Wednesday, 9 January 2013

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"When I free my body from its clothes, from all their buttons, belts, and laces, it seems to me that my soul takes a deeper, freer breath." ~August Strindberg

Ever wanted a reality check & to appreciate what you have? This challenge is definitely it!!!

I have just finished going through all my wardrobe & counting/categorising what I have. At the start, I guesstimated 300 pieces of clothing. Of course, it is double that. 715 pieces of clothing & shoes in my wardrobe.

Here's a quick break down:
Dresses: 60 including
33 going out dresses (19 of these are black, 6 of these are red)
9 maxi dresses
16 formal & cocktail dresses

Trousers: 51 pairs including
24 blue denim jeans

Jackets & coats: 48 including
1 fur coat with my granny's name stitched on the inside
12 Zara blazers

Skirts & shorts: 41

Tops: 143 including
53 t-shirts (23 of them have comical sayings on them)
32 long sleeve tops
58 string tops

Shirts: 17 (6 of these are blue)

Jumpers: 24

Bras: 26 (who needs 26 bras?!? Underwear is a weakness of mine)

And one dragon onesies.

So sitting here, surrounded by my clothes. What do I do now? Roll around in them & make clothes angels? Do a massive car boot sale & sell them as half of them I haven't worn in 6 months? Nope, I'm going to wear everything at least once this year & if I put it on & don't like it, it's going in a box for charity. Or I could do a joey from friends & just wear all my clothes at once!

So what have I learnt from my first week of not shopping for the whole of 2013? The blogging community is a very supportive place!! (Unlike your boyfriend who sends you photos of the new shoes he bought), you have a lot more than you think and last but not least, Ryan Gosling will still want to go on a date with you even if he meets you wearing 2012 fashion.

Hello, my name is Laurina & I'm a recovering shopaholic...


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  2. Hahaha...what a great challenge and what an enormous quantity of clothes!!! I just discovered your blog and started at the beginning, so nu clue if and how you succeeded till today. But I love the idea!
    I thought that I had many clothes, but found my master in you;-).
    I dunno if I could do it; refrain from buying new clothes for a year!
    Good luck and I will keep following you,

  3. Thanks for starting at the start Anja! I have succeeded to date, nothing bought at all! A few lovely gifts from my boyfirnd and mum but no nothing at all! I hope to keep you entertained for the rest of the year! xx