednesday night but I changed my mind in work yesterday.  I wanted to rock this look with bare legs but it was way too cold so has been logged in my brain to re use over the summer.  That is if we ever get a summer.  Now I was pretty proud of myself last night, since starting to blog I try to follow as many blogs as possible near and wide, fashion to travel to beauty.  Most beauty bloggers will do vlogs (video blogs) on how to do a certain make up trend so I had this idea in my head of Mary-Kate Oslen and braids for a hairstyle.  As usual I had no time to fit in a hair appointment with work so I thought aw I will watch a vlog on youtube and give it a go! Well could we not be sisters?!?!  HA

I was accompanied to George at BFW by my lovely BFF Mis Zoe J Watson.She looked beaut as ever but of course, she had to wear the one thing that I have lusted after since starting this challenge. These beaut Zara kitten heels, £30.  They are the only thing in 3 months of not shopping that I have looked at and went omg I need them in my life. What kind of best friend is that?
So new season, new venue for Belfast Fashion week and I must say I loved the change of scene.  This year, it is being held in the Ulster Museum.  No joke but I was sitting front row, watching the gorgeous models strut past in their clothes with the bones of a dinosaur behind them. Interesting to say the least. Rather than a raised catwalk, it was a simple white ground catwalk that wrapped around the room.  To me, it felt more relaxed as the models were so close rather than on a raised platform so the atmosphere had a subtle difference to the norm but I liked it. I kept trying to make my housemate Jayne and my BFF Jenny who were both in the show laugh when they walked past! Ooooopppsss ;) 
I was really impressed with George at Asda last night.  The colours were perfectly on trend, neon, floral, all white and everything could have been designer chic. Loved the wedge trainers too! They were a favourite of mine, especially the all grey ones as I haven't even seen that colour in the big high street shops.  The girls hair was curled to an inch of its life by the wonderful creative team from Andrew Mulvenna while the boys was simple and straight. (Hence why I went to bed with one of the boys from Hanson, Connor's hair is usually a mess of curls, never have I seen it look so neat!) The make up, done by the fab Paddy McGurgan and his team was a simple white eye and a colour pop lip of pastel colours. Here are some of my favourite looks from the catwalk.
Caitlyn - White Scuba Dress £16

Connor aka my cocopops - Vintage Hawailan Print Swimshorts £7

Jayne - Yellow Boucle Dress £18

Jenny - Pink dress with Black Cut Out £18

Finola - Palm Print Swimsuit £12

That's one thing I will miss being able to buy this year. Bikinis!!! George had some lovely ones, most of the stock shown last night was from their High Summer collection which will be in the shops soon so definately keep an eye out for it! 10/10 from me!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Drum Roll..

"Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runaway."


It's here! Oh yes peeps, it's Belfast Fashionweek this week! Not a great start to the next few days but I slept in this morning.  Damn you Kevin Bacon and your amazing twisted TV show! (The Following, is anyone else watching it?!? It's amazing!) Hence why my hair is up as I meant to wash it but didn't have time. Just something else to do when I make my mad dash home then wash, change, decide on what to wear and then off to Fashionweek!
To me, Fashionweek will always have a big part of my heart. As a model starting out in Northern Ireland many years ago (who is definately not catwalk skyscaper tall), it was always the unattainable wishful thinking that one day I wanted to grace the sparkly fashionweek catwalk and in my opinion if you did then, you had definately made it! Well in Northern Ireland at least! Now I am on my fourth season of gracing the catwalk, this time last year it was my bake on billboards across Belfast as the Face of Fashionweek and just to add a romantic element, I meet my now boyfriend Connor for the first time backstage last year at the High Street night as he was modelling as well.  (Granted I thought who is this twat with a cap on backwards and this white stringy top were you could practically see his nipples and it is always freezing backstage & I was wrapped up in a blanket/slash cardigan but it all worked out in the end!)
Me and my campaign for Belfast Fashionweek S/S12
So tonight is George at Asda! I was surprised when I first heard the line up that George at Asda were taking the catwalk for a full night but I am really looking forward to it! I always see things in magazines from George and think wow I love that so I will be interested to see how the BFW team style it.  George at Asda have shown before at Fashionweek as part of the High Street night. I wore a dress from their collection,  I think it was Circa A/W 2011 but it was one of the images that was used in all the Press.  It looked completely chic and designer! I remember everyone asking me where it was from and they were shocked by my reply. Just goes to show you!

The chic dress from George at Asda A/W 2011.
So what is to expect from tonight? Well all the models have had gorgeous Vita Liberata tans done, (my lovely housemate Jayne is strutting her stuff on the catwalk every night and she was glowing last night), my gorgeous boyfriend Connor is on the catwalk tonight as well, probably half naked (I will be posting a lot of photos. He's mine ladies but I am happy to share images for a perve.) I called into the venue there on my lunch to leave in a few bits & pieces for the goodies bags and the clothes look amazing! Really bright colours, fitting in with the neon trend perfectly! So all that needs to be done is to decide what the heck to wear to it????

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dead Space

"Storage is important, you need storage for like, to store things." Anthea Turner
The House Rules in my hall. Break them and you have to leave.
I learnt this phase last night. Apparently, according to the gods that are Ikea, I have a lot of dead space in my bedroom! *gasp* horror* Really? Me? Surely not!! I would say I am a organised person, detailed to do lists are a great friend of me. So of course, my bedroom is pretty tidy too. Well maybe not tidy (you have seen it in the background of my photos. Not a massive fan of making my bed) but everything has a place even if that place is the floor.

So when Ikea said they would come and "make room for my life" i.e Ikea think I've too much clothes and want to help tidy my wardrobe so I know where everything is, I was intrigued. I come across things in my wardrobe that I haven't worn in ages and don't even remember I have so the idea of everything having a place easily excited me. My house is like an Ikea showroom, felt kinda embarrassed that everything from my front door mat, picture frames, fake flowers and all kitchen utilitises are from Ikea.  You could even call me an Ikea stalker, I was there the day it first opened (they gave me free chips) and my relationship with them began.  It was the lovely Jane who organises all Ikea Belfast's PR who read my blog and contacted me.  Thank you lovely Jane.  So again, mad dash after work home.  (I seem to be mad dashing everywhere at the minute) to welcome Ikea with open arms into The Princess Palace. I hoovered mum, don't worry!

So here are the before photos of my wardrobe.  My wardrobe is mainly all built in, as my flat is only for hobbits due to the slanted ceilings. My 6ft 2in boyfriend does not appreciate having to walk around my room with his head bent at a 45 degree angle so he doesn't bang his head.  My advice is to wear a helmet. He bangs his head all the time off stuff, it's quite amusing.  So I wondered what Ikea could really help me with? I love all their furniture, especially their Pax wardrobes and I am currently saving for a armchair for my bedroom.  My intrigued levels rose when they came in with bags and bags of boxes.

It is called secondary storage.  Everything has a place, every box has a name.  There's my knicker box, knitted scarf box, cotton scarf box, shoe boxes, bracelet box.  The boxes sooth my OCD for everything to have a place.  My words to Connor after Ikea were, "Can I go play?"  Now it took me a while, perfectionist here but my wardrobe is now sorted.  Everything is spread out, I know where everything is; no more half folding stuff and trying to push close the drawer because there is actually space for my clothes to lay nicely in my drawers!  Here are some photos as a sneak peek of what Ikea did.  (They did video the transformation, my skills are with writing not speaking it would seem.)

So lovely and tidy. *sigh* Can't wait to go home and finish playing with the boxes.  They brought me some to organise all my beauty/make up with. So excited.  Thank you Ikea, let's be friends forever.

1 skirt, endless possibilities

"I will be a president that wears a skirt, but I will wear the pants" Josefina Vazquez Mota

It is Wednesday, no longer known as hump day but rather back to basics day.  To me this whole outfit is a great foundation to have in your wardrobe.  Oh the possibilites with a denim shirt and a grey jumper.  I wear this denim shirt all the time and the grey jumper is great especially when there is no heat in work (gas leak, oh the joys.)  But today, I am going to focuse on the skirt.  Black skater skirt from topshop, £16, what a buy.  I love it, it's so simple but goes with so many things.  I am so glad I bought it (Before Christmas!!!!).  I know the skater style suits me, I actually think it suits everyone.  I have never seen it look bad on anyone from tall, petite, curvy to skinny.  I have this skirt in grey too! Though I am finding it harder to piece the grey skirt with other items from my wardrobe so I would say, start with black and go from there.
Here is the skirt in a completely different style. I wore the skirt going out one tonight (ignore the state of my room, It is always like this before I go out!) This just shows you that this skirt is great to have for casual to fancy, work to a party, it works.  And for such a staple piece of clothing that you can wear so many times for £16 that isn't bad at all!  The only problem now is what colour you want?!?!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


"Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for.” Maya Angelou

Aw rest, I am well rested after my weekend. I am sure your ears are well rested from my mad ramblings too! I took a few days off cause I know how mad this week will be! It's Belfast Fashionweek! Aw I'm excited! Excited for the amount of hairspray that will be used, excited for the new location and to be involved in every way possible - watching, hosting and even taking part on the catwalk!
As quiet as my weekend was meant to be, I still was able to have a little blip were I went "buck wild" as my boyfriends likes to call it.  Not what you think.  It is simply a group of girls going wild for a mutual friends birthday.  Miss Jenny Anne Curran, one of my best friends had her birthday on Saturday night (a bit nearly 2 weeks too early but aw well).  My handbag was filled to the brim with sweets as we gallivanted across Belfast from Cafe Vaudeville (special thanks to Miss Rachel Whittley, u sexy beast) and then on to Ollies.  Finally got to wear my yellow dress again and I didn't even wear a bra with it! Oh I'm so wild! No, I never would have gone out without the most padded bra in the world attached to me but lately my confidence has taken a little lift so I thought why not.
I think I got anyway with it! What I lacked in boobs, I made up with my big hair.  My gorgeous friend Zara had a stunning dress on from local designer Una Rodden. Una designs fabulous off the peg dresses designed and tailored specially for you and your wants.  Her dresses are stunning! The dress that Zara wore looked amazing on her,  I took a photo but I really don't think it does it justice! It was a really deep purple but it has come out blue in the photo and Zara wouldn't stop dancing all night so she wouldn't stand still for a photo!
I had a quiet St. Paddy's day! I had to work a half day on Monday morning so I didn't want to have a mad one especially after Saturday night.  I just went home yesterday and tidied only after I finally was able to pull my head out of Fifty Shades.  I decided that I want to read it again after reading it in June last year and I haven't been able to put it down at all.  Last Thursday I said Ikea were coming but unfortunately one of the decorating team was sick so they are now coming tonight!  Yeah,  I didn't really know what to do.  I lay in bed staring at my room thinking should I tidy when they are just going to wreck the place then re tidy.  I sorta just straighted everything in my wardrobe and I came across these Mary Jane's that I completely forgot I had! They are the perfect work heel and I have never worn them to work! I can't wait to Ikea come and organise my wardrobe so I can finally see what I have!!!

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Just one of those days

“Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.”  Mark Twain

Just one of those days,  one of those days where I had no idea what to wear. I still have them, don't worry, you are not alone.  I had an idea in my head, denim shirt and grey maxi skirt.  It didn't work.  Now that I am doing the blog, I don't want to claim to be all knowing in the fashion, I still have those moments when I am standing staring at my wardrobe, going what the f*** am I meant to wear today.  If anything I feel more pressure to try and always be on the ball to impress you but today it wasn't happening.  I saw this maxi dress & thought oh you will do.  Just wanted something easy to pull on.  Now that I am in work with my freezing arms (took off my coat for 5 mins and put it back on) I think I should have prob put a slouchy jumper over it of at least a cardigan.  You would think that I thought it was warm!!
Just one of those days when I can't be bothered.  We all have them so do please forgive me.  The parka probably doesn't fit in very well with the striped maxi dress.  A nice cropped denim jacket would have been better with this look but it was too cold not to wear anything but a fur lined big coat that I can snuggle in to to hide from the wind.  So this was me when I arrived into work.  I actually got a text from a friend saying that he had never seen a grumpier Eskimo in this life. Just one of those days.
Oh a good note, Ikea are coming to my house after work to organise and "make room for my life" I haven't even hoovered!!! Tune in tomorrow to see how they organise my wardrobe for me! :)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Back to basics

"This shirt is dry clean only, which is dirty." Mitch Hedburg

God bless the white shirt!  I was asked by the lovely rachel if I could do a post on the main basics in my wardrobe.  So from now on for the next few weeks, Wednesday will no longer be called hump day but instead, Back to basics day.  So the first basic that everyone should have in their wardrobe is a white shirt.  Now I am going to write about my style and shape but I would recommend to everyone to find one that suits your style and shape.  I am skinny and petite, always have been and fingers crossed always will be. (Much to my friends disgust as I stuff my face with the biggest load of crap. For example, Friday night I had a chippy, Saturday night I had a chinese and Sunday night I went out for dinner and had chicken goujons and chips. Yum) I have always been called skinny, prob the only person to get excited about putting weight on so I have a little voice in my head that has an insecurity about this.  I like balance, I don't like to look too skinny.  That sounds completely gay when I write it but we all have our own wee hang ups.  So I like to go for one loose thing and one tight clothing. Balance. Hence why I bought a loose shirt, that and I thought I looked cool in it.
This shirt goes with anything.  Wear it with jeans, skirts, wear it under a jumper, wear a top underneath it like I am today. Casual, smart, going out, a white shirt always looks great.  It screams classic and ladylike while being cool and with it whatever the season or trend.  It has so many possibilites, you can see from my pictures that I have worn this shirt to death and it looks different everytime. Now I wish I had a button up white shirt too as I would love to have the collar & jumper look that is in at the minute. But unfortately I can not buy anything :( Just to remind you all so I can have some sympathy.

I have selected some of my favourite white shirts out there at the minute.