Friday, 1 March 2013

She's My Angel

"She's beautiful- just like, like an angel!" Bashful, Snow White

 So after creating a food baby with my housemates last night in the form of a Thai Chicken Curry, we decided to roll out the door to the first Miss Northern Ireland heat. The heat is always held in Cafe Vaudeville, a gorgeous bar and restaurant in Belfast city centre (they do the most amazing strawberry and apple martini!) and is always the best heat to go to. Honestly, you simply go to have a nosey at the new contestants, judge them on their dress, make up etc and try and guess who will win. For the girls who enter the Miss Belfast/Miss Cafe Vaudeville heat, I honestly think it is the hardest heat to get through to the final on as there is the highest number of applicants and it has the biggest crowd so it is very nerve wrecking.

Cafe Vaudeville's gorgeous ceiling

So off we went, 2 of my gorgeous housemates Ciara & Jayne, Connor and I. It was like we were Charlie's angels but instead Connor's angels. Now why would my boyfriend like to attend a Miss Northern Ireland heat you may ask? Cause he is a even bigger gossip than girl I know. All night he keep talking about what dresses he liked and who had the best hair, at one point I had to ask him who he was talking too as I had been talking to someone else & he just shrugged his shoulders & continued on. Men are most definitely from Mars.

I have been wanting to try a certain look for a while now. I saw a blogger on Instagram wear a similar outfit to Milan Fashionweek last year and I thought I would be brave and try it.

Now when I think of white, I think of warm summer days so the fact I decided to wear white trousers let alone a full white outfit was quite out there for me. It sorta almost has an angelic look to it which is totally not me! I had thought to wait to try it at Belfast Fashionweek at the end of March but I had no idea what else to wear and I was on a time limit of 30minutes to get ready so all white it was. And my bravery paid off!!!!

 Photo of Moi last night taken by the dashing Brendan Gallagher

At the heat I won Best Dressed! It was sponsored by the fabulous The Outlet, Banbridge (I love going to The Outlet, it has fab bargains and I always get my Calvin Klein underwear from it!!) The gorgeous and sneaky Eve Brannon, The Outlet's stylist presented me with a gorgeous Hot Diamonds Bracelet from Chapelle Jewellery (just another one of the amazing shops at The Outlet) after lying to me and telling me she wanted a photo with me as she was doing an article on winter whites. I was in shock, I never win anything! It just shows you that everybody has great items in their wardrobe and if you don't think you do then start from the basics like a great pair of skinnies or a white shirt & you can mix them up whenever you want to.

My Gorgeous prize from The Outlet

Once the shock of winning wore off and once I had stopped chatting to friends I haven't seen in ages about my blog, the night was nearly over! Congrats to the new Miss Belfast Stacey Webb and Miss Cafe Vaudeville Emma Ward! Well deserving winners, the girls looked gorgeous. I tried to chase them at the end of the night like a stalker to ask them where their dresses were from but they were too busy getting photos done. But I recongised Stacey's dress from stalking Asos and it's a gorgeous Lipsy one! Check it out here!   The super hot babe Finola Guinnane, Miss Northern Ireland 2011 who is a good friend of mine looked out of this world as normal. She let it slip to me that her lovely dress was also Asos, Finola suits a bit of sparkles cause she's a diamond herself ;)

 Top Seven

What an exciting night! And on a school night for that matter! Thanks again to The Outlet for my gorgeous prize!! Just shows me that I am on the right path as I attended this heat last year and I couldn't have been further from best dressed if I tried. Last year I wore a navy long body con dress which went to below my knees, pearls and my hair up in a bun. I looked twice my age so it makes me even prouder of how much this challenge has caused me to change in a short period of time. And the prize was a gift so it was completely within the rules!!!!

 Left to Right: Finola Guinnane (Miss Northern Ireland 2009), Miss Cafe Vaudeville Emma Ward, Miss Belfast Stacey Webb and the current Miss Northern Ireland Tiffany Brien

Check out The Outlet for amazing offers all year round

Just incase you get the bug and want to enter Miss Northern Ireland, click here for the link!


  1. Wow, loving the white on white outfit. I could never pull that off! Great read as usual.
    Maria x

    1. Maria, you def could!! If I can, then so can you!! Next time I will wear all white will prob b my wedding day!! Haha xx

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  3. love the green dress in the first photo, and the all white look is wonderful - i'm too likely to fall over or spill something if i wear white though.

    1. I held my cocktail a good 2 foot away from my outfit, Jessica!!