Monday, 29 April 2013


"I base most of my fashion taste on what doesn't itch." Gilda Radner

Aw yes, sleepy face on me on these photos, nice! Why a sleepy face you may ask? Well I couldn't sleep last night.  Due to the face, this was the first time since starting my lovely job as a PA that I was taking one of the collections out to Sell all by myself. Was it nerves? Was it anxiousness? (Is that even a word?) Who knows, probably simply excited to spend my Monday out of the office!
So I was able to take the gorgeous Stills collection to a couple of customers today and sell by myself as my boss is in Scotland selling her other collection. I experienced every single weather element there is on the the drive down but other than that it was an success!! Sold! I found it quite nerve wracking to be honest.  My boss usually sells in her lovely showroom but I drove to the boutique with the collection.  I felt like I had a lot of influence, I mean the shops trust your opinion on style and what will suit their customers.  What you show them and what you advise on what is selling well could be what they decide to pick and have in their shops in 6 months.  Exciting!!
I hope everyone had as nice a Monday as I did! (Just think as well, next Monday is a bank holiday! Woop!)

Where everybody knows your name

When I've had hard times in my life, the one thing about being in TV is that it's positive. I withdrew to 'Cheers,' it was familiar in that it was family. It had a kind of realistic positiveness to it." Bruno Heller
Belfast, a city yet, you can't walk down the street without bumping into some one that you know. This is perfectly highlighted by my hairdressers. Michele internationals, located right in Belfast's city centre beside New look, these lovely ladies have been doing my hair for the last 4 years when I was first introduced to them when I was doing Miss Northern Ireland.

Smile Shaunise!!!
A hit with everybody that I know in Belfast from models, tv personalities, beauty queens, regular joes to even the males coming in to get their highlights done! Now when you know your hairdressers so well, you just know when you are going to get shouted at. I haven't had my colour done in 10weeks and my last hair cut was probably October last year. Oops. I even tweeted my colourist, the little sex pixie that is Shaunise to say not to shout at me for roots that were down to my ears. This is not a place to come to if you don't want anyone you to see you with foils & bleach in your hair. This is a place where you come have a gossip & a laugh over a cup of tea and get pampered at the same time.

They do just about everything, colour, cut, hair extensions to being able to get you nails and eyebrows threaded. You name it, this is the place to go if you want to look good or even my case slightly decent again. Denise, the head honcho at Michele International & I don't think there is a person in Belfast, let alone Northern Ireland who doesn't know her sidekick Chantel, have done my hair at loads of events and catwalks to day to day styles & I have loved it every time. The wand & lick is a favourite of theirs!!!

My Thursday evening consisted of having a 20minute chat up when I first walked in with Shaunise over an apple were she told me that it took H&M 3months to send her a dress!! No joke! It was then like oh yeah, here to get my hair done. Upstairs to biscuits & tea & magazines for a full head to make me brighter & lighter for the summer! No more roots for me! I think all girls are the same, with the seasons changing you start to get itchy feet & you want to change something about yourself. For me, I'm thinking a hair cut. Since this time last year, I have been growing out my fringe so all I have been getting is trims but today oh no! Hair cut & new style! It prob wont last long to be honest, I'm too lazy to have a hairstyle that needs work. My hairdressers of course know this so they roll their eyes when I show them the images of Mary Kate & Ashley Olsens hairstyle. Think messy layers, beach waves, boom!

And da taaaaaaaa! Here are my new locks, love it! Thus begun the weekend of selfies! Thanks for all at Michele International for not telling me off too badly! I promise I will grace you with my presence all lot sooner next time :)

For more information on Michele International, check out their Facebook, here: Michele International Facebook

Or call them on: 02890243231


Thursday, 25 April 2013

Road blocks

"When a woman says, ‘I have nothing to wear!’, what she really means is, ‘There’s nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today.” Caitlin Moran

I feel like I haven't had a good old chin wag in ages.  It has just been all go go go for so long now. So hello! What's the craic? Well I still haven't bought anything! Hitting month number 5 next month, haven't been tempted and still loving re styling my wardrobe! (I know, it's sad! I am sure some of you would love me to slip up! but I haven't!) But.....there is always a but....I am hitting a few road blocks this month.
Now some of you may have read that I have recently discovered Bikram yoga at Flow Studios Belfast. Namste Bitches.  I love it, it is the first exercise I have done since I was sixteen (sex don't count). I look forward to it when I know I am going which hasn't happened with anything to do with getting out of breath in ages.  It is really hard but Jayne, my lovely housemate & I are going to be able to wrap our legs around our heads soon! But, I literally don't have anything to wear.  Don't laugh I know it isn't a fashion show but exercise gear is the one thing my wardrobe is not coming down with.  Ok, yeah I have trackies but have you ever tried bikram yoga? It is in 35 degree heat so minimum clothing is recommended.  So I have one pair of short leggings that I have been wearing and then vest tops over an over again.  Now I do wash my clothes but when it is just me & only my clothes going into my wash, there isn't really a lot so maybe 1 wash every 2 weeks. But I have been doing yoga twice a week for the last 3 weeks. This means the leggings go into the laundry bin on tuesday but then get pulled out again on Saturday morning to be worn again then back into the bin for the wash on a sunday. Minging I know but anything else I have is just too warm and I can't buy anything. So what is a girl to do??? I would love to go and buy some bits and pieces for the class like a nice sports bra or a vest. H&M have some lovely stuff & be like bam! Sport person of the year! But I can't, it is quite annoying.
It's that time of year again, summer holidays! Oh yeah! Connor and I are going to Italy on a sort of tour of the tuscany hills.  We are doing Rome, Florence, Pisa, Siena, all around that sort of direction. It is an activity and adventure holiday rather than a relaxing holiday. If you meet Connor, you would understand. Have you ever seen the movie UP! by Disney? and the hyper dog, I think his name is Dug. Well that is my boyfriend. While the thought of holing ourselves up in a tent or a hotel for 10 days and not moving or doing anything sounds like bliss to me, it would be like locking Dug in a bottomless pit with nothing to do to get his hyperness out. Granted this is something I have always wanted to do as I am quarter Italian. (Though I am a crap Italian, I hate cheese so no pizzas, Parmesan or anything like that, yuck) I have been to Italy most summers from when I was younger but we go and we don't move from the village where my family are from cause we are lazy. I am excited, really just to get away with Connor. So yes, Italian tour it is! But what clothes do I wear?!? I am going to have to nosey through my wardrobe and see what I have because at the moment I am definitely not wearing summer clothes.  I don't even know if I have durable flipflops for sightseeing!! Also, no time for sunbathing so I want to get as much tan as I can on the move but do I have enough skimpy, slutty clothes for this??? This is my road block.  

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Ice White Baby

"Most nights I end up wearing a wife beater white tshirt and boxers." Jessica Alba

Today is Wednesday, 2 days to Friday and next week is May! Jesus, where is the time going?? But yes, hump day aka back to basics day on my blog.  The basic today is the thing all girls and prob boys should have in their wardrobe, a nice quality white tshirt.  This one I picked up a few years ago in Dunnes and I loved it so much I went back and bought it in black! Always keep an eye out if they bring it out again in other colours but they never have.
There really isn't any expectation for why you should have a white tshirt in your wardrobe or the benefits of it.  I think everyone knows, it is just so simple to wear and you can pair it with virtual anything.  No point giving a big spile on why you need it, if you don't have one, get one.  Find one that fits you nicely and then buy two of them! (I know myself and know that one day I will spill something on it & be like aw no! I wish I had bought two!)
Some shops that have great basics are H&M, Topshop, Asos, All Saints, Primark, just depends your money range, sizing and style that you are looking for. 
Check out the gorgeous photos I just got through! These photos are help to promote The Fashion Souk on the 4th of May at Spires Mall, Belfast! I will be there selling my previously loved clothes  in among some gorgeous designed jewellery, clothes and accessoires on the 4th of May.  You could too! If you are interested in taking a stall, email the lovely ladies of The Fashion Souk for more info!



Jingle jangle

"Jewellery takes people's attention off your wrinkles" Sarah Phillips
For a girl who used to get ready in 3mins flat as I was too lazy to get out of bed before quarter past 9 when I start work at half 9 & it takes 12mins to walk to work, the fact that I was out of bed was as amazing as when moses spread the red sea. Why you ask? I was lucky enough to be asked to attend the Argento Summer Catalogue shoot for a sneak peek at some of their gorgeous jewellery. A known favourite on the high street in the UK and Ireland showcasing the finest jewellery including Alex and Ani, Pandora, Pilgrim, Thomas Sabo and many more. All girls love a bit of sparkle and bling bling, as I type this I am jingle jangling with my Alex and Ani bracelets so an opportunity to have a trying on session with the up and coming pieces for the summer was worth getting out of bed for.

However, this smiling face is not someone you want to see early on a Tuesday morning when your eyes are still puffy and you feel groggy. The lovely girls from Argento had a brief for the shoot and simply put, it was to be as natural as possible. Promoting the products and helping to enhance them with laid-bare beauty, no fuss, no frills. Soft, simple but defined who better to compliment the jewellery that the gorgeous Naoise Tan. Now I have worked with Naoise before, (I actually did a catwalk with Naoise and 3 other girls were I was driving & I went to pick them up & all of them were wearing their school uniforms. God did I feel the mummy of the group.) A regular at BFW & face of BT2 in Dublin, not only is she gorgeous, lovely to talk to but she is smart. We had a quick catch up as she is trying to decide on degrees or to take a year out, medicine and law were mentioned. (Yesterday morning I had no hoover bags left so sat outside picking the dust out of the old one. The joys of picking a PR degree!!)

My main man, Mr Paddy McGurgan was doing the makeup. As natural as possible, Paddy focused mainly on the foundation as he wanted to reflect the light & having Naoise skin glowing. Hair was soft curls gently styled into place by the legendary Joe McGivern. The photos were being taken by the genius that is Khara Pringle.  Now less about the gorgeous model and more about the jewellery!!!

So here's a sneak peek of the jewellery for the morning part of the shoot.  All of Argento's own brands, gorgeous bracelets by Karma, Nakamol wrap bracelets, Dirty Ruby rings, I wanted to steal them all. I fell in love with this arrow ring (ignore my grubby five year old style dirty nails).  One of the girls on the shoot, Sarah then pointed out that she had designed it herself.  Imagine that feeling of seeing people wearing and loving your designs! Def going on my wishlist!

Below are photos from the afternoon shoot including jewellery brands like Alex and Ani, Hely designs, Antonio Ben Chimol and Nakamol. All of these are available in Argento stores and online.

Stacking bracelets is totally in this season.  Check out these gorgeous colours of aqua, silver and beige, perfect colours for coming into the mid season! I loved these wrap bracelets paired with Alex and Ani bracelets. To have a nosey at the full collections, check out Argento's website: Argento Website or keep an eye out for the Summer catalogue featuring the gorgeous Naoise. 

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Buck wild

"Being a sex symbol is a heavy load to carry especially if one is tired, hurt and bewildered." Marylin Monroe

It has taken me a day or two to recover from the weekend.  Even though I got 9 hours of sleep on Sunday night, it is only now on Tuesday that I am starting to feel normal again.  I am only 24! nearly 25 but at a house party which was in my own house on Saturday night, I sneaked off at half 12 to go to bed.  Granted we started at 6pm which is early! But still, I just can't hack it anymore! Especially when you are working the next day.

This is Jaynes and my faces at the fact we agreed to work on the sunday after her birthday party. What silly girls we are.  Aw well, it wasn't bad at all once we got a cup of tea into us.  On sunday, I was lucky enough to get called in last minute to take part in the catwalk for Fashion Afternoon tea at Newry Style City.  AN event that I actually was going to go to but instead got paid to take part in! Bonus! Sabino Hairdressing created an almost teapot shaped bun style in my hair, it was amazing! I amazes me that I can barely brush my hair but some people can create such different styles with my hair.  Just shows how crap I am!  The make up was down by the lovely girls from the Canal Court Spa.  It was a simple smokey eye, they wanted to keep it quite basically as they knew our clothes would be very bright and colourful.

Me: Yellow Floral dress @ Berling £189
Jayne: Multi Coloured Floral Dress @ Berling £145
Georgina: Nude Floral Dress @ Berling £75
Newry Style City is a week long event that helps to promote and showcase the local boutiques, shops and shopping centres that Newry has to offer.  The event we were working at was the Afternoon tea in the Canal Court.  The lucky ladies at the event were graced with sandwichs, cakes, buns, tea and a beautiful serenade by a piano player as we walked around the tables. Each model had 10 different looks from shops like Silk, Berling, Elite Hats and Jack Murphy Jewellers.

Here is my favourite photo from the day! Gorgeous hat from Elite hats, jewellery from Jack Murray Jewellers. Kindly stolen from the lovely Kelly McAllister, photographer on the day for Amazing image!
For All info on Kelly, check her out here: Kelly McAllister Photography
So yes, Sunday saw me being all civialised and professional while rewind back to saturday night and it was a different story.  My lovely housemate Jayne had a little gathering for her 21st birthday of her nearest and dearest.  It was a fancy dress themed where we had to dress up as what we wanted to be when we grew up.  So I was sporty spice! Zigga zigga ah! Girl Power! Still actually can't get the tattoos that I painted on off my arms. Below are some photos from the night, jusy so you can have a nosey and a laugh at my expense. Pouting and a peace sign.  So nineteen nineties!

Rock Star verus Pop star....who is cooler???

Cinderella, aka the birthday girl & Sporty spice

Sporty Spice, No fancy dress as going to work Spice, Scuba Spice

Friday, 19 April 2013

Arabian nights

"I love the way your foul little mind works!" Jafar, Aladdin


On Wednesday night, I popped into Queens university to try and re live my younger days of Uni life. Granted I was only grabbing some soup before my photoshoot as I hadn't eaten all day but still, it was a nice wee flash back to the good old days of not working 9-5 & being able to sleep all day every day.

So after I let go of my desperate clinging to the past, I headed across the street to the studio were I would spend the next 3 hours shooting for The Fashion Souk. A boutique style fair set in the heart of Belfast City Centre at different times through out the year, The Fashion Souk allows thrifty & creative fashionistas to sell their own clothing, jewellery or accessory designs or you can even sell high fashion second hand clothing. Fans include Cathy Martin, Blush (gorgeous shop on Lisburn road that showed at BFW) and me! Think Portobello Market but in Northern Ireland!

On the 4th of May I have happily agreed to be the host/face of The Fashion Souk at Spires Mall, Belfast! At this stage in the challenge, I kinda have a fair idea what I will definitely wear again or can restyle compared to stuff I am like, I have no idea why I still have this. I mean if I haven't worn it yet in day to day life then there must be a problem with it! So I will be selling some of my previously loved clothes at The Fashion Souk. Means that I get a real feel for the fair & I can practice my haggling skills which are pretty crap! (My mum is coming to help me & she will probably be better at it than me! We then to plan & take our makings from the day to go get blocked in Belfast Fair City!! Brilliant!)

At the doors of the studio, I meet the lovely Linzi, one of the founders of The Fashion Souk (Alyson, her partner is away in France at the minute. Not jealous at all) who was wearing this Fab floppy hat. I wish I had a head for hats. I just kinda look like that German guy who cuts up all the corpses on TV. Though turbans could be one of the first things I buy in 2014!

Anyway! Stuffing soup into my face while getting my make up done must be the most annoying thing for a make up artist to have to deal with! Sorry, Trazanne! But she did an amazing job! Photographer, make up artist, what can't this girl do!! And her husband Glen Norwood was taking the photos. Now I've never shoot with a married couple before, I find it strange to even do some jobs with Connor sometimes but these two work great together! Two for the price of one! The bickering or domestic creative differences as we shall call it, just added to the atmosphere! It was great fun & I can't wait to see the shoots! Check out the images above & below as a little sneak peek! All the fab clothes were supplied by Jacob Street who are selling vintage wear on Saturday the 4th of may as well. Definitely will be making moon eyes at my mum to buy me stuff to keep for my birthday in July! (Ok, that's cheating but its been a tough month people!!!)

If you would like more info on The Fashion Souk, check out their Facebook page or their twitter!

Facebook: The Fashion Souk
Twitter: @FashionSouk

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Blazing Blazer

"Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed, maybe they need to run free until they find some one just as wild to run with them." Anna Wintour

I love blazers. I probably have one in every single colour in my wardrobe so for me they are definitely a stable basic.  They instantly make an outfit chic, I wear them to work, out at night, day to day casual wear.  You name it, I am probably wearing a blazer too.  Zara do the best blazers in my opinion, it is the first thing I am drawn to when I walk into their shop.  The quality and shaping of them mean they last for years.  The one I am wearing was bought 3 years ago on a shopping trip to Barcelona with my mum and I still love it. 

So when I do this basic posts every Wednesday, I am of course talking about my shape and style.  I am petite but in my head I like to think I have good size boobs and a good size bum for my boyish shape.  But last night, I was lying in bed researching about different shapes and sizes for women.  I mean whats the point of writing a blog post on great basics for a wardrobe when they don't apply to you.  I always try to think of pieces that suit all shapes and sizes but then again that's my opinion.  I think that any shape or sized woman could pull of a blazer of any colour but it is about what you feel comfortable wearing.  So I came across this flowchart & I wanted to share it with you cause I found it quite an interesting read. (Click it & it will make it bigger)

Tonight I am away to do a photo shoot with the lovely ladies from The Fashion Souk which I will be helping to promote for their next event which is on the 4th of May.  So tune in tomorrow for all the details and behind the scenes photos. I am away to make my mad dash across town after work! I drive a white polo, please wave if you see me. 


Maybe Tied it too tight..

Never did I ever think I would be explaining to people how to wear a scarf but here you go! The wonders of writing a Fashion blog! My accent is awful, Coleraine clutchy bunkie mixed with a Belfast thang. Fantastic! Wish I had smiled more. Aw well.
This is the first video I did with the lovely people from Pia Rossini showing five scarves from their current SS13 collection and five scarves from the AW13 collection - all available to order online. The video suggests 10 ways on how the customers can merchandise and different ways to wear their Pia Rossini scarf.
Some of them I had never heard off but it is nice to try something different! Was great fun making the video, can't wait to see the next video! Me in a bikini! Oh the joys
Facebook: Pia Rossini
Twitter: @PiaRossiniLtd
Pinterest: Pia Rossini
YouTube: PiaRossini

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Too cool for school

"Naked men have little or no influence in the society, clothes maketh a man!" John Fairchild

So this is what I wore to the In! Magazine shoot with some of the Miss Northern Ireland finalists.  I wore one of the brands of the moment in Northern Ireland, Saut After.  Let me say this now. I was never one of the cool kids at school. I was the 4 foot nothing, loud mouth, skinny malinky, goody too shoes. You could hear me before you saw me. I proudly show my 1st year school photograph to people because it just goes to show what hair dye and laser eye surgery can do for a girl!!! It's the people who were friendly with me back then that I feel sorry for! Looks may have changed but deep down I am still not a cool person. I am a Harry Potter fanatic, a lover of spuffy fanfiction (stories wrote on the Internet where buffy the vampire slayer & spike end up together duh!!) and I love soppy quotes. My Pinterest is basically fashion repins and soppy love quotes.

Me in first year, my mum doesn't even put this photo up in the house.
So what do you do when one of the coolest home grown street style clothing company contacts you to sample some of their clothing? Why you try your hardest to pretend you are cool so you can pull it off and get some free shit!!

 As I type this Connor is telling me that it is so Camden Street style. I am just nodding and smiling. Whatever the hell that means.  To me, Saut After is cool, it's grunge, it's the type of clothes that girls throw on and are instantly hip & on trend yet look like they have just rolled out of bed. Think Cara Delevinge, think nose rings and sleeve tattoos on the guys. Now this is coming from the girl who likes to put a nice little cute bubble above her i's when she writes. But Saut After applies to ever Tom, Dick and Harry. With a range of t-shirts, vests and jumpers for males and females on it's website which ships worldwide, it is making waves in the alternative scene in Northern Ireland & further a field. Taking it's inspiration from music, it doesn't care if the so called popular kids are wearing it or not, just aslong as the designs are cool and people recognise it as Saut After. It is that cool.

With the spring/summer line just launched on the website and a mid-season drop coming with new patterns, Saut After is going from strength to strength. One of my favourite pieces is the t-shirt below. Now I have meet Mickey mouse so I know this can't be him! So cheeky, love it!


For more info, here are the links to the Saut After Website where you can buy all the clothes! Get following!!

Website: Saut After Website
Twitter: @SautAfter
Facebook: Saut After Clothing Co.
Instagram: Sautafter

Monday, 15 April 2013

IN! with a chance

"I always knew I would be successful. So there was no element of surprise.  I'm just average woman with average concerns.  I don't believe in proving a point to anybody. Nobody is that important." Aishwarya, Miss World 1994

Girls.  We are all the same, confident yet insecure, we want to be the centre of attention but at the same time, we love to sit back and watch other girls do their own thing.  We are our own worse enemies sometimes.  I experienced this myself on Sunday morning. Face painted with make up, hair washed  (well it was washed the day before by the orders of my mother who practically pushed me under the shower.) and dressed to the nines (more on my outfit later.), I walked through the door of the Culloden Hotel with my head held as high as I could get it.  Why you may ask? Well I was walking into a room where the individuals are some of the most beautiful, witty, confident girls that Northern Ireland has to offer.  I was walking into the In Magazine Miss Northern Ireland finalist shoot. Definately should have worn high heels instead of converse. Facepalm.
All stations were go! Paddy Mcgurgan's make up angels were on hand to do the make up, the lovely ladies from Michele International were teasing the girl's hair into gorgeous soft curls and the fabulous Eve Brannon was styling the shoot with gorgeous cocktail and formal dresses from shops like Beverly Hills, The Outlet and many more.

With 4 more heats to go, I was excited to see the talent so far! And what talent it was! I was a finalist in Miss Northern Ireland in 2009 and since then have always went to the Gala Final.  This year the girls are all so different! It is refreshing to see and I am excited to see who wins!! So any gossip??? Most of the girls have legs up to their necks and all figures to die for. (I felt so sorry for them as I had a good perve on them in the nude underwear.  I am not a lesbian I promise!!!)  I introduced myself to some of the girls and explained about the blog.  Most thought I was crazy, which is true!  They were all lovely, very down to earth.  Sarah McKenzie, Miss Gillies commented that the one thing she would miss buying in a fashion fast would be converse or vans! A girl after my own heart. The gorgeous Miss Sweet, Justine McEleney who I was gawking at with legs that were probably the same height as me, got her dress stuck in her rollers and couldn't stop laughing. Nice to know the girls can still be silly when they are so nervous! Nicole Sutton, Miss Spice had done it last year as well so I wanted to know what she might do differently this year. She told me that she just wanted to relax more and have more fun with it. It is such a nerve wrecking experience, you are putting yourselves up against 24 other amazing girls & you become friends with all the girls but at the same time you are battling them for the crown. The girl who holds the crown at the minute, Tiffany Brien was kind enough to give me a sneak peek of her dress for the Gala Final on the 13th of May and it was stunning on her! That is one girl who understands her shape & what works for her perfectly!

Here are two of the gorgeous girls, on the left Courtney Moore, Miss Cookstown and Seanin Corrigan, Miss Coach.  I loved Seanin's style on the day! She wore a gorgeous slouchy white shirt from Topshop, me and my white shirts!!! She seemed a bit scared that I staring at it and knew excatly where it was from.  I may not be able to shop but I am still looking!!!  Courtney was very upbeat, not nervous at all! Never done anything like this before either so I was impressed by her attitude! I just remember giving myself pep talks that I would get through it and everyone was as nervous as me.  (Granted by the time the final came around, I had relaxed enough to draw rude pictures on Jenny Curran's chicken fillets which transferred on to her skin during the practice!!)

The girls weren't the only people who were rocking their own style and attitude! Joleen, Alison Clarke's right hand woman is looking fabulous at the minute!! Working the neon and floral print 2013 spring trends to a T! The girls need to take a few leaves out of her book! To help Joleen on the shoot from Aca was Miss Holly Duncan! I've known Holly for years so I can say this but never employ Holly to steam dresses! She is crap!! Her taste in handbags is way better though. A lover of a designer bag, I was scared to ask Holly were her gorgeous yellow neon bag was from but it was from Zara! Definitely on my long wish list of things I could buy!

Hats off to the In Magazine team! Another amazing cherographed shoot! Wish we had it back in my Miss Ni days!! Here's a photo of all the girls! Who do you like?

Check out the May Issue of In! Magazine for all the scoop!

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Dancing Skills

Ahhhhhhh here it is!!! My lovely little promo video for my blog! Basically just an excuse to show of my amazing dancing skills!
Special thank you to Tony Webster at Bigbad Ilama for editing it and then listening to my moaning of different songs, mobile version, reuploading it 50million times. You are a true star!!
Also, special thanks to Connor Kerr for making my hair beautiful, just the way my mummy likes it and Emma McConville  for making my face presentable and not scary to children under 8. Enjoy Peeps!!

Thunderbirds are go!!

"A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead


Today is FABB. Last night I was asked to be included in the Northern Ireland FABB group (that's fashion and beauty bloggers group).  I was so excited to be asked by the head honcho Katrina Doran because to me, it's an acknowledge meaning that the blog is being taken serious (even though I still don't make my bed for photos!) and it's a step in the right direction! Plus, it is also great to have that support system behind you when you have no idea what you are doing!!!!
If you want to have a nosey at other Beauty and Fashion Blogs from Northern Ireland, Check out all of below! They are all FABB!

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

One of the 7 dwarves

"I can be a bit grumpy.  I am full of horomones and angst." Nicholas Hoult

Nice and easy basic day today. String tops.  I have about 40 of them in every single colour, in colours that you probably haven't even seen before but I have them.  My mum used to always buy me a couple as stocking fillers at Christmas, just to have.  They are great, I wear them all year round, under tops, by themselves. You don't need every colour like me but maybe black, white and then a coloured one that you would wear often. All mine are from Benetton and last for years.
I'm grumpy. I've noticed that in the last two weeks that I am more stressed, more worrisome, easily irrigated. I don't know why, it's not like life is hard at the minute. Gorgeous boyfriend, great friends, fab job and my blog is going from strength to strength. But still it's that annoying voice inside your head messing with your happiness. I am so focused on everyone else around me that I am getting left behind. So how would I normally fix this??? I would go shopping.

Am I grumpy because I am not shopping? The feeling of spoiling yourself, the feeling of how good a new top or dress makes you feel, I miss that. I haven't spoilt myself in over 3 months. It's not that I think everyone needs to shop to feel good but I haven't treated myself in ages. I booked a holiday for Connor & I for June & the 1 thing I want to do is go buy a bikini but I can't. That one thing isn't hard but everything on top of that is tough.

 Hoody lovingly made by Zoe J Watson
So when Jayne suggested to me that we go try Bikram yoga, I thought why not. If anyone knows me personally they know that gyms & Laurina don't mix. I have never been into a gym, don't exercise & I even get out of breath walking up the stairs. So for me to be like Hey, that actually sounds like fun is a biggy. But I thought why not, something different & fun to do on a Tuesday night. So off we went Hill street (just near the merchant) & upstairs to Flow Studio yoga. (Here's there website if you interested Flow Studio We were greeted by funky candles, fluffy pillows & a sign saying please take your shoes off. (I have really smelly feet so was a bit apparasive.)

The teacher, I don't even know her name (found out it is Elizabeth now!) but she was one of these people that you wonder if they get periods. She was so happy & care free, usually I am not a massive fan of these type of people as to me it all seems false & over the top & makes me feel awful cause I'm
a grumpy b**tch. How my opinion changed. The yoga went on for an hour & a half in 32 degree heat & at one point, she can up behind me, massages my shoulders & whispered in my ear "I'm just behind you sweetie." Well I think I fell in love with her at that minute. I loved it, it was £8 but you can buy package deals so I def will be going back! I feel more relaxed (could be the Thai that Jayne & Zara had afterwards)  I am not too sore today, more stiff than anything especially between my shoulders.

All tied up

"I'm not really a fashion designer. I just love clothes. I've never been to design school. I can't sketch. I can't cut patterns and things. I can shorten things. I can make a dress out of a scarf." Kate Moss

On Monday night I made one of my mad dashes out of work at 5pm to Bangor (well as mad a dash I could do in the traffic!!) I was invited by my lovely friend Tara (who I actually stole my job from when she went to Australia travelling) to view the AW 13 collection and other collections of the gorgeous Northern Irish Fashion and accessories company, Pia Rossini!

I was helping out by taking part in 2 video blogs on how to wear their Resort collection Sarongs and their SS & AW scarfs & a sneaky peak at some SS14 prints. I love scarves, I love how they can completely change a look or an outfit. Usually I just fling it around my neck & away I go but Tara showed me 10 different ways to wear a scarf & 6 ways to wear a sarong.

It was nice to be introduced to new ways on how to wear scarves and I will def be trying the different looks in the future though some were a bit complication for a blond like me! Took me a couple of goes!

My make up was done by the lovely Leigh Crawford! Really simple natural make up, Leigh works in Clinque & has freelanced on hit HBO series The Game of Thrones & dozen of weddings and formals.  I'd like to steal her & fold her up in my make up drawer so that she can just pop out to do my make up when she wants.  I was so embarrassed as well cause I had a second head growing on my cheek and her skin was flawless. The things you notice when people are doing your make up!! Check her out on: Leigh Crawford Make up

With each new styling, I had a new scarf & I probably paid more attention to the actual scarves than I did to what I was doing with it! They were all so nice, colours were gorgeous! The Pia Rossini scarves are available across the UK in department stores, online retailers & independent boutiques. It's not just scarves, it's gloves, wraps, hats, snoods, kaftans, dresses. To be honest, I did get gifted a few gorgeous pieces so keep an eye out for me parading my new bits & pieces! (It's gifted so its ok!!!)

If you want to find out more about Pia Rossini & find out where your nearest stockist is, simply go to the website & email your postcode to the lovely ladies in the office. They will let you know your nearest local independent boutique.

Here's some links to check them out!
Facebook: Pia Rossini
Twitter: @PiaRossiniLtd
Pinterest: Pia Rossini
YouTube: PiaRossini

Again, I love how this blog has allowed me to be introduced to another great Northern Irish fashion & accessorise company! Fabulous! Keep an eye out for the videos! Please excuse my accent!!!