Saturday, 6 April 2013

Copy Cat

"Switch my hair, they gon' copy her. Switch my gear, they gon' copy her. Look at how they stare, just a copier. Roger that. Did you copy that? Copycat." Nicki Minaj

They say that imitation is the first form of flattery, well I have an album devoted to that on my phone. Instead of buying magazine & going oh I want to buy that, I have photos on my phone & Ipad so I can go Oh I have something similar in my wardrobe, let me try that.  It is copying but for someone who wasn't very good at styling outfits, it's a stepping stone in the learning process.  I have noticed that I am getting better at thinking outside the box, trying looks that I never would have before & they have worked brilliantly.  

This is what I wore yesterday. A shirt, I haven't worn in about a century.  I sorta went through a phrase of buying these maternity style/painter style shirts for a while, I don't know why but I have a few. I used to wear them with leggings, don't know why I haven't worn that outfit in a while may try it soon.  Any who. It is a shirt but I wore it as a dress. I am not a slut, ( well debatable lol JOKES) I wore a black body con skirt underneath it, you cant quite see it but it is there! I copycated this outfit. Oh yeah, I am not afraid to admit it. 

The girl I copied it from it from is the gorgeous Ashley Madekwe. (That is the fit british girl from Revenge) Not only is she stunning, not only does she work on a hit tv show & gets to wear amazing clothes but she also does one of my favourite fashion blogs called Ring my bell 
The blog is great, she doesn't blog that often but when she does, I love it every time.  She wears normal people clothes like Topshop & Forever 21.  She also wears things twice so it is completely relatable to real life instead of so far out in the celebrity unattainable atmosphere. 

So this is the look I copied but then added the northern ireland twist to it aka its not LA so thus still cold & have to wear tights. I also wore a lovely snood that I got as a Christmas from my ex housemate Ciara who is now enjoying co-inhabitatint life with her ginger lover. So I wear this in memory of her. 


  1. I love Ashley Madewke's style...always bang on!!

    Nice outfit :)

    1. aw i love her madeline! I love the fact she wears topshop & not just all designer wear! Makes it so much more relatable! xx