Thursday, 31 January 2013

Carpet Burns

"That looks like a carpet burn!" "Meaning what?" "Meaning I don't know, you tell me" The Gymnast

I have carpet burns.  It is totally not what you think, I haven't seen Connor all week!  The one thing that everyone says when I tell them I am not buying clothes for a year is "OMG, think of the money you will save!" Well to tell you the truth I am nearly a month into this challenge & I haven't saved any money.  I actually have spent more money that I would normally spend.  I don't know if its cause it is January and I am paying off my credit card from Christmas or if it is because half of my friends & family birthdays are in January (jesus people must be really bored around Easter time, humping like bunnies!!) but I haven't saved any money!!!

I am still spending money but just on other things.  I have been to Easons & spent a fortune, paperchase got hit and I can't stop buying things for my apartment.  Granted lightbulbs were needed but I didn't really need a new kettle or another smelly candle.  So last night with my itchy feet, I took myself off to B&Q cause of course, re-decorating my house is a great idea. A 10L tin of paint was bought.  Is it needed? Well the kitchen ceiling needs a repaint and my spare room needs done up so hopefully this will keep me entertained instead of surf Asos or shopping in town on a Saturday.  So yes, the carpet burns were from hugging a carpet & pretending it was a dress. This is what my life has become. 

I wanted to do a post on how much I think I had saved from not buying anything this month & hopefully do one at the end of every month as a regularly thing.  So this month, this is what I have saved: ZERO. Good start to the year.

Ps: Just to share a fun fact. Did you know that Wednesday is called hump day not because it is the day that everyone humps on but because it is the middle of the week and you are over the worst. You really do learn something new everyday, thank you jemma sergant.