Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Promo Promo Promo

"Everybody know, I don't do promoting.  I don't ever have to promote nothing, that's the beauty of Lil Wayne" Lil Wayne

Unlike lil Wayne, I need to promote. I'm just a little country girl from the north coast of Northern Ireland trying to make a ripple in the big bad world of blogging. I'm sure people are sick of my Facebook being taking over by my self promoting!! Ah well!!  Be prepared for more!

No rest for the wicked! Straight from work home to video a little promo for my blog and also some lovely photos! For me, working in the fashion industry in Northern Ireland for the last 6 years with contacts in make up, hair, fashion stylists, fashion designers, fashion PR etc etc has really helped with the blog and of course I have my favourite people to work with.

One of the people to give me a boost when I started modelling was Connor Kerr. He is mad, he is loud, he is one of the campest, bluntest person I know but by god he is good at what he  does.  I am crap at hair, can't do anything with my hair apart from brush it which sometimes I don't even do that!!  (you have prob noticed from my photos, that my hair doesn't change from a day to day basis, well now you know the reason why)  But for some reason my hair hums when Mr Kerr touches it, it bends to his will and suddenly is absolutely fab.  I am usually left going, how the hell did he do that?!? We have worked on so many projects together and everytime the images have turned out fab.  Now Connor doesn't just do fashion shoot hairstyles, he runs a business with Emma McConville Mua (more on emma in a second) where for £40, they will do your hair and make up for a night out, special occasion, formal, whatever you want basically.  I went to them for my modelling agencies Christmas party to work their magic wands and I loved what they did! Got so many people asking who did my hair and make up that night!!

My hair and make up the night of the ACA Christmas party by Connor and Emma! 

Here are some of my favourite hair & make up by Connor and Emma on little old me!

It of course takes two to tango and Emma is the peanut butter to Connor's Jam! She trained at the Oonagh Bowman School of Make up and is amazing with a make up brush in her hand.  I literally came home from work yesterday, puffy eyes, scabby face, dry skin, I was so tired as well as I hadn't been feeling well and she worked her magic & I looked normal again! Emma is always my go to for all my make up enquires.  She always tells me to start with your eyes first so that you will end up with perfect make up each time.  She uses a whole range of products from Clinque to Urban Decay, Seanna, Collection 2000 and every time I love my make up.  Here are some behind the scenes photos from last night of Emma and Connor at work & me just standing there.

Now who is the master of these images and of my up and coming video appearance???  For this I actually got to work with someone I have never worked with before but have wanted to for ages! Tony Webster, director of the BigBad Llama is the new and up incoming photographer/videographer for Belfast.  His work ressembles Terry Richardson who I absolute love so I couldn't believe my luck when he agreed to work with me on this little promo session I wanted to do. I can't wait to see the video and I got a sneak peak this morning of a few bits and pieces and it is absolutely fab so look out for it!! Totes amazeballs!

Here is some contact info with direct links for all of these lovely folk I mentioned! They are definitely masters at what they do and highly recommend them to work with!

Connor Kerr : Connor Kerr Hair
Emma Mc Conville: Emma McConville Mua  
Tony Webster: Tony Webster, BigBad Ilama