Thursday, 25 April 2013

Road blocks

"When a woman says, ‘I have nothing to wear!’, what she really means is, ‘There’s nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today.” Caitlin Moran

I feel like I haven't had a good old chin wag in ages.  It has just been all go go go for so long now. So hello! What's the craic? Well I still haven't bought anything! Hitting month number 5 next month, haven't been tempted and still loving re styling my wardrobe! (I know, it's sad! I am sure some of you would love me to slip up! but I haven't!) But.....there is always a but....I am hitting a few road blocks this month.
Now some of you may have read that I have recently discovered Bikram yoga at Flow Studios Belfast. Namste Bitches.  I love it, it is the first exercise I have done since I was sixteen (sex don't count). I look forward to it when I know I am going which hasn't happened with anything to do with getting out of breath in ages.  It is really hard but Jayne, my lovely housemate & I are going to be able to wrap our legs around our heads soon! But, I literally don't have anything to wear.  Don't laugh I know it isn't a fashion show but exercise gear is the one thing my wardrobe is not coming down with.  Ok, yeah I have trackies but have you ever tried bikram yoga? It is in 35 degree heat so minimum clothing is recommended.  So I have one pair of short leggings that I have been wearing and then vest tops over an over again.  Now I do wash my clothes but when it is just me & only my clothes going into my wash, there isn't really a lot so maybe 1 wash every 2 weeks. But I have been doing yoga twice a week for the last 3 weeks. This means the leggings go into the laundry bin on tuesday but then get pulled out again on Saturday morning to be worn again then back into the bin for the wash on a sunday. Minging I know but anything else I have is just too warm and I can't buy anything. So what is a girl to do??? I would love to go and buy some bits and pieces for the class like a nice sports bra or a vest. H&M have some lovely stuff & be like bam! Sport person of the year! But I can't, it is quite annoying.
It's that time of year again, summer holidays! Oh yeah! Connor and I are going to Italy on a sort of tour of the tuscany hills.  We are doing Rome, Florence, Pisa, Siena, all around that sort of direction. It is an activity and adventure holiday rather than a relaxing holiday. If you meet Connor, you would understand. Have you ever seen the movie UP! by Disney? and the hyper dog, I think his name is Dug. Well that is my boyfriend. While the thought of holing ourselves up in a tent or a hotel for 10 days and not moving or doing anything sounds like bliss to me, it would be like locking Dug in a bottomless pit with nothing to do to get his hyperness out. Granted this is something I have always wanted to do as I am quarter Italian. (Though I am a crap Italian, I hate cheese so no pizzas, Parmesan or anything like that, yuck) I have been to Italy most summers from when I was younger but we go and we don't move from the village where my family are from cause we are lazy. I am excited, really just to get away with Connor. So yes, Italian tour it is! But what clothes do I wear?!? I am going to have to nosey through my wardrobe and see what I have because at the moment I am definitely not wearing summer clothes.  I don't even know if I have durable flipflops for sightseeing!! Also, no time for sunbathing so I want to get as much tan as I can on the move but do I have enough skimpy, slutty clothes for this??? This is my road block.