Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Buck wild

"Being a sex symbol is a heavy load to carry especially if one is tired, hurt and bewildered." Marylin Monroe

It has taken me a day or two to recover from the weekend.  Even though I got 9 hours of sleep on Sunday night, it is only now on Tuesday that I am starting to feel normal again.  I am only 24! nearly 25 but at a house party which was in my own house on Saturday night, I sneaked off at half 12 to go to bed.  Granted we started at 6pm which is early! But still, I just can't hack it anymore! Especially when you are working the next day.

This is Jaynes and my faces at the fact we agreed to work on the sunday after her birthday party. What silly girls we are.  Aw well, it wasn't bad at all once we got a cup of tea into us.  On sunday, I was lucky enough to get called in last minute to take part in the catwalk for Fashion Afternoon tea at Newry Style City.  AN event that I actually was going to go to but instead got paid to take part in! Bonus! Sabino Hairdressing created an almost teapot shaped bun style in my hair, it was amazing! I amazes me that I can barely brush my hair but some people can create such different styles with my hair.  Just shows how crap I am!  The make up was down by the lovely girls from the Canal Court Spa.  It was a simple smokey eye, they wanted to keep it quite basically as they knew our clothes would be very bright and colourful.

Me: Yellow Floral dress @ Berling £189
Jayne: Multi Coloured Floral Dress @ Berling £145
Georgina: Nude Floral Dress @ Berling £75
Newry Style City is a week long event that helps to promote and showcase the local boutiques, shops and shopping centres that Newry has to offer.  The event we were working at was the Afternoon tea in the Canal Court.  The lucky ladies at the event were graced with sandwichs, cakes, buns, tea and a beautiful serenade by a piano player as we walked around the tables. Each model had 10 different looks from shops like Silk, Berling, Elite Hats and Jack Murphy Jewellers.

Here is my favourite photo from the day! Gorgeous hat from Elite hats, jewellery from Jack Murray Jewellers. Kindly stolen from the lovely Kelly McAllister, photographer on the day for Sugahfix.com. Amazing image!
For All info on Kelly, check her out here: Kelly McAllister Photography
So yes, Sunday saw me being all civialised and professional while rewind back to saturday night and it was a different story.  My lovely housemate Jayne had a little gathering for her 21st birthday of her nearest and dearest.  It was a fancy dress themed where we had to dress up as what we wanted to be when we grew up.  So I was sporty spice! Zigga zigga ah! Girl Power! Still actually can't get the tattoos that I painted on off my arms. Below are some photos from the night, jusy so you can have a nosey and a laugh at my expense. Pouting and a peace sign.  So nineteen nineties!

Rock Star verus Pop star....who is cooler???

Cinderella, aka the birthday girl & Sporty spice

Sporty Spice, No fancy dress as going to work Spice, Scuba Spice


  1. Hahaha...hilarious! And looking cool, maybe bit less as Sporty Spice;-)

    1. Thanks Anja! Looking even less cool 2 days later when I still can't get the tattoos off! xx

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