Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Bit of bling bling

"I have a very classic take on fashion. I like my accessories to pop, but in general, my style is pretty classic." Ashley Greene 

I'm snotty, wheezy and sneezy.  Thanks for making me sick little brother.  I don't think he will be reading this as he is 9 years old but still, cheers. 

So I'm sick & I'm wearing a t-shirt... I'm blonde, not the smartest crayon in the box.  Today though, my aim was to accessorise to the max!  Accessorising is not one of my strong point to be honest.  My dad gave me a gorgeous diamond necklace on my 18th, my mum gave me the earrings to match on my 21st & that is my stable jewellery.  I hate taking them off so I just wear them all the time.  I have costume jewellery, but as many things in my wardrobe, it is covered in dust. Today though, no no no, it was like decorating my christmas tree again.  Arm is covered in pretty bracelets, I'm wearing a lovely gold belt & a spikey necklace. No earrings though, kinda forgot but I think that would have been too much. 

Assortment of Bracelets

Here is a lovely close up of my pink, pale skin & the accessories I'm wearing today.  Now as I said accessorising isn't one of my strong points so I'm simply don't buy them.  Most of these have been lovely gifts so I have given alternatives on the links. 

Advantages to accessorises so far:
1. Complimented in the shop on my necklace, great start to the day
2. It helps make this normal t-shirt & tube skirt a really funky outfit
3. I feel all pretty, like I have actually made a real effort today
4.  Elasticated belt so it moves with my expanding belly full of the supernoodles I'm currently having for lunch

Disadvantages to accessories so far:
1. Necklace kept getting caught in my scarf this morning, which pulled the material of the scarf. (sorry connor as the scarf is yours hahaha)
2. My bracelets are annoying making noises every single time I type or move my hand to the mouse.
3. Necklace is slightly rubbing my skin as you can see from the pinkness of my skin. I'm a man though & can take it.  Lies, I'm a delicate flower & it hurts so I'm tugging my t-shirt up. This is in turn giving me a hunchback in my t-shirt.


  1. Great post and I really like ur blog. I will be here more often!
    Don't forget to visit my blog too!

  2. I love your blog - great idea although, i can't help but shudder at the thought of NO shopping for one whole year. To be honest, if i miss a week i'm sweating!

    I picked your blog up through WIWT and i love this outfit!

    Karen x

  3. This outfit is gorgeous!! Love your blog, I'm a new follower xxx


  4. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments!