Thursday, 21 March 2013

Drum Roll..

"Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runaway."


It's here! Oh yes peeps, it's Belfast Fashionweek this week! Not a great start to the next few days but I slept in this morning.  Damn you Kevin Bacon and your amazing twisted TV show! (The Following, is anyone else watching it?!? It's amazing!) Hence why my hair is up as I meant to wash it but didn't have time. Just something else to do when I make my mad dash home then wash, change, decide on what to wear and then off to Fashionweek!
To me, Fashionweek will always have a big part of my heart. As a model starting out in Northern Ireland many years ago (who is definately not catwalk skyscaper tall), it was always the unattainable wishful thinking that one day I wanted to grace the sparkly fashionweek catwalk and in my opinion if you did then, you had definately made it! Well in Northern Ireland at least! Now I am on my fourth season of gracing the catwalk, this time last year it was my bake on billboards across Belfast as the Face of Fashionweek and just to add a romantic element, I meet my now boyfriend Connor for the first time backstage last year at the High Street night as he was modelling as well.  (Granted I thought who is this twat with a cap on backwards and this white stringy top were you could practically see his nipples and it is always freezing backstage & I was wrapped up in a blanket/slash cardigan but it all worked out in the end!)
Me and my campaign for Belfast Fashionweek S/S12
So tonight is George at Asda! I was surprised when I first heard the line up that George at Asda were taking the catwalk for a full night but I am really looking forward to it! I always see things in magazines from George and think wow I love that so I will be interested to see how the BFW team style it.  George at Asda have shown before at Fashionweek as part of the High Street night. I wore a dress from their collection,  I think it was Circa A/W 2011 but it was one of the images that was used in all the Press.  It looked completely chic and designer! I remember everyone asking me where it was from and they were shocked by my reply. Just goes to show you!

The chic dress from George at Asda A/W 2011.
So what is to expect from tonight? Well all the models have had gorgeous Vita Liberata tans done, (my lovely housemate Jayne is strutting her stuff on the catwalk every night and she was glowing last night), my gorgeous boyfriend Connor is on the catwalk tonight as well, probably half naked (I will be posting a lot of photos. He's mine ladies but I am happy to share images for a perve.) I called into the venue there on my lunch to leave in a few bits & pieces for the goodies bags and the clothes look amazing! Really bright colours, fitting in with the neon trend perfectly! So all that needs to be done is to decide what the heck to wear to it????


  1. Loved the George show tonite can't wait to see ur backstage photos! Xx

    1. I loved the george show too! The colours were amazing!! xx