Thursday, 17 January 2013

Who wants to be an Millionaire

"Always make your audience suffer as much as possible" Alfred Hitchcock

Green Jumper: Asos Army Jumper 

So my lunches are being taken up by writting this blog, I'm currently stuffing some homemade tomato soup into my mouth as I write this.  I must say I am starting to get the hang of this putting in effort although I still haven't really dived into my wardrobe yet and still can't wear make up. (More info on that later)  All the pieces I have worn this week have been pieces that I wear often but in a different way. So I'm kinda cheating... and I drove into work this morning.  So cheating multiplied by two.

This outfit was also the completely wrong outfit to wear as I steaming the new Fall 2013 collection all day today.  I'm sweating bucket loads, actually tempted to do it in my bra but sadly, wearing a very unattractive nude triple gel which I would def scare the postman in.

So this week I have hit my first brick wall aka first problems of taking part in this challenge.  The first one is my belly button bar broke :( Well the wee ball from the top of it unscrewed itself & has fallen off.  If anyone sees it, please return.  Of course, I would have just went and bought a new one however, I thought to myself is this counted as an accessory? It's jewellery, it is an accessory & I would be wearing it.  I decided to call the audience aka my friends. So very Chris Tarrant of me.  My housemate Ciara simply laughed in my face & said yes.  I think she did this for badness.  I then asked my BFFs & one of the founding memebers of the Princess Palace (this is the name for my flat) Jenny.  She also said yes but I could wear an earring in it for the next year and she had some massive hoops that I could borrow that she didn't wear. Thanks Jenny and Ciara, you are both useless. So sacrafice number one for challenge, possible closing of my belly button piercing.

Problem number two, if you happen to be in Lisburn tomorrow night please do call into the swimming pool as you are more than likely going to see my boobs.  My darling boyfriend Connor & I are going swimming & he wants me to teach him how to dive. Now I used to be a really good swimmer when I was younger, not so much now.  Actually not really good at any sport/exercise/getting out of breath/getting out of bed to do anything really. Well all I have is bikinis and girls, you know what happens to bikinis during dives. That's right, they fly off. I honestly think he just wants to see my bikini fly off in a public place.  Solution would be to simply buy a swimming suit....but I can't.  Hence boobs on display tomorrow night, be there or be square.

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