Friday, 29 March 2013

Clothes Fight

"Fight club is about winning or losing." Narrator, Fight Club

Last night was my fashion swap event in conjunction with Belfast Fashionweek and IKEA! Again a mad dash from work at 5pm to IKEA, my life at the minute is a mad dash! I have never even been to a fashion swap before, it was one of the original challenges I wanted to do when I started this blog so I was excited to experience my first one! What did I expect? Casual flicking through the rails, fighting on the restaurant floor of IKEA over a dress or simply sneaking off to have a nosey at IKEA furniture??

At 5.30pm, now granted the event didn't start to 6pm, there was a queue at door. Women standing on there tippy toes to see the rails, sneakily trying to peak at the other people's bags to see what they have and you could see the light in their eyes sparkle when they saw something they liked. I was scared to even go near one of the rails just in case I got tackled from behind!

Wine, chocolate nibbles, goodie bags with a gift from IKEA was all supplied for the attendees (I choose a goodie bag with some lovely smelly candles) And GO!! Clothes on the rail, women bustled bumping into each other trying to find something they liked and their size. As quickly as it started as quickly was it over. I didn't even get a chance to look at the rails! I was too busy chatting to people that by the time everything was gone! Fail for me but at the same time, I am so happy so many people turned up and got something for them!

I would definitely love to hold another fashion swap! Maybe in Autumn/winter season. I just like to give a special thanks to Belfast Fashionweek and The IKEA team especially Jane Williams for organizing the event! Great success!!

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