Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Blazing Blazer

"Maybe some women aren't meant to be tamed, maybe they need to run free until they find some one just as wild to run with them." Anna Wintour

I love blazers. I probably have one in every single colour in my wardrobe so for me they are definitely a stable basic.  They instantly make an outfit chic, I wear them to work, out at night, day to day casual wear.  You name it, I am probably wearing a blazer too.  Zara do the best blazers in my opinion, it is the first thing I am drawn to when I walk into their shop.  The quality and shaping of them mean they last for years.  The one I am wearing was bought 3 years ago on a shopping trip to Barcelona with my mum and I still love it. 

So when I do this basic posts every Wednesday, I am of course talking about my shape and style.  I am petite but in my head I like to think I have good size boobs and a good size bum for my boyish shape.  But last night, I was lying in bed researching about different shapes and sizes for women.  I mean whats the point of writing a blog post on great basics for a wardrobe when they don't apply to you.  I always try to think of pieces that suit all shapes and sizes but then again that's my opinion.  I think that any shape or sized woman could pull of a blazer of any colour but it is about what you feel comfortable wearing.  So I came across this flowchart & I wanted to share it with you cause I found it quite an interesting read. (Click it & it will make it bigger)

Tonight I am away to do a photo shoot with the lovely ladies from The Fashion Souk which I will be helping to promote for their next event which is on the 4th of May.  So tune in tomorrow for all the details and behind the scenes photos. I am away to make my mad dash across town after work! I drive a white polo, please wave if you see me. 



  1. You always look amazing! The Zara Basic beige trousers is gorgeous!!!!

    street clothing.

    1. They are so greta to have! I had never even worn them before this challenge! tags were still on them! Def going to be my go to for this summer xx

  2. According to me, there are three types of tees, graphic, graphic and graphic. End of the story for me.
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  3. Why don't you complement your outfits with eyeglasses and sunglasses..? You have such a fabulous fashion sense, and with designer eyewear, it will just get better..! :)