Friday, 25 January 2013

Gothic Princess

"Fashion ignores safety, comfort, and common sense." Duane Alan Hahn

So I missed the memo where it wasn't absolutely freezing outside.  I turned up to the Miss Northern Ireland launch in the above dress, long sleeved and I also had tights on, channelling my inner dark Gothic princess.  Everyone else turned up as gorgeous, tanned, leggy spring fairies. As I work full time now I don't get to see everyone that much so was great seeing all my sexy ladies and the newbies!  It's such a daunting thing to walk into a room with former Miss Northern Ireland's and finalists so I wish all the newbies good luck in the heats.  One of them was brave enough to come up to Jenny & I, asked us were we entering, (no, we are too old), then asked us what age we were (I'm nearly 25, Jenny is nearly 26), to which she replied that we looked good for our age.  I want this girl to win. Here are a couple of snaps from the launch.

Heats start from the end of February, they are stationed all over Northern Ireland  so do check out the website for more information. Miss Northern Ireland Website. It was was nice that everyone was enquiring how I getting on with the blog, saying I was brave for not shopping and they were really enjoying my mad rambling! So just a wee thank you for everyone taking the opportunity to skive work, have a perve, be nosey by reading this blog! 

So plans this weekend are to stuff my face. Tonight I am going up home to Coleraine.  Haven't been home since Christmas so looking forward to seeing my family, doing the rounds, heading to the winebar. Hhhhhhmmmmmmm winebar, I'm drooling already. For all of you who don't know, the winebar is the nicest restaurant in the whole of Northern Ireland!  Well it's actually 4 different restaurants, all are as equally as nice as each other, different food for each one so it depends on your mood which one you want to go to.  I'm channelling the harbour bistro recently, it has an open wood burning grill so the steaks are aaaaammmmaaziballs. It is the only place I am happy to wait 2 hours for a table!!! The steak actually saved Connor's life one night.  After meeting my family for the first time, understandably a very draining experience due to the sheer size of my family (divorced parents, both re-married, 4 families, parents, step parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, cousins all wanting to meet the new hunky man in my life)  I could see after the 3rd house we had been to, he was fading, dying a slow death of trying to remember everyone's name, the re-telling of how we met and the general 50 million questions my granny asked him. He was fading & fading fast, I wasn't sure if he would ever be the same again. Cue a Harbour T-bone steak. It was gone in 2 seconds flat and I had my lovable, smiley boyfriend back again.

As we are selling now, I was unable to attend the West Coast Cooler Belfast Fashion Week launch this morning.  I love Fashionweek time in Northern Ireland, it is great to see the new collections from local designers and the styling of the high street on the catwalk.  I understand perfectly how hard the CMPR team work throughout this time as last year, I was the face of West Coast Cooler Belfast Fashionweek.  I love the new images for this season! I can't get over that one of the gorgeous models was 6 months pregnant and the other had a son who was 6 months old.  I think this is a lovely touch as gorgeous organiser of BFW, Cathy Martin is a yummy mummy herself and it highlights that you can be beautiful at all stages in life!  Having a nosey at the images on Facebook and Twitter, as I stuff my chicken curry and chips into me now on my lunch. Neon and flower prints are big for this season!! Simply gorgeous!  I will have to go home now and see if I have either of these in my wardrobe!!!

Gorgeous image stolen from Belfast Fashionweek's twitter of the image for Spring/summer 201. Floraltastic!

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