Wednesday, 10 April 2013

One of the 7 dwarves

"I can be a bit grumpy.  I am full of horomones and angst." Nicholas Hoult

Nice and easy basic day today. String tops.  I have about 40 of them in every single colour, in colours that you probably haven't even seen before but I have them.  My mum used to always buy me a couple as stocking fillers at Christmas, just to have.  They are great, I wear them all year round, under tops, by themselves. You don't need every colour like me but maybe black, white and then a coloured one that you would wear often. All mine are from Benetton and last for years.
I'm grumpy. I've noticed that in the last two weeks that I am more stressed, more worrisome, easily irrigated. I don't know why, it's not like life is hard at the minute. Gorgeous boyfriend, great friends, fab job and my blog is going from strength to strength. But still it's that annoying voice inside your head messing with your happiness. I am so focused on everyone else around me that I am getting left behind. So how would I normally fix this??? I would go shopping.

Am I grumpy because I am not shopping? The feeling of spoiling yourself, the feeling of how good a new top or dress makes you feel, I miss that. I haven't spoilt myself in over 3 months. It's not that I think everyone needs to shop to feel good but I haven't treated myself in ages. I booked a holiday for Connor & I for June & the 1 thing I want to do is go buy a bikini but I can't. That one thing isn't hard but everything on top of that is tough.

 Hoody lovingly made by Zoe J Watson
So when Jayne suggested to me that we go try Bikram yoga, I thought why not. If anyone knows me personally they know that gyms & Laurina don't mix. I have never been into a gym, don't exercise & I even get out of breath walking up the stairs. So for me to be like Hey, that actually sounds like fun is a biggy. But I thought why not, something different & fun to do on a Tuesday night. So off we went Hill street (just near the merchant) & upstairs to Flow Studio yoga. (Here's there website if you interested Flow Studio We were greeted by funky candles, fluffy pillows & a sign saying please take your shoes off. (I have really smelly feet so was a bit apparasive.)

The teacher, I don't even know her name (found out it is Elizabeth now!) but she was one of these people that you wonder if they get periods. She was so happy & care free, usually I am not a massive fan of these type of people as to me it all seems false & over the top & makes me feel awful cause I'm
a grumpy b**tch. How my opinion changed. The yoga went on for an hour & a half in 32 degree heat & at one point, she can up behind me, massages my shoulders & whispered in my ear "I'm just behind you sweetie." Well I think I fell in love with her at that minute. I loved it, it was £8 but you can buy package deals so I def will be going back! I feel more relaxed (could be the Thai that Jayne & Zara had afterwards)  I am not too sore today, more stiff than anything especially between my shoulders.

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