Friday, 19 April 2013

Arabian nights

"I love the way your foul little mind works!" Jafar, Aladdin


On Wednesday night, I popped into Queens university to try and re live my younger days of Uni life. Granted I was only grabbing some soup before my photoshoot as I hadn't eaten all day but still, it was a nice wee flash back to the good old days of not working 9-5 & being able to sleep all day every day.

So after I let go of my desperate clinging to the past, I headed across the street to the studio were I would spend the next 3 hours shooting for The Fashion Souk. A boutique style fair set in the heart of Belfast City Centre at different times through out the year, The Fashion Souk allows thrifty & creative fashionistas to sell their own clothing, jewellery or accessory designs or you can even sell high fashion second hand clothing. Fans include Cathy Martin, Blush (gorgeous shop on Lisburn road that showed at BFW) and me! Think Portobello Market but in Northern Ireland!

On the 4th of May I have happily agreed to be the host/face of The Fashion Souk at Spires Mall, Belfast! At this stage in the challenge, I kinda have a fair idea what I will definitely wear again or can restyle compared to stuff I am like, I have no idea why I still have this. I mean if I haven't worn it yet in day to day life then there must be a problem with it! So I will be selling some of my previously loved clothes at The Fashion Souk. Means that I get a real feel for the fair & I can practice my haggling skills which are pretty crap! (My mum is coming to help me & she will probably be better at it than me! We then to plan & take our makings from the day to go get blocked in Belfast Fair City!! Brilliant!)

At the doors of the studio, I meet the lovely Linzi, one of the founders of The Fashion Souk (Alyson, her partner is away in France at the minute. Not jealous at all) who was wearing this Fab floppy hat. I wish I had a head for hats. I just kinda look like that German guy who cuts up all the corpses on TV. Though turbans could be one of the first things I buy in 2014!

Anyway! Stuffing soup into my face while getting my make up done must be the most annoying thing for a make up artist to have to deal with! Sorry, Trazanne! But she did an amazing job! Photographer, make up artist, what can't this girl do!! And her husband Glen Norwood was taking the photos. Now I've never shoot with a married couple before, I find it strange to even do some jobs with Connor sometimes but these two work great together! Two for the price of one! The bickering or domestic creative differences as we shall call it, just added to the atmosphere! It was great fun & I can't wait to see the shoots! Check out the images above & below as a little sneak peek! All the fab clothes were supplied by Jacob Street who are selling vintage wear on Saturday the 4th of may as well. Definitely will be making moon eyes at my mum to buy me stuff to keep for my birthday in July! (Ok, that's cheating but its been a tough month people!!!)

If you would like more info on The Fashion Souk, check out their Facebook page or their twitter!

Facebook: The Fashion Souk
Twitter: @FashionSouk


  1. I didn't realise this was a big kaftan dress! Need it in my life!

    1. Its in Jacob Street hun, behind New look! They are just a pop up shop, closing soon! Def go have a nosey! xx

  2. I love kaftans dress with arabian style.

  3. Wow, you look gorgeous! Love the turban.

    Anja from

    1. Thank you! never something I would have thought that would have suited me! xx

  4. Hi Laurina,

    I've been reading your blog since you started and being a fellow NI girl, was glad to see your outfit featured on MSN's 'Top Outfits this week' this morning.

    Here's the link if you didn't see it...

    Well done!


    1. Thank you for pointing this out to me! I never would have seen that! Should have tidied my bed! xx