Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Mrs Ikea

“You can’t be melancholy in fashion because people don’t respond to it.”  Isaac Mizrahi

Standard lunchtime for me, quick scoot (all within the speed limit of course) across town to Ikea to shoot more photos for helping to promote the Fashion Swap event on the 23rd of March in conjunction with Belfast Fashionweek.  This time I got to wear a gorgeous dress from Ruedi Maguire! Ruedi, winner of In Magazine Breakthrough Designer of the year 2012, is one of the main up and coming fashion designers in Northern Ireland at the moment.  His gorgeous dresses have been worn by the who's whos's of Northern Irish elite to events across the province. You are able to spot his occasion wear or bridal wear a mile off on the catwalk.  I was lucky enough last week to get a sneak peak of his new Spring/Summer 2013 collection which will be coming to a catwalk near you soon! Ruedi has been kind enough to offer an fabulous prize of a bespoke dress as a raffle prize for the "make room for your life" Fashion swap event!  Even more reason to come to the event on the 23rd of March in the lovely Ikea restaurant from 11am to 2pm!

So casually sitting in a wardrobe getting pictures taken in a gorgeous canary yellow dress.  Yup, standard lunchtime for me at the minute.  I even got called Mrs Ikea by some random child.  I think cause I was wearing yellow & of course one of Ikea's main colour is yellow, not because I look Swedish.  Honoured to be called that actually.  Really just wanted to walk around Ikea wearing the dress pointing out my favourite furnishings to random customers.  "Buy this, I have it in my bathroom & it is wonderful!" If anyone from Ikea is reading this, is this a possibility????

Here is me in Ruedi's gorgeous dress.  I didn't have the breasts to fill it so that's why my arms are tight against my body.
Did everyone see my lovely new header??? A special thanks to Tony Webster (Big Bad Llama) Connor Kerr (Connor Kerr Hair) and Emma Mcconville (Emma Mcconville MUA) for their amazing skills.  Can't wait to see the video!!!


  1. love the new header - looks awesome.
    that dress is really beautiful too


  2. Thanks Jessica! I know, I never would have worn that bright a yellow before! Def one of the colours I will be buying next year!! Xx

  3. Replies
    1. I know! Def put me in the mood for going to a formal xx