Monday, 15 April 2013

IN! with a chance

"I always knew I would be successful. So there was no element of surprise.  I'm just average woman with average concerns.  I don't believe in proving a point to anybody. Nobody is that important." Aishwarya, Miss World 1994

Girls.  We are all the same, confident yet insecure, we want to be the centre of attention but at the same time, we love to sit back and watch other girls do their own thing.  We are our own worse enemies sometimes.  I experienced this myself on Sunday morning. Face painted with make up, hair washed  (well it was washed the day before by the orders of my mother who practically pushed me under the shower.) and dressed to the nines (more on my outfit later.), I walked through the door of the Culloden Hotel with my head held as high as I could get it.  Why you may ask? Well I was walking into a room where the individuals are some of the most beautiful, witty, confident girls that Northern Ireland has to offer.  I was walking into the In Magazine Miss Northern Ireland finalist shoot. Definately should have worn high heels instead of converse. Facepalm.
All stations were go! Paddy Mcgurgan's make up angels were on hand to do the make up, the lovely ladies from Michele International were teasing the girl's hair into gorgeous soft curls and the fabulous Eve Brannon was styling the shoot with gorgeous cocktail and formal dresses from shops like Beverly Hills, The Outlet and many more.

With 4 more heats to go, I was excited to see the talent so far! And what talent it was! I was a finalist in Miss Northern Ireland in 2009 and since then have always went to the Gala Final.  This year the girls are all so different! It is refreshing to see and I am excited to see who wins!! So any gossip??? Most of the girls have legs up to their necks and all figures to die for. (I felt so sorry for them as I had a good perve on them in the nude underwear.  I am not a lesbian I promise!!!)  I introduced myself to some of the girls and explained about the blog.  Most thought I was crazy, which is true!  They were all lovely, very down to earth.  Sarah McKenzie, Miss Gillies commented that the one thing she would miss buying in a fashion fast would be converse or vans! A girl after my own heart. The gorgeous Miss Sweet, Justine McEleney who I was gawking at with legs that were probably the same height as me, got her dress stuck in her rollers and couldn't stop laughing. Nice to know the girls can still be silly when they are so nervous! Nicole Sutton, Miss Spice had done it last year as well so I wanted to know what she might do differently this year. She told me that she just wanted to relax more and have more fun with it. It is such a nerve wrecking experience, you are putting yourselves up against 24 other amazing girls & you become friends with all the girls but at the same time you are battling them for the crown. The girl who holds the crown at the minute, Tiffany Brien was kind enough to give me a sneak peek of her dress for the Gala Final on the 13th of May and it was stunning on her! That is one girl who understands her shape & what works for her perfectly!

Here are two of the gorgeous girls, on the left Courtney Moore, Miss Cookstown and Seanin Corrigan, Miss Coach.  I loved Seanin's style on the day! She wore a gorgeous slouchy white shirt from Topshop, me and my white shirts!!! She seemed a bit scared that I staring at it and knew excatly where it was from.  I may not be able to shop but I am still looking!!!  Courtney was very upbeat, not nervous at all! Never done anything like this before either so I was impressed by her attitude! I just remember giving myself pep talks that I would get through it and everyone was as nervous as me.  (Granted by the time the final came around, I had relaxed enough to draw rude pictures on Jenny Curran's chicken fillets which transferred on to her skin during the practice!!)

The girls weren't the only people who were rocking their own style and attitude! Joleen, Alison Clarke's right hand woman is looking fabulous at the minute!! Working the neon and floral print 2013 spring trends to a T! The girls need to take a few leaves out of her book! To help Joleen on the shoot from Aca was Miss Holly Duncan! I've known Holly for years so I can say this but never employ Holly to steam dresses! She is crap!! Her taste in handbags is way better though. A lover of a designer bag, I was scared to ask Holly were her gorgeous yellow neon bag was from but it was from Zara! Definitely on my long wish list of things I could buy!

Hats off to the In Magazine team! Another amazing cherographed shoot! Wish we had it back in my Miss Ni days!! Here's a photo of all the girls! Who do you like?

Check out the May Issue of In! Magazine for all the scoop!


  1. Love love that outfit and the colours of it! Good work on the blog, it's such a nice read! x

    1. Thank you very much! I love that outfit too! Love how it came together, never would have thought of it before! xx