Friday, 22 March 2013

By George!

"I love going to my supermarket.  Sounds so Rock n Roll, doesn't it?" Rachel Stevens

So 3 amazing things happened last night, 1) Belfast Fashionweek opened with a bang 2) A blizzard has blanketed Northern Ireland in snow 3) I went to bed with one of the boys from Hanson.  So here, I am again rocking the monochrome look again.  I had a completely different outfit planned, tried it on for my housemates and they oooohhed and ahhhhhed on wednesday night but I changed my mind in work yesterday.  I wanted to rock this look with bare legs but it was way too cold so has been logged in my brain to re use over the summer.  That is if we ever get a summer.  Now I was pretty proud of myself last night, since starting to blog I try to follow as many blogs as possible near and wide, fashion to travel to beauty.  Most beauty bloggers will do vlogs (video blogs) on how to do a certain make up trend so I had this idea in my head of Mary-Kate Oslen and braids for a hairstyle.  As usual I had no time to fit in a hair appointment with work so I thought aw I will watch a vlog on youtube and give it a go! Well could we not be sisters?!?!  HA

I was accompanied to George at BFW by my lovely BFF Mis Zoe J Watson.She looked beaut as ever but of course, she had to wear the one thing that I have lusted after since starting this challenge. These beaut Zara kitten heels, £30.  They are the only thing in 3 months of not shopping that I have looked at and went omg I need them in my life. What kind of best friend is that?
So new season, new venue for Belfast Fashion week and I must say I loved the change of scene.  This year, it is being held in the Ulster Museum.  No joke but I was sitting front row, watching the gorgeous models strut past in their clothes with the bones of a dinosaur behind them. Interesting to say the least. Rather than a raised catwalk, it was a simple white ground catwalk that wrapped around the room.  To me, it felt more relaxed as the models were so close rather than on a raised platform so the atmosphere had a subtle difference to the norm but I liked it. I kept trying to make my housemate Jayne and my BFF Jenny who were both in the show laugh when they walked past! Ooooopppsss ;) 
I was really impressed with George at Asda last night.  The colours were perfectly on trend, neon, floral, all white and everything could have been designer chic. Loved the wedge trainers too! They were a favourite of mine, especially the all grey ones as I haven't even seen that colour in the big high street shops.  The girls hair was curled to an inch of its life by the wonderful creative team from Andrew Mulvenna while the boys was simple and straight. (Hence why I went to bed with one of the boys from Hanson, Connor's hair is usually a mess of curls, never have I seen it look so neat!) The make up, done by the fab Paddy McGurgan and his team was a simple white eye and a colour pop lip of pastel colours. Here are some of my favourite looks from the catwalk.
Caitlyn - White Scuba Dress £16

Connor aka my cocopops - Vintage Hawailan Print Swimshorts £7

Jayne - Yellow Boucle Dress £18

Jenny - Pink dress with Black Cut Out £18

Finola - Palm Print Swimsuit £12

That's one thing I will miss being able to buy this year. Bikinis!!! George had some lovely ones, most of the stock shown last night was from their High Summer collection which will be in the shops soon so definately keep an eye out for it! 10/10 from me!


  1. Gorge! Loved your milkmaid braids, can't wait until my hair is longer to try them :) x

  2. Really lovely outfit!x

  3. Thanks everyone! appreciate it! youtube videos are the way forward!! x