Monday, 25 March 2013

Busy Bee

"Those who are wise won't be busy and those who are too busy can't be wise." Liu Yutang.

You would think that with working a full week then blogging and catwalking for Belfast Fashionweek that Sunday I would listen to everyone and observe it as the day of rest. Nope, not me! After a lovely snuggle with my friend Zara who stayed with me on Saturday night as she was doing the hair show at BFW, we were up at 9.30am to model at Paddy McGurgan's Make up Academy. If you are a loyal follower of my blog, which I know you all are then you are sure to have heard me mention Paddy's name once or twice. European Make up artist of the year 2012 and head make up artist at Belfast Fashionweek, Paddy runs a make up academy for all budding make up artists (For more information on it, For his students final exam so to speak after a 9week course, they have to practice 1 wedding look and 1 creative look on a model then have it photograph by the fab Khara Pringle. I was the lucky model of the lovely Danielle who did a fab wedding look and an amazing high fashion creative look. Check out my final images for it!

Back into work on Monday morning but the only thing that kept me going over the weekend was knowing that I was off on Tuesday as it is my gorgeous boyfriend's birthday! I am currently curled up in Starbucks as he has popped to the gym for an hour. (Who the hell goes to the gym on their birthday?!?!) Happy birthday to my toyboy, you keep make me sane & drive me crazy all at the same time! Bring on the 1st of June! Love you lots like salted popcorn & salty chips mixed together.

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