Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Dead Space

"Storage is important, you need storage for like, to store things." Anthea Turner
The House Rules in my hall. Break them and you have to leave.
I learnt this phase last night. Apparently, according to the gods that are Ikea, I have a lot of dead space in my bedroom! *gasp* horror* Really? Me? Surely not!! I would say I am a organised person, detailed to do lists are a great friend of me. So of course, my bedroom is pretty tidy too. Well maybe not tidy (you have seen it in the background of my photos. Not a massive fan of making my bed) but everything has a place even if that place is the floor.

So when Ikea said they would come and "make room for my life" i.e Ikea think I've too much clothes and want to help tidy my wardrobe so I know where everything is, I was intrigued. I come across things in my wardrobe that I haven't worn in ages and don't even remember I have so the idea of everything having a place easily excited me. My house is like an Ikea showroom, felt kinda embarrassed that everything from my front door mat, picture frames, fake flowers and all kitchen utilitises are from Ikea.  You could even call me an Ikea stalker, I was there the day it first opened (they gave me free chips) and my relationship with them began.  It was the lovely Jane who organises all Ikea Belfast's PR who read my blog and contacted me.  Thank you lovely Jane.  So again, mad dash after work home.  (I seem to be mad dashing everywhere at the minute) to welcome Ikea with open arms into The Princess Palace. I hoovered mum, don't worry!

So here are the before photos of my wardrobe.  My wardrobe is mainly all built in, as my flat is only for hobbits due to the slanted ceilings. My 6ft 2in boyfriend does not appreciate having to walk around my room with his head bent at a 45 degree angle so he doesn't bang his head.  My advice is to wear a helmet. He bangs his head all the time off stuff, it's quite amusing.  So I wondered what Ikea could really help me with? I love all their furniture, especially their Pax wardrobes and I am currently saving for a armchair for my bedroom.  My intrigued levels rose when they came in with bags and bags of boxes.

It is called secondary storage.  Everything has a place, every box has a name.  There's my knicker box, knitted scarf box, cotton scarf box, shoe boxes, bracelet box.  The boxes sooth my OCD for everything to have a place.  My words to Connor after Ikea were, "Can I go play?"  Now it took me a while, perfectionist here but my wardrobe is now sorted.  Everything is spread out, I know where everything is; no more half folding stuff and trying to push close the drawer because there is actually space for my clothes to lay nicely in my drawers!  Here are some photos as a sneak peek of what Ikea did.  (They did video the transformation, my skills are with writing not speaking it would seem.)

So lovely and tidy. *sigh* Can't wait to go home and finish playing with the boxes.  They brought me some to organise all my beauty/make up with. So excited.  Thank you Ikea, let's be friends forever.

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