Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Too cool for school

"Naked men have little or no influence in the society, clothes maketh a man!" John Fairchild

So this is what I wore to the In! Magazine shoot with some of the Miss Northern Ireland finalists.  I wore one of the brands of the moment in Northern Ireland, Saut After.  Let me say this now. I was never one of the cool kids at school. I was the 4 foot nothing, loud mouth, skinny malinky, goody too shoes. You could hear me before you saw me. I proudly show my 1st year school photograph to people because it just goes to show what hair dye and laser eye surgery can do for a girl!!! It's the people who were friendly with me back then that I feel sorry for! Looks may have changed but deep down I am still not a cool person. I am a Harry Potter fanatic, a lover of spuffy fanfiction (stories wrote on the Internet where buffy the vampire slayer & spike end up together duh!!) and I love soppy quotes. My Pinterest is basically fashion repins and soppy love quotes.

Me in first year, my mum doesn't even put this photo up in the house.
So what do you do when one of the coolest home grown street style clothing company contacts you to sample some of their clothing? Why you try your hardest to pretend you are cool so you can pull it off and get some free shit!!

 As I type this Connor is telling me that it is so Camden Street style. I am just nodding and smiling. Whatever the hell that means.  To me, Saut After is cool, it's grunge, it's the type of clothes that girls throw on and are instantly hip & on trend yet look like they have just rolled out of bed. Think Cara Delevinge, think nose rings and sleeve tattoos on the guys. Now this is coming from the girl who likes to put a nice little cute bubble above her i's when she writes. But Saut After applies to ever Tom, Dick and Harry. With a range of t-shirts, vests and jumpers for males and females on it's website which ships worldwide, it is making waves in the alternative scene in Northern Ireland & further a field. Taking it's inspiration from music, it doesn't care if the so called popular kids are wearing it or not, just aslong as the designs are cool and people recognise it as Saut After. It is that cool.

With the spring/summer line just launched on the website and a mid-season drop coming with new patterns, Saut After is going from strength to strength. One of my favourite pieces is the t-shirt below. Now I have meet Mickey mouse so I know this can't be him! So cheeky, love it!


For more info, here are the links to the Saut After Website where you can buy all the clothes! Get following!!

Website: Saut After Website
Twitter: @SautAfter
Facebook: Saut After Clothing Co.
Instagram: Sautafter

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