Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Back to basics

"This shirt is dry clean only, which is dirty." Mitch Hedburg

God bless the white shirt!  I was asked by the lovely rachel if I could do a post on the main basics in my wardrobe.  So from now on for the next few weeks, Wednesday will no longer be called hump day but instead, Back to basics day.  So the first basic that everyone should have in their wardrobe is a white shirt.  Now I am going to write about my style and shape but I would recommend to everyone to find one that suits your style and shape.  I am skinny and petite, always have been and fingers crossed always will be. (Much to my friends disgust as I stuff my face with the biggest load of crap. For example, Friday night I had a chippy, Saturday night I had a chinese and Sunday night I went out for dinner and had chicken goujons and chips. Yum) I have always been called skinny, prob the only person to get excited about putting weight on so I have a little voice in my head that has an insecurity about this.  I like balance, I don't like to look too skinny.  That sounds completely gay when I write it but we all have our own wee hang ups.  So I like to go for one loose thing and one tight clothing. Balance. Hence why I bought a loose shirt, that and I thought I looked cool in it.
This shirt goes with anything.  Wear it with jeans, skirts, wear it under a jumper, wear a top underneath it like I am today. Casual, smart, going out, a white shirt always looks great.  It screams classic and ladylike while being cool and with it whatever the season or trend.  It has so many possibilites, you can see from my pictures that I have worn this shirt to death and it looks different everytime. Now I wish I had a button up white shirt too as I would love to have the collar & jumper look that is in at the minute. But unfortately I can not buy anything :( Just to remind you all so I can have some sympathy.

I have selected some of my favourite white shirts out there at the minute.




  1. I have soooooo many white shirts (okay maybe 6) - Simple ones for work and then smarter for going out and about. However despite this I am eyeing up that Miss Selfridge shirt...Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and wear what I have instead! xo

  2. 6 white shirts is alot! lol you are beating me on that though I think I have about 6 denim shirts! That Miss selfridge one is beaut! B nice tucked in or untucked xx

  3. I have NO white shirts! I must get one :|, thanks for tempting me haha x

    Ps I nominated you for the versatile blogger award!

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