Friday, 8 March 2013

Back in my day

"Hey, Welcome to the pier!" Random Hollister worker when you walk in to any hollister store

One good thing about my wardrobe is the fact that I have so many basics.  I had never noticed it before as I used to always buy bits and pieces and be like "Uck this is always handy to have just incase."  I think I have maybe 20 string elastic tops in every colour thinkable from Benetton, just for layering.  Honestly, this is a very Gok Wan thing to say but if your wardrobe has the basics and a few exciting pieces then you can easily make hundreds of different outfits from only a couple pieces.  I love this basic grey topshop dress (got it in black as well!).  I have worn it so many times so many different ways! You will probably see it alot over the next year!  I love it with this black jumper which I haven't worn in a while and the chunky necklace which I have had for years but is completely on trend for this season.
My little sister Carla & I. Really wasn't that stylish when I was her age!
Tonight, my 15 year old sister, Carla and her two friends are coming up to Belfast tonight to stay at my flat as they are attending the one direction concert.  My head is going to be sore from listening to how amazeballs they are and how harry's hair is just so beautiful! Actually might be going myself so can't really slag them too much.  But is it just me or do kids these days have amazing style???  When I was Carla's age, I wore Tammy Girl.  Does anyone remember Tammy Girl???? It was the hip place to get all your clothes!
This was me as a teenager. Tammy girl top, NV string baggy trousers and Sketchers. Sexual
But actually where have these kids got there style from? I have a little cousin Siena and I absolutely love the way she dresses.  A couple of years ago she wore a maxi dress and denim jacket all from topshop when we were on holiday in Italy.  I think she was only 11/12 years old at the time and I went out the minute I was home and bought the whole outfit.  I definitely wasn't that cool when I was her age and  I borrow Carla's clothes all the time as well!  How have teenagers become so style conscious?? Is it the development of the Internet and the explosion of the celebrity culture?  I have no idea but I am looking everywhere for style ideas and a lot of my ideas are coming from people who are younger than me!! Surprised to say the least.

This is me wearing the Maxi Dress that I stole from seeing Siena wear it.

Ps.  Still snotty but starting to feel a bit better!


  1. Tammy Girl! Remember it well. I had a pair of baggy khaki coloured combats and a short-sleeved turtle-necked matching top from there. Shudder.

    Sara at BelfastBeautyLove xx

  2. Sexy! For reason all of my tammy girl tshirts had monkeys on them. Quite odd xx

  3. omg I loved tammy girl! I had this tiedye top and these jeans with the American flag sown into them! haha I also had trousers like yours!
    Oh no, not directioners! Good luck

    Roxy's Box of Tricks  

    1. Aw aw I would love to go back to the tammy girl days!! Things were much easier then! Xx

  4. Hiya, found your blog via Company's blog of the week & I'm loving the concept! Looking forward to seeing how you get on throughout the year :)
    I agree! I definitely wasn't stylish when I was younger & I find myself admiring teenager's style too. It's funny how times change!

    1. I Know! I never would have went into topshop at 13/14 yrs old but that's just the norm now a days! X

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