Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tight one

"I wear women's leggings underneath my clothing with no underwear" Dennis Rodman

I have transported you back in time with my magic wand I got from the Harry Potter Studios.  This was what I wore yesterday.  Actually really loved this look when I put it together.  So as I have been doing for the last two weeks, Wednesday is now knowing as back to basics day not hump day.  Well I had a slightly hump day as in I was exhausted. Couldn't even lift my arm off the sofa to type so let's pretend today is still Wednesday. The basic I am going to blog ablout today on this fine Wednesday day is Leggings.
Let's get a debate going, do you think leggings are slowly going out of fashion? With the increasing number of crops tops and shorter tops in the shops this season does this mean that leggings shouldn't be worn?  Meh, I don't think so.  The rule of wearing leggings only with long tops I think really depends on the wearer.  The trend of disco pants and high waisted tight tight tight legging/trousers with a crop top (worn by a lot of the little kids that hang around Belfast city centre) is completely on trend as it screams 90's fashion.  I think for me at least leggings will always be basics because they are so simple and easy to wear.
My advice, get a good pair of thick leggings.  Not any of these bend over to pick something up and the leggings become see through so we can see your lovely bum bum leggings.  But 1 pair of thick high quality leggings will do you across your whole wardrobe.  These leggings that I am wearing are from Zara and available in all colours.  I have them in black as well.  I love them so much that I am wearing them today again. Boom, I have now transported you into the future/present day/ Thursday.

It has got to be bad when you are blogging about your outfit and you can't remember where you actually got this top and then realise that you stole it from your mum years ago and still haven't given it back.  I think it is now classified as mine as I think I have had it for 7 years now, sorry mum!
Yesterday I had a lunchtime meeting with the lovely people from Alex and Ani, an American Jewellery company that have only launched over here in late 2012.  Each bracelet has it's own different meaning so that people can pick bracelets to suit their own personality and beliefs.  I love the indivuality of the bracelets and they even brought me some of my own to have! Wearing them today and I am jingle jangling everywhere. I can't wait to work with this company more in the future! They are great present ideas and are sold in all 12 argento stores across Northern Ireland so definately keep your eye out for them. That's something else that I love about doing this blog, being introduced to new brands!  Before I started this challenge I was stuck in a habit of going to the same shops over and over again as you can prob tell from my outfits, Zara, Asos, Topshop and that is it.  While now my eyes have been opened to different makes and brands that I never would have known about and I definately would buy! Bring on 2014!!! 


  1. Oh really nice outfits! Love the green jumper :)

    1. Thanks Madeleine! I love that colour of green! Wish there was more of it in the shops xx