Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Jingle jangle

"Jewellery takes people's attention off your wrinkles" Sarah Phillips
For a girl who used to get ready in 3mins flat as I was too lazy to get out of bed before quarter past 9 when I start work at half 9 & it takes 12mins to walk to work, the fact that I was out of bed was as amazing as when moses spread the red sea. Why you ask? I was lucky enough to be asked to attend the Argento Summer Catalogue shoot for a sneak peek at some of their gorgeous jewellery. A known favourite on the high street in the UK and Ireland showcasing the finest jewellery including Alex and Ani, Pandora, Pilgrim, Thomas Sabo and many more. All girls love a bit of sparkle and bling bling, as I type this I am jingle jangling with my Alex and Ani bracelets so an opportunity to have a trying on session with the up and coming pieces for the summer was worth getting out of bed for.

However, this smiling face is not someone you want to see early on a Tuesday morning when your eyes are still puffy and you feel groggy. The lovely girls from Argento had a brief for the shoot and simply put, it was to be as natural as possible. Promoting the products and helping to enhance them with laid-bare beauty, no fuss, no frills. Soft, simple but defined who better to compliment the jewellery that the gorgeous Naoise Tan. Now I have worked with Naoise before, (I actually did a catwalk with Naoise and 3 other girls were I was driving & I went to pick them up & all of them were wearing their school uniforms. God did I feel the mummy of the group.) A regular at BFW & face of BT2 in Dublin, not only is she gorgeous, lovely to talk to but she is smart. We had a quick catch up as she is trying to decide on degrees or to take a year out, medicine and law were mentioned. (Yesterday morning I had no hoover bags left so sat outside picking the dust out of the old one. The joys of picking a PR degree!!)

My main man, Mr Paddy McGurgan was doing the makeup. As natural as possible, Paddy focused mainly on the foundation as he wanted to reflect the light & having Naoise skin glowing. Hair was soft curls gently styled into place by the legendary Joe McGivern. The photos were being taken by the genius that is Khara Pringle.  Now less about the gorgeous model and more about the jewellery!!!

So here's a sneak peek of the jewellery for the morning part of the shoot.  All of Argento's own brands, gorgeous bracelets by Karma, Nakamol wrap bracelets, Dirty Ruby rings, I wanted to steal them all. I fell in love with this arrow ring (ignore my grubby five year old style dirty nails).  One of the girls on the shoot, Sarah then pointed out that she had designed it herself.  Imagine that feeling of seeing people wearing and loving your designs! Def going on my wishlist!

Below are photos from the afternoon shoot including jewellery brands like Alex and Ani, Hely designs, Antonio Ben Chimol and Nakamol. All of these are available in Argento stores and online.

Stacking bracelets is totally in this season.  Check out these gorgeous colours of aqua, silver and beige, perfect colours for coming into the mid season! I loved these wrap bracelets paired with Alex and Ani bracelets. To have a nosey at the full collections, check out Argento's website: Argento Website or keep an eye out for the Summer catalogue featuring the gorgeous Naoise. 

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  1. ahh so jealous! looks unreal- I have seen the catalogue and it looks fab!