Monday, 14 January 2013

Lady Lazy

"There is no such thing as an ugly woman, only a lazy one.” - Ali Mahdavi

I am lazy. It's one of my worst points. I know my mum is reading this (hi mum!) & nodding along at the screen. Lets give you an example so you can fully understand the extreme nature of this condition I have. Example numbero uno is back in yester year, the yester year of my school days. I actually used to go to bed wearing my school uniform so I could get the biggest possible lie in in the next morning. Didn't have to get dressed or ready, simply hop out of bed & off to school I went. This has of course transferred into my present working day life. Every morning my alarm goes off at 9.08 & I get out of bed at 9.15. Now it takes 12 minutes to walk to my work from my flat & I have to be in work for 9.30. Try & work that one out.

The hardest thing in this challenge for me is breaking this lazy routine I have got myself into. Not the blog writing, not the no shopping for a year but actually putting in an effort. Every morning, I jump out of bed, put on the first thing I see which is usually the thing lying on the floor from the day before. Brush my hair, brush my teeth & away I go.

Trousers: Zara

Here is a prime example.  This is me this morning, no make up, hair in a bun due to the fact it needs washed badly & wearing the first thing grabbed from my wardrobe as I was running out the door. Oh dear.  Not the most fashionable thing but I'm pricing the Fall 2013 samples all day today & I know no-one will see me.  Well apart from everyone who views my blog now....didn't think that one through.

I will be the first one to admit that life gets in the way of fulfilling my fashion potential so to speak. I mean I'm a PA for a fashion agent and I'm wearing UGGS to work. Ooooopppppssss.  It is also this laziness which will probably be the cause of me failing this task. I'm not even looking in my wardrobe to see items that I haven't worn in a while; I'm simply grabbing & going.  I know I will get bored of the clothes that I'm constantly wearing, go stir crazy & just go on a mad spending spree, I really don't want this to happen. 

So tomorrow, plans are: alarm is being set 8 minutes earlier!!! That's not a lot but to me it is & gives me alot more time to actually open the doors of my wardrobe.  Baby steps people, baby steps!!! Tonight I am going to make an album in my ipad of styles that I love. Creeping on celebrities, bloggists & stylists wearing similar clothes to what I have so when I'm huffing & puffing & wondering what the hell to wear, I can just flick open my album and hopefully get ideas.  Tune in to my facebook, twitter & instagram all this week to see photos of what I will be wearing. Hope you like self takes!!!  

Ps It's day 14 & I still haven't bought anything.  Asos have sent me 3 emails this weekend, clearly they think I have died

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