Saturday, 20 July 2013

Belfast's got Talent

“Everyone has talent. What's rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places where it leads.” Erica Long 
Its a Saturday. And I am in work, just one of those weeks were everything is non stop. All I would like to do is lie out in the sun & enjoy it but aw well. Its a teaching session actually, all the UK agents have come over to our showroom in Belfast to discuss the best way to sell a range to a customer. Our London HQ has acknowledged that Belfast is leading the way for buying our brands of Sandwich, Stills and Turnover.
Belfast at the moment seems the place to be. Well to be prĂ©cised Northern Ireland.  Radio One big Weekend, The Fall, Dr. Leah from the Apprentice, you name it, Northern Ireland is slowly sneaking it's way into conversation across the UK and it's actually for positive things!!! 
Just before my birthday, I meet with the girls who look after the PR forleading high street retailer, Warehouse. Effortless trendy, Warehouse has shops across Northern Ireland & the UK and stands out compared to other brands for its laid back chic to the shop who go to for your dressed up dresswear.
(Check out the Neon necklace that Warehouse gifted me! I have wore it to death since they gave it to me! Looks gorgeous with a tan & goes with so many things!)
I was kinda a bit like, why do you want to meet with me when they emailed? But it was literally a girly chat about their plans for Belfast.  If I hadn't have had to go back to work after our lunch, I know we probably would have ended up in the merchant drinking cocktails all night. (Their favourite thing at the moment is Jamie Dornan from The Fall! Sadly he is married if you didn't know. Crew hearts breaking across UK.) 

To celebrate that they are opening a new store in Victoria Square, Belfast, they are launching a Talent Spot competition.  Now I am pretty talentless. Can't sing, dance, draw, play an instrument. I am pretty much like Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality.  I am actually not even sure I can do the water glass music thing she does in the movie.
Warehouse necklace, accessorised with a gorgeous boyfriend. Boyfriend not available to buy in Warehouse
Over the next few weeks, there will be teams across Belfast City centre scouring for talented people or you can simply apply on line. Anything that you are good at, apply and show off your skills. Are you a singer? A designer? A writer? A film maker? Anything! They are literally looking to showcase the amazing talent that Belfast has to offer. The chosen will have their work showcased at the brand new Victoria Square store through out the opening week in September.
Keep an eye out for me making an appearance with my water glass music!!!

Send entries to

If you want more info on the competition, check out the site:

Warehouse Belfast Talent Spot


  1. That necklace is stunning Laurina, love the black playsuit too, really craving a simple black one at the minute! I'm talentless too I'm afraid so they won't be hunting me down either! X

    1. Thank you!! I got that one from H&M last season of course! But they are so good as they are really fun to style. I wore it to BFW S/S13 with black tights and a white blazer xx